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GFYI [Official] Macrium Reflect Home Christmas 2019 Giveaway
"What are your positive and negative experiences with Macrium Reflect (free/paid versions) and what feature/s do you want to see included or improved in the next version build?"

I have used Macrium Reflect Free Edition.  - Macrium Reflect’s best feature is its backup and restore performance.  I give it an A+ for speed (I hate the thought of having to use a slower backup software since I began to use Macrium Reflect). In addition, it didn't hog resources my system's resources. This is simply great software.

My one problem with it was it took me a while to figure out exactly how to use it. There is a learning curve. I got through it or I would not be saying how great it is nor advising my friends to use it. But, some of them have had to come to me for advice about working with the interface. A few gave up after it proved too much for them. I don't consider them tech-savvy at all. But, I wish they could have mastered Macrium Reflect since I think it is the best backup/clone software available at this time. - So, my advice to the Macrium Reflect Representative who is reading this regarding any improvement is to change or simplify the interface of Macrium Reflect to make it more user-friendly, and try to make the instructions more simple for simple-minded folks like my friends. 

Also, I read some of the other reviews on this page and agree that an easier cloud backup would be an improvement.

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: zI7shQN.png]

I followed/liked on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.com under names: Elijah Gale, divinenews, or divinenews12@gmail.com.

*I would love to have the full pro/premium version of Macrium Reflect 7,
so I want to thank
the Macrium Reflect 
company for sponsoring this contest, and many thanks to our great forum moderator jasonX for putting this contest together.[Image: xfultKL.gif]
(aka Elijah Gale) "Always looking for kind people and the best software in all the right places, like on Geeks.fyi forum." Heart
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  • dhruv2193
What are your positive and negative experiences with Macrium Reflect (free/paid versions) and what feature/s do you want to see included or improved in the next version build?
Macrium Reflect is a  renown Windows /PC Backup software.I used the free version of it a few years ago & I found it’s backup process is very fast ,accurate & Restore was always hassle free! My Positive Experience was its Reliability.It never failed! I've had no negative experiences during the months I've used!
In the next version I would like to see a free cloud backup for Windows important files, folders and mobile backups. The UI should be more refined for Novice users.

Thanks Jason for the Great Giveaway Contest Heart Smile  & Thanks to Macrium Reflect Team  Smile

My Twitter Share:
"What are your positive and negative experiences with Macrium Reflect (free/paid versions) and what feature/s do you want to see included or improved in the next version build?"

I am using Macrium Reflect home versions. I like to update my application software in time, but sometimes these latest versions are incomplete or have some problems. Macrium Reflect can help me restore rapidly the system to the state before the update. Macrium Reflect provides the function of incremental backup and takes up less hard disk space, this is very important to me.
As of now, Macrium Reflect meets my needs perfectly, and has no any issues for me. I hope Macrium Reflect can improve further the speed of backup and restore in the new version.

My share

thank  you for the contest, and good luck to all!
Thank you for this giveaway!

"What are your positive and negative experiences with Macrium Reflect (free/paid versions) and what feature/s do you want to see included or improved in the next version build?"

Recently I purchased a new SSD to upgrade the old hard drive in my computer. In general, I need to reinstall everything from the very beginning. However, it will take a lot of time to finish the job. Or, I can clone my current system partition to the new SSD. That’s why I need Macrium Reflect in my situation. At the same time, it can also help me trim the SSD after I complete the routine of cloning the operating system from my previous HDD to the new SSD and resize clones on target if the drive sizes are different. Some people may encounter booting problems after cloning the system. Macrium Reflect provides Bootable Media which also includes features like fixing the Windows Boot that is usually necessary after cloning the system to a new SSD.

The feature I’d like to see included or improved in the next version build is the option of license transfer for offline computers.

Tumblr Share
I’ve been using Macrium Reflect 7, AOMEI Backupper Standard and Acronis. Usually I use all these software to make the system image backup in my windows 10 computer. All these software has similar functions like allowing me to restore from my bootable USB drive. For the full partition backup, Acronis and Macrium Reflect are the fastest. On the other hand, you can choose different compression levels and whether to do the image verification after backup. I have restored my Windows 10 system several times with all these software. They all worked very fine. If I could fully utilize the Macrium Rapid Delta Restore (RDR) feature, I’m pretty sure the restore speed of Macrium Reflect will be the fastest. Acronis now adopts a subscription strategy so it can be costly for the license renewing every year. AOMEI Backupper is the most reasonably priced and it even offers a lifetime license option. Therefore, the feature I want to see the most included or improved in the next version build of Macrium Reflect is a more competitive pricing strategy.

Thank you to GFYI and Macrium for this giveaway!


Great thanks for this very nice event.
What makes Macrium Home great? Its reliability, quality and efficiency. It is all i need for any backup wish i might have, being very nice for my old lap. The tasks are performed fast, the rescue CD built saved my work in the past so i might want to continue using the new vesions.

As regarding new features: for me the an intermediate backup level between diferential and incremental might be needed.
I followed them on my twitter account.

Share is above.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to win in this great giveaway, @jasonX and Macrium Software for sponsoring this amazing product! 

What are your positive and negative experiences with Macrium Reflect (free/paid versions) and what feature/s do you want to see included or improved in the next version build?"

Macrium Reflect is the most comprehensive backup solution for disk/partition imaging-restoration that is fast, reliable, secure and worry-free. It's also light, bloat-free and doesn't hog system resources.

Its best features include Rapid Delta Restore; an image is quickly restored back to the original disk, and having the flexibility to restore to a different disk that contains the same file system on it in any state, and Rapid Delta Clone; which enable regular clones to be viable and fast.

Another feature I really like and will definitely come in handy when I replace my old PC to a newer PC is the Macrium ReDeploy, by restoring an image to a another computer or even create VHD to virtualize the machine, simply called Physical to Virtual or P2V.

In my limited experience with Macrium Reflect Home, I've made rescue medias with WinPE and WinRE. Never had any issues with backing up and image restorations but I would say had some few bumps along the way. When trying out WinPE, it defaulted in advanced settings and couldn't return to normal default setting of WinRE. The only possible solution I could find is uninstall all components and reinstall again. Hope there is a workaround somewhere.

The one thing I can suggest for improvement on making partition backups, especially those PCs booting with UEFI systems, is having sort of a warning pop-up dialog box appearing during selection of C: partition or any other partitions, apart from automatically selected by Macrium (if the option is clicked "Create a backup of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows") after clicking Actions, and selecting "Image this partition only".  A pop-up message may show something like "Seems you're trying to create a system backup to allow Windows recovery, but currently selected partition(s) does not include partitions necessary to achieve this..."

The reason for this is, an image containing C: partition only would be insufficient to safely restore a bootable UEFI system when into an completely empty drive at least without the hassle of manually creating partitioning and other loops.

Hoping to win a license, please count me in.

Facebook Share: https://www.facebook.com/aleinrundee/pos...8757696648
Macrium is fast to backup & restore your system. I use the free version. The home version has incremental backup and rapid restore which I like. The PE download is huge. Scheduling option to backup hourly, two hours... would be good.

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Macrium sponsor has given the go-signal to randomize the results,

[Image: JSJV8qA.png]

We are pleased to announce the WINNERS of,

GFYI [Official] Macrium Reflect Home Chrismas 2019 Giveaway

[Image: MnumE6S.png]


Winner 1 - angustaver

Winner 2 - Raur

Winner 3 - pinp

Winner 4 - ismail

Winner 5 - GKBUE

Winner 6 - NCoII

Winner 7 - Starship

Winner 8 - damien76

Winner 9 - dinosaur07

Winner 10 - divinenews

Please include your Name/Email in your win claim


Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.

Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".


Macrium Reflect will provide a single-use "claim link" for each winner. 

Each link is "unique" to a winner and can only be used once.

The link will be an "order process" conducted by Macrium's online reseller cleverbridge AG.

To complete the claim, the winner will be required to complete the  "order process form" where he also needs to supply his "credit card" or "PayPal" details in the "Payment Options" portion. THIS IS REQUIRED.

WINNERS WILL NOT BE BILLED as this is $0.00 (100% discount). The required information is needed for the order processing to push through.


[Image: Lo6bbiT.gif]
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