Information Apple releases iOS 17.5.1 to fix Photo glitch that made deleted photos reappear
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Quote:Apple has released a point update to fix the iOS 17.5 photo glitch. iOS 17.5.1 patches the bug that was causing deleted photos to be available again.

As you may recall, the iOS 17.5 update was made available to users on May 14th. When users installed the update on their iPhones, they noticed that photos that they had previously deleted from their library, were now available again.

Users began to worry whether this would cause their old photos to appear on devices that they had sold or given to others. Naturally, this caused quite an uproar among the Apple community, blogs, and security experts. Their question was, how do deleted photos return automatically? Were they being saved on a server? Isn't this a privacy risk? The short answer is no. Read on.

What caused deleted photos to reappear in iOS 17.5?

One reddit user wrote that they had reported an issue to Apple in March. The user stated that the Photos app froze while uploading several photos and videos that they had captured on the iPhone, and the images simply vanished. However, after discussing the issues with Apple, they narrowed the issue to the Files app, which they had used to connect to an NAS server. This particular bug was patched in iOS 17.5, and the user got their photos back. The person also theorizes that the bug was probably rare and that Apple could not track it. They explained that it is possible that the photos and videos that they had edited or deleted before their iPhone froze, prevented the changes from being synced to iCloud, and that the photos were merely hidden from the photo library locally. It is also worth noting that images that you delete from Photos stay in the bin for 30 days, before they are deleted permanently.

Another user shared more information about the bug. Apparently, they were in touch with a private contractor at Apple, who explained what may have caused the glitch. The contractor had reassured them that Apple was not saving their photos or videos to a remote server without the consent of the user. They also stated that the glitch is not a backdoor into iCloud or iPhones, and that the device and data stored on the cloud are mostly secure. Yeah, "mostly secure" isn't very reassuring, but the rest of the post clarifies things.

According to the insider, the iOS 16.5 Photos glitch happened when the media was deleted from the Photos app, but not the Files app. For those unaware, the Files app is the file manager in iOS that you can use to access content saved on your device. The user says that while photos that are deleted from the Photos app are removed from the gallery, an identical copy of the images are present in the Files app. But, a rare bug in iOS 17.5 resulted in causing the system to re-save all the photos, videos from the Files app, back into the Photos app. It can occur when the phone re-indexes the files after a system update to build a database.

That actually makes sense, and it does tally with the release note for iOS 17.5.1. The change log mentions that: "This update provides important bug fixes and addresses a rare issue where photos that experienced database corruption could reappear in the Photos library even if they were deleted."
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Information Microsoft announces Copilot+ PCs and AI-powered Recall feature
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Quote:On a special event at Microsoft Campus, Microsoft unveiled Copilot+ PCs officially. This new type of Windows PCs, formerly known as AI PCs, mark the first step into introducing AI capabilities in Windows devices.

Much of what Microsoft revealed on Monday was already known through unverified leaks.

The first batch of Copilot+ PCs are powered by Qualcomm processors and not Intel or AMD silicon. These will come later this year though.

As far as requirements are concerned, these match the leaks:
  • at least 16GB of RAM.
  • at least 256GB SSD storage.
  • Integrated NPU.
No word on the Copilot key requirement though from Microsoft at this point.

Microsoft will launch two new Surface devices, the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop. Hardware partners, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, and Asus have announced Copilot+ PCs as well, which will come out in the coming months.

During the presentation, Microsoft claimed that the new laptops are 58% faster than MacBook Airs with an M3 processor. It did not make it clear if this is true for all Copilot+ PCs or just the PCs that use Qualcomm's ARM chips.

Microsoft promises improved battery life, with devices supporting up to 15 hours of web browsing. These numbers come down usually when they are put to the test in benchmarks. It is too early to tell how well the devices will perform when it comes to battery life, but ARM-powered Windows PCs perform better usually in this department than their Intel or AMD brethren.

Introduction of Recall, formerly known as AI File Explorer

The new breed of Copilot+ PCs will support a number of exclusive AI tools and features.

Recall was Microsoft's big reveal during the event. While it did highlight other tools, including Cocreator in Paint and Live Captions, these we not exactly new features.

Recall is a memory feature that Windows users can tap into. The main idea is that the AI feature records what users do on their PC and that users may tap into the memory at any time using natural language.

It may remind users of the Timeline feature that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10, but stopped supporting in 2021.

Microsoft revealed that Recall takes snapshots of the screen "every few seconds". These snapshots are stored encrypted on the local PC and users may find previous activity using search or by browsing a timeline.

The AI then analyzes the selected snapshot and users may interact with the content. This includes options to search in videos or through teleconference meetings.

Microsoft says that users have full control. They can exclude apps or websites from the tool and also pause, stop, or delete content at any time. The AI feature will also ignore DRM-protected content or private browsing sessions in Edge. Whether that is also true for private browsing sessions in other browsers is unclear at this point.

Other information, including passwords, codes, social security numbers, financial information, or other sensitive data, may be recorded, however.

Recall sounds like a feature that comes straight out of movies such as Minority Report. An all-knowing AI feature that unveils a user's entire activity on a PC to however has access to it.

Microsoft tried to reassure those concerned with privacy that Recall runs locally only on devices and that the content is not used for AI training either.

Recall is available as a preview at the time of writing. It is optimized for a handful of languages only at the time, including English, German, and Japanese.

Microsoft says that the feature requires at least 50 GB of free space on a hard drive. It uses 25 GB for storage, which, according to Microsoft, is good for storing about 3 months worth of activity on the device. Users may change the storage use of the feature in the settings.
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Information Chrome extensions may slow down browsing significantly
Posted by: harlan4096 - 20 May 24, 06:31 - Forum: Browsers News & Tips - No Replies

Quote:Extensions are one of the greatest strengths of web browsers. They allow users to extend functionality, but this comes at a cost. A test of the 5000 most popular Chrome extensions showed that extensions may slow down the browsing experience significantly, with one notable exception.

The team at Debugbear analyzed the performance impact of Chrome extensions in various ways, including impact on CPU processing and website load time.

Here are the key findings:
  • Even on basic websites, some Chrome extensions added 500ms or more to the processing time.
  • 86% of tested extensions have minimal impact on simple websites.
  • 1.7% of extensions add 500ms or more to the processing of simple websites.
  • On complex websites, processing time reached 2000ms.
  • The impact may be cumulative, which means that multiple extensions may impact the experience more.
  • Popular extensions with high processing times: Honey Automatic Coupons, Klarna Pay Later, Monica - Your AI Copilot, Capital One Shopping, Popup Blocker, Dark Theme, Malwarebytes, Dark Reader, DDG Privacy Essentials.
  • One type of extension reduces website processing: content blockers
Impact on website load time

[Image: google-chrome-extensions.png]

Browser extensions may slow down the website load time, especially if they are designed to run as the page starts loading instead of when the page content is displayed to the user.
  • Extensions may add up to 1000ms to the loading of simple websites.
  • Chrome extensions may also delay interactions after a website has loaded, but these are less common and the impact is less than 50ms for all but a select few extensions.
This delay is noticeable to the user, as it takes longer before website content is displayed by the browser.
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Information Release Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool for Linux
Posted by: harlan4096 - 17 May 24, 09:26 - Forum: Kaspersky - No Replies

Quote:Release Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool for Linux

Download (Show Other Platforms)

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Bug AV-Comparatives: Business Security Test March-April 2024 – Factsheet
Posted by: harlan4096 - 17 May 24, 09:15 - Forum: Independent Organizations Reports - No Replies

Quote:AV-Comparatives: Business Security Test March-April 2024 – Factsheet:


This is a short fact sheet for our Business Main-Test Series, containing the results of the Business Malware Protection Test (September) and Business Real-World Protection Test (March-April). The full report, including the Performance Test and product reviews, will be released in July.

To be certified in July 2024 as an “Approved Business Product” by AV-Comparatives, the tested products must score at least 90% in the Malware Protection Test, with zero false alarms on common business software, and an FP rate on non-business files below the Remarkably High threshold. Additionally, products must score at least 90% in the overall Real-World Protection Test (i.e. over the course of four months), with less than fifty false alarms on any clean software/websites, and zero false alarms on common business software. Tested products must also avoid major performance issues (impact score must be below 40) and have fixed all reported bugs in order to gain certification.

Please note that the results of the Business Main-Test Series cannot be compared with the results of the Consumer Main-Test Series, as the tests are done at different times, with different sets, different settings, etc.

Tested Products

The following products were tested under Windows 10 64-bit and are included in this factsheet: The “ENS” version of Trellix in this test uses the erstwhile McAfee engine (now owned by Trellix), opposed to the “HX” version which uses the FireEye engine (McAfee Enterprise and FireEye were merged into Trellix in 2022).

Information about additional third-party engines/signatures used by some of the products: CISCO, G Data, Rapid7, SenseOn and VIPRE use the Bitdefender engine (in addition to their own protection features). VMware uses the Avira engine (in addition to their own protection features).
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Information VMware Workstation Pro 17 and Fusion Pro 13 are now free for personal use
Posted by: harlan4096 - 16 May 24, 09:09 - Forum: Software & Services News - No Replies

Quote:Broadcom has announced that it is making its desktop hypervisor products free for home users. VMware Fusion Pro 13 and Workstation Pro 17 are now free for personal use.

In case you didn't know, Broadcom acquired VMware in a staggering $69 Billion deal in November 2023. Now that the two apps are free to use, what about their future?

This does not mean the development of the applications have ceased. Michael Roy, the Product Line Manager for Desktop Hypervisor products, wrote that VMware Desktop Hypervisor apps will have two license models; a Free Personal Use or a Paid Commercial Use subscription. Users will need to decide whether a commercial subscription is required, based on their usage. But the two versions are identical in terms of features.

The formerly free versions of the apps, VMware Workstation Player and Fusion Player, have been discontinued, because the Pro versions are superior.

Note: There are some requirements before you can access the downloads. Firstly, you will need to register for a free account, secondly you will also need to provide your address "for verification". For what it is worth, I was able to use an approximate address, (without the building's name or number), and was able to get the software. So, in theory, you could input a random address to claim the freebies. You don't need to give your phone number to get the apps.

How to download Workstation Pro 17 and VMware Fusion Pro 13 for personal use

1. Go to and register for a free account.
2. PC and Linux users who want VMware Workstation Pro 17 should navigate to this page.


You need to click on "VMware Workstation Pro 17 for personal use". Select the appropriate version for your operating system, i.e. Windows or Linux. Click on it and then on the latest version number. The webpage will display a checkbox which you need to tick, to accept the terms and conditions. This will allow you to download VMware Workstation Pro 17. To do so, click on the cloud button, and your file should download momentarily.
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Information Bitdefender
Posted by: harlan4096 - 15 May 24, 08:50 - Forum: Bitdefender - No Replies


Download | Antivirus Free Edition
Download Page | Antivirus Free Edition
Download Page 
Download | Android Antivirus Free
Download | Mobile Security

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Information Microsoft releases the May 2024 Security Updates for Windows
Posted by: harlan4096 - 15 May 24, 08:42 - Forum: Microsoft Windows News - No Replies

Quote:Microsoft has released security updates for all supported versions of its Microsoft Windows operating system and other company products.

This security updates overview provides system administrators and home users with information on the released patches and changes. It highlights information about each of the supported Windows versions, lists known issues, and offers guidance on downloading and installing the updates.

You can check out the April 2024 update overview here, in case you missed it or want to go back to it.

Microsoft Windows Security Updates: May 2024

You may download the following Excel spreadsheet to get a list of released updates. Click on the following link to download the archive to the local device: Microsoft Windows security updates May 2024

Executive Summary
  • Microsoft released security patches for 60 unique vulnerabilities.
  • No critically rated security issues.
  • Windows clients with issues are: Windows 10 version 21H2 and 22H2, Windows 11 version 22H2 and 23H2.
  • Windows Server clients with issues: Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2022
Product overviewEach supported version of Windows and their critical vulnerabilities are listed below.
  • Windows 10 version 22H2: 42 vulnerabilities, 0 critical, 41 important, and 1 moderate
  • Windows 11 version 22H2: 40 vulnerabilities, 0 critical, 39 important, and 1 moderate
  • Windows 11 version 23H2: 40 vulnerabilities, 0 critical, 39 important, and 1 moderate
Windows Server products
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (extended support only): 22 vulnerabilities: 0 critical,  21important, and 1 moderate
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (extended support only):  vulnerabilities:  critical and  important
    • unknown
  • Windows Server 2016: 29 vulnerabilities: 0 critical, 28 important, and 1 moderate
  • Windows Server 2019: 44 vulnerabilities: 0 critical, 43 important, and 1 moderate
  •  Windows Server 2022: 45 vulnerabilities: 0 critical, 44 important, and 1 moderate
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Information Intel introduces Thunderbolt Share: data, device and screen sharing between PCs
Posted by: harlan4096 - 14 May 24, 15:23 - Forum: Tech News - No Replies

Quote:Thunderbolt Share: seamless data transfers between PCs

A new method of communication between PCs.

[Image: THUNDERBOLT-SHARE-HERO-1200x623.jpg]

Thunderbolt Share is a software application that enables users to share screens, keyboards, mice, and files with other computers. The software leverages Thunderbolt technology to offer a fast and efficient connection. The new standard relies on the simplicity, security and speed of the Thunderbolt connection.

It provides a fast and efficient connection between PCs, allowing users to share screens, keyboards, mice, storage, and files. It’s claimed that these devices and data transfers will be secure and user-friendly. Currently, it’s advertised as providing PC-to-PC connections, meaning it should work for two devices simultaneously.

[Image: THUNDERBOLT-SHARE-4_videocardz-1200x675.jpg]
Thunderbolt Share, Source: Intel

However, users will also be able to utilize devices such as monitors or hubs with Thunderbolt support to support communication between both PCs, expanding beyond direct PC-to-PC communication. What remains to be detailed is whether Thunderbolt Share enables data transfer from external GPUs on secondary PCs.
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Information Firefox 126: Telemetry, privacy feature, and security fixes
Posted by: harlan4096 - 14 May 24, 15:20 - Forum: Browsers News & Tips - No Replies

Quote:Mozilla plans to release Firefox 126.0 Stable later today. The new version of Firefox is a smaller release, as it makes just a few changes. Noteworthy are improvements to the browser's copy without site tracking feature, support for AV2 hardware decode acceleration on M3 Macs, and new search Telemetry.

Tip: To check the installed Firefox version, select Menu > Help > About Firefox on desktop systems.

Mozilla updates all development editions and Firefox ESR at the same time. Here are the new versions:
  • Firefox 115.11 ESR
  • Firefox 127 Beta and Dev
  • Firefox 128 Nightly
  • Firefox 126 for Android
Executive Summary
  • Firefox 126 addresses security issues in the browser.
  • Support for zstandard compression content encoding, which should improve performance on sites such as Facebook.
  • New Telemetry to aggregate searches based on "20 high-level content types" such as sports or business.
  • Mozilla pulled the URL Paste feature introduced in Firefox 125 because of performance issues.
Firefox 126.0 download and updateUpdates are installed automatically by default. The new Firefox 126 update will therefore be installed automatically on most systems. Firefox users may speed up the installation by opening Firefox Menu > Help > Firefox, but only after the official release later today.

Here are the official download locations: Firefox 126.0 changes

Copy (Link) Without Site Tracking

[Image: firefox-copy-link-without-site-tracking.png]

Copy Without Site Tracking and Copy Link Without Site Tracking enable users to copy URLs without tracking parameters. This feature has been available for a while. The update introduces support for nested URLs and extends support, so that over 300 additional tracking parameters are now stripped when copying links using this feature in Firefox.

New Search Telemetry

Mozilla Firefox creates aggregate counts of broad category searches to "broadly inform search feature development". The 'categories are based on 20 high-level content types, such as "sports", "business", and "travel"'.

Mozilla notes that the data is not associated with individual users and that it is collected using OHTTP to remove IP addresses. Furthermore, profiling will not be performed and data won't be shared with third-parties.

Tip: Firefox users who do not want this can se to False on about:config.
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