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Forum Announcement: Giveaway/Contests entry with image links ETC

It has been pointed out that there are entries in the Halloween 2018 contests which contain direct links from the source site. To avoid issues with the source sites, kindly/please upload your images to any image hosting site you prefer and then use the link from that site for your entry. Use the MyBB code as shown below. This will be a first and last reminder for this. The next time will be disqualification of the entry. Paste your "direct link" in the "URL" box as shown below. 

[Image: bwWJMlH.png]

You can get the image code directly from the image hosting site like the examples of images uploaded to bild.me, TinyPic and Imgur below. Paste it in your entry.  

[Image: 304emJc.png]

[Image: yn70K2M.png]

[Image: PJRlHzU.png]

If there are any questions / concerns pertaining to the giveaway/contest I have posted, please get in touch with me through PM. PLEASE DO NOT POST IT IN THE THREAD.

[Image: N3K62tW.png]


Quote:Please include your Name/Email in your win claim
-- "Name" means a given name and surname. Like "Jason"-- given name and "Bjorg" as surname

So it'll be,

Quote:Name: Jason Bjorg
Email: jasonX566879@gmail.net


Quote:Please include your details (Name / Email) in your PM claim.

(Name --- Given Name and Surname)

(Email --- Should not be "disposable email" )


Winner 1 - ironman

Name: Anthony Stark (re: Given Name : Anthony --- Surname: Stark)

Email: (not disposable email) as in, tonystark999@protonmail.com


Thank you.