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GFYI [Official] Kryptel Standard Halloween 2019 Giveaway
[Image: 9LWwczk.png]
We at Geeks For Your Information are very pleased to announce our 
Kryptel Standard Halloween 2019 Giveaway!
[Image: 9v1eKaL.gif]
We would like to thank Inv Softworks LLC 
for sponsoring us the giveaway prizes
[Image: fcgDL6r.gif]


Kryptel Standard offers simple and easy encryption package to all while extending ultimate data protection using encryption, with the ability to encrypt a file or folder with a single click. When encrypted the user's files are part of an impenetrable fortress! This "impenetrable fortress" is the Kryptel "container" which is an "encrypted container" where files/folders reside. Kryptel Standard lets the user decrypt everything at once, or just a few files at a time, and comes with a unique "Kryptel Browser" which is an "Explorer-like" tool that lets you browse and view the contents of any encrypted container. The Kryptel encryption comes in the form of the latest NIST-Approved Advanced Encryption Standard, as well as multiple additional ciphers for advanced users. Users can even use Kryptel Standard to scan his hard drive for certain file types and encrypt each one as it goes. Kryptel Standard files are small and the user can run it from a USB flash stick for protection on-the-go!
[Image: d12ptnF.gif]

[Image: vQhSNJD.gif]

[Image: H4BfHRm.png]

Several safeguards ensure the user file safety as whenever Kryptel Standard performs encryption, it performs a verification step to ensure that the file can be decrypted, and the whole process is designed in such a way as to allow you to retrieve your data even if the container is corrupted or your system crashes during encryption. To Kryptel "backup" is very important. It is obvious that when someone encrypts a file/folder, that folder is valuable and is worth spending the time to back it up. When databases are updated, Kryptel ensures that these modifications are kept safe. User can copy the “passwords.edb” (user's password database) from ""My Documents / Kryptel Data" folder anytime to allow additional safekeeping based on the user's preference. Kryptel makes every possible effort to ensure that the user's important data are safe and secure. Even if the computer crashes during encryption, no data will be lost. To make encryption more reliable, Kryptel performs a "verification step" after every operation to guarantee that the created encrypted container can be successfully decrypted. 

Kryptel's default settings is for 256-AES encryption, but also offers Blowfish (576-bit key), Twofish (256-bit key), Serpent (256-bit key) or Triple DES (168-bit key). Kryptel can also work in FPS 1402 compliant mode (Enterprise edition only), using FIPS-validated CryptoAPI encryption engine. The 576-bit key option is potentially the most secure of all here. 

Inv Softworks LLC, the makers of Kryptel offers 3 variants: (1) Kryptel Free version, (2) Kryptel Standard, and (3) Kryptel Enterprise. See edition comparison below. 
[Image: 8sDwpi2.png]

Kryptel Edition Comparison

Features at a glance:
  • Enjoy encryption that's easy enough to be used by anyone
  • Encrypt files and folders with just a click
  • Browse and view the contents of any encrypted container
  • Safely retrieve your files even in cases of data corruption or system crash
  • Decrypt only the files that you need
  • Run the program from a USB flash drive for portable protection
  • You can download and install a free trial of this software before purchasing

Encrypt Files and Folders
To encrypt files or folders, the user is given several options: (1) via the Kryptel Wizards when clicking the Kryptel desktop icon and selecting "Encrypt" or, (2) via Explorer by selecting the file/folder in the Explorer window and either -- drag them to the Kryptel desktop icon, or -- right-click them and select the "Encrypt" command. If the user desires that the target file to be encrypted is to be stored in a different location then user has to right-click them (files/folders), and while holding the right mouse button down, drag the files to the destination folder and select the "Encrypt Here" command. 
[Image: gXB4fah.gif]

Kryptel encrypted files are shown with a "lock" icon. These files are Kryptel "containers", which contain the original files. It can also be depicted as an archive containing the encrypted files/folders. By default, Kryptel "containers" have the extension. edc (-- Encrypted Data Container). Users can rename the encrypted file to anything he desires. Renaming the container does not change the filenames of the contents (files/folders.

The container itself is also a file and can be copied, moved, archived, backed up, and so on. Note: Depending on the options selected, the Explorer may hide or show file extensions.

Decrypting Data Backup
Decrypting with Kryptel is no more complex than encrypting -- (1) via the Kryptel Wizards when clicking the Kryptel desktop icon and selecting "Decrypt" (2) via Explorer by selecting the file/folder in the Explorer window and either -- drag them to the Kryptel desktop icon, or -- right-click them and select the "Decrypt" command. User can assign a different location/destination for the decrypted file as desired. User needs to drag the encrypted files to the other folder while holding the right mouse button down, and select the "Decrypt Here" command from the right-click menu.
[Image: 3fLpwr4.gif]

Kryptel Browser
The Kryptel Browser is the ultimate tool for creating and editing "containers". User can work with a container exactly like working with Explorer hard disk - functions like create, rename, or delete folders can likewise be done as well as copy/paste files and delete files. Containers have the same hierarchical file structure, (container contents --files/folders, which can contain other files and other folders). Even if a container itself is a file, user can consider it as a "logical disk". Let it be noted that any data associated with the file being placed into the container[/b] – the file contents, the file name, its creation date, anything – are stored in encrypted form.
[Image: C95MnF0.png]

[Image: NfEX8Sl.gif]

[Image: o12XK68.gif]

[Image: G0f1ikp.gif]

Shredder effectively erases data (files/folders) permanently from your hard drive. Kryptel's Shredder uses the DoD 5220.22M algorithm that randomizes the underlying data. Options to have it do between one (1) to nine (9) passes are given. Shredder can also deep erase data on external devices such as flash drives/USB sticks, etc. Note that when you use the "Shredder" files cannot be recovered. They will be permanently erased. 

[Image: tumjkiD.gif]

Kryptel's state-of-the-art password window simplifies password entering and makes typing errors more less likely to occur. Kryptel Standard comes with a secure "Password Manager" which keeps the user's passwords and keys in a secure storage and serves them over encrypted communication channel. 
A password or a key is an important part of encryption, it fully defines how reliable and secure encryption is. Kryptel has some very good information and guides on passwords at their KB section. Please visit the link below (How To Choose a Good Password). The differences between (1) "password", (2) "key" are:
[Image: 57SHqMd.gif]

[Image: 35YXPEy.gif]

Password is a word or a phrase in a natural language, which is transformed into a binary value and is used as an encryption key. User must enter the same password in order to decrypt encrypted data. 

Key is a long binary number, created by a cryptographically strong random number generator. The key is stored into a file (called key file); the file usually resides on a removable media like a flash stick. Key file is used exactly as a door key - "insert-and-open". User must have the same key to decrypt encrypted data.

Yubikey is a hardware USB key device.

How To Choose a Good Password

Container Types
Each encrypted Kryptel file is in fact a container, i.e. a file, which contains other files or directories. You can consider Kryptel containers as archives with very strong encryption and decent compression. Please note that container is encrypted storage – everything you place there gets encrypted. It is really not an encrypted file (although we are calling it so for the sake of simplicity) – when you encrypt a file, Kryptel creates a new, empty container and places the file there. That's why you can always place more files to an existing container (or remove some files from it).

There are three variations of Kryptel containers: generic containers (or simply containers), backups, and filesets.

Generic Containers
This is the simplest and most commonly used container type. Typically, you create a generic container with the Explorer's Encrypt command, although there are a few other methods. You can edit generic container using the Kryptel Browser; the easiest way to decrypt it is the Explorer's Decrypt command.

Additional Kryptel container types:

Encrypted Backups
Encrypted backup is a more advanced container type – it stores not only the file itself, but also its location. The purpose of encrypted backup is creating archives of sensitive data. Due to its ability to store file locations, encrypted backup makes data "snapshot', so you can restore files exactly as they were at the moment of archiving. You can create an encrypted backup either directly with the Explorer's Backup command, or as a dataset using a script file. Like generic containers, encrypted backups can be edited with the Kryptel Browser.

Encrypted Filesets
Encrypted fileset is also a dataset; you encrypt and decrypt it using the Kryptel Wizard or the tray utility. Fileset allows quick one-click encryption of large sets of files. The user is supposed to never access filesets directly, although they can be browsed in the read-only mode with the Kryptel Browser.

Latest version is Kryptel version 8.2.1 (July 22, 2019)
  • v8.2.1 (22 Jul 2019)

    This version adds support for the new WebP picture format. More info about WebP format: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebP
  • v8.2 (21 Jun 2019)

    Password Manager can now provide password/key by its handle. Handle, or description, is a text string, which identifies a password or a key in the Password Manager's list. This feature allows the user to specify the password in a script or a command line securely. Password handle is not considered confidential as it is just an arbitrary text string used to locate the given password in the list; specifying it in the command line does not provide any useful information to a hypothetical attacker.

    Using the new feature:

    Open Kryptel Wizard, and select 'New Backup' to create a new backup script. On the 'Encryption Key' page, select the 'By handle' option and enter the password/key description exactly as it is shown in the Password Manager window. In order to edit an existing backup script, use the Dataset Editor. KrCmd now supports a new /Kh switch for Password Manager handle (using Command Line Wizard is strongly recommended).


Kryptel Standard prizes for this giveaway/contest
Inv Softworks LLC has provided Geeks For Your Information Forum ten (10) Kryptel Standard licenses as Halloween 2019 contest prizes

Kryptel Standard licenses are "lifetime licenses" and are eligible for all future major upgrades of Kryptel Standard versions. Product support is included.


To boost forum participation/contribution, all who wish to participate MUST have created a minimum of 3 threads and 5 posts (threads in sections: (i) Giveaways / Contests (ii) Deals and (iii) Geeks FYI > Feedback are NOT INCLUDED). Entries not meeting the requirement will be deleted. WE WILL BE CHECKING!

1. Please answer the question below.  

"WHAT encryption software/application, encryption method do you use and what features of Kryptel Standard makes it the better/best choice for encryption?"

Post your reply as contest entry WITH your social media share.  Please see sample entry below.

[Image: Kz20Zz8.png]


2. REQUIRED: Please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account.  

(Share is NOT limited to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.)

Geeks For Your Information Forum [Official] Kryptel Standard Halloween 2019 Giveaway 

3. One entry per IP address ONLY. WE WILL BE CHECKING!

Only one entry per member is allowed. Dual entries will both be deleted and user will be banned from giveaway so please be careful.

If there are any questions / concerns pertaining to the giveaway/contest please get in touch with me through PM. Do not post it in this thread. Doing so will merit a warning and ultimately be banned from entering further giveaway/contests.

Ten (10) winners will each receive one (1) lifetime license of Kryptel Standard
Upon winner announcement, all winners will only have 5 days to send a PM to claim their prize.
Please include your details (Name / Email) in your PM claim.
Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.
Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".
The Giveaway will run from 
October 14, 2019 to November 30, 2019
[Image: 5X44PW5.gif]
[-] The following 6 users Like jasonX's post:
  • dhruv2193, dinosaur07, harlan4096, Herran, ismail, silversurfer
[-] The following 6 users Like jasonX's post:
  • divinenews, harlan4096, Herran, ismail, silversurfer, Toligo
"WHAT encryption software/application, encryption method do you use and what features of Kryptel Standard makes it the better/best choice for encryption?"

I just use freeware encryption when I need encryption. Mostly 7Zip WinRAR and AxCrypt. AxCrypt free only uses 128 bit AES for freeware and 7Zip is a bit better because of 256 bit. The features of Kryptel is a complete suite for "any" kind of encryption purpose and I see that there is support included even on next versions. Most contest are without upgrade and CS so this is good. I have tried their freeware but it was with SilverKey for email. I want to win so I can just have one suite for encryption. Cheers and thanks!

WHAT encryption software/application, encryption method do I use and what features of Kryptel Standard make it the better/best choice for encryption? 

If you fear a keylogger or password sniffer has been placed on your computer, which I do fear when it comes to being absolutely safe, then Kryptel, unlike other file or folder encrypters, has an encrypted on-screen keyboard that can keep your passwords secret. ... This added keyboard, within this software, makes Kyrptel safer than any alternative I have found. 

I have been using 7-Zip as my encryption software for years.  ... I have always had my doubts when using any of these free encryption softwares that can be easily found online.

Other features of the Kyptel Standard that I like:
1. Kryptel's default setting is for 256-bit AES encryption, but it also offers Blowfish (576-bit key), Twofish (256-bit key), Serpent (256-bit key) or Triple DES (168-bit key).  From what I read online, the 576-bit key option is potentially the most secure of all.
2. It includes a file shredder that uses the DoD 5220.22M algorithm that randomizes the underlying data. You can choose to have it do between one and nine passes. 
3. There is a portable version available.

My Twitter.com media share link for this software contest. 
Secondary Twitter link

*Many thanks to Inv Softworks LLC for sponsoring this software contest, and to the great generous heart of our forum moderator jasonX.
(aka Elijah Gale) "Always looking for kind people and the best software in all the right places, like on Geeks.fyi forum." Heart
I am currently using 7-Zip for encryption. 

I like following features which make it the better/best choice for encryption?"

1.Offers the option to run the program from a USB flash drive for portable protection
2.Blowfish (576-bit key) encryption
[-] The following 1 user Likes dhruv2193's post:
  • divinenews
"WHAT encryption software/application, encryption method do you use and what features of Kryptel Standard makes it the better/best choice for encryption?"

Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

I use True Crypt wants to win Kryptel Standard because thanks to this application you can quickly and easily protect private data against unauthorized opening by third parties. By using Kryptel Standard, you will be able to encrypt files of any extension using a strong algorithm. The application can also work in FIPS 140-2 mode, using the CryptoAPI encryption engine. Kryptel also offers the option of backing up encrypted files. The big advantage of the program is the easy-to-use user interface.

[-] The following 1 user Likes Toligo's post:
  • harlan4096
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to win this special giveaway, @jasonX and Inv Softworks LLC for sponsoring this great encryption product! Smile

"WHAT encryption software/application, encryption method do you use and what features of Kryptel Standard makes it the better/best choice for encryption?"

I'm using 7zip for encrypting file/folder archives and Windows' own default Bitlocker to encrypt my system/partition/drive. I'm hesitant to use mediocre encryption tools offered by other developers and I'd depend only on Kryptel as an all-in-one secure encryption application to secure my files and folders using industry standard 256-bit AES encryption and decrypting it easily with one click. It also provides its own password manager for secure passwords and file shredder for secure deletion. I really like that it also supports backup to cloud storage. I'd like to win a lifetime license to maximize full protection of my files and folders and have one app to handle all the tasks. Count me in please!

Facebook Share: https://www.facebook.com/aleinrundee/pos...4296073428
"WHAT encryption software/application, encryption method do you use and what features of Kryptel Standard makes it the better/best choice for encryption?"

Currently I use IObit Protected Folder, Wise Folder Hider Free and WinRAR programs for encryption. These programs, with all their good functionality, are not always easy to use. 
Kryptel Standard provides better protection for sensitive data, important files and documents and supports AES 256-bit encryption. 
Kryptel Standard has both simple encryption of files and folders and batch processing mode.
The application has crash protection and the ability to recover the encrypted container.
The Kryptel Standard provides a portable setup to run from USB devices.
Thanks for this contest! Thanks to Kryptel!

Happy Halloween!

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We are pleased to announce the WINNERS of,

GFYI [Official] Kryptel Standard Halloween 2019 Giveaway



Winner 1 - damien76

Winner 2 - divinenews

Winner 3 - dhruv2193

Winner 4 - Toligo

Winner 5 - Raur

Winner 6 - kubik67

Please include your Name/Email in your win claim


Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.

Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".

[-] The following 3 users Like jasonX's post:
  • dinosaur07, divinenews, harlan4096

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