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Quote:AdGuard for Android 4.5​

This update brings our YouTube player’s usability to a whole new level: we added background playback, recommended videos, quality settings, and much more. Not so unskippable now, are you, ads? On top of that, this version includes some nice fixes for overall app performance, including the Android TV version.


  • Focus now stays in the same place after opening the left-side menu of AdGuard for Android TV and closing it back #5271
  • DNS protection settings fail to reset to default #5322
  • "Show DevTools on the main screen" toggle starts blinking after interacting with other toggles on the same screen #5332
  • Language-specific filter “Other, Other” #5232
  • Failed to reset to default the “Show DevTools on the main screen” option in Low-level settings #5331
  • AdGuard for Android TV crashes when you try to add a custom DNS server using a link with "adguard:add_dns_server?address=" prefix #5264
Quote:AdGuard VPN for Mac 2.3.2​

Here’s an additional technical update following the previous one. In it, we’ve fixed bugs and kept working on the app stability.

AdGuard VPN for macOS direct download link:
Quote:AdGuard for Windows 7.17.2

​Release date: July 1, 2024

Here’s an additional technical update following the previous one. In it, we’ve fixed bugs and kept working on the app stability.

[Image: og-main.png]

Versions history | AdGuard

Download and learn about AdGuard versions — latest version, release date, version history, patches, features, etc.

[Image: v7.17.2]

Release 7.17.2 · AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows
Quote:AdGuard MV3 Experimental Version 0.4.63​

Updated: July 1, 2024

AdGuard AdBlocker MV3
Quote:AdGuard for iOS 4.5.5​

Apple fixed its iOS 17 bug that limited the number of Safari content-blocking rules, which contradicted their own Safari Content Blocking API documentation. That lets us remove our temporary workaround for that problem. In short, that means you can finally enable a large number of filters without them crashing, thanks to the fact that all of the 900K rules (provided by 6 AdGuard content blockers) are available again, as they are supposed to. Also, we updated Scriptlets — one of the essential libraries needed for the app’s stable performance.
If you are using iOS 17, please note that for this fix to work you need to update to the latest iOS.

If you are using iOS 16 and below, this bug doesn’t affect you.

 Changelog​ Fixes​
  • Some filter rules are not applied when a large number of filters is enabled #2346
Scriptlets (JavaScript enhancement for filtering rules)​ How to install AdGuard For iOS​
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Quote:AdGuard for Windows 7.18​

We’re happy to share with you the fresh version of AdGuard for Windows! For v7.18, we made it our goal to give you the best possible ad filtering experience, and we’d like to believe we have succeeded.

Let’s start with great news for all Windows 11 users: AdGuard now blocks the ads that Microsoft started incorporating into the Start menu on Windows 11. This feature can be enabled from the Ad Blocker tab of the settings.

Back to fighting more ‘conventional’ ads: we have updated the CoreLibs filtering engine, along with other components. With these updates, we have introduced new modifiers and scriptlets that will help filter developers create better and more powerful filtering rules against ads and trackers. As a bonus, there will be less crashes now! You can be sure that AdGuard will protect you at all times without fail.

But the good news doesn’t stop there! We have also updated our network drivers to improve AdGuard’s compatibility with other network-based apps.

Changelog​ Fixes​
  • “Open main window at system start-up” option doesn’t work #5074
  • Issues with dark theme on onboarding screen #4996
  • Lag after switching Stealth Mode on #5104
  • Outdated filters are not removed from the list of available filters #5083
  • Release update channel is set by default after installing the Nightly version #5077
  • Scroll bar is visible even if all content fits on the screen #5054
  • The adguard.exe process icon is distorted in Task Manager #5110
  • Window control buttons are displaced #5043
  • Beta version of AdGuard cannot be installed or launched #5129
  • Identical comments are removed in the Filter editor after checking for updates #5118
  • Some custom filters can't be installed via URL #4801
  • The “Block Flash” option moved to Advanced Settings #4705
  • Tray menu theme is now synced with the application theme #5012
  • Added a new option to block Windows 11 Start menu ads #5103
 CoreLibs (Filtering engine)​ CoreLibs updated to v1.15.47 #5139​ Fixes​
  • Bugs in the userscript API prevent some third-party scripts from working #1876
  • $all modifier does not work with non-domain-like URL part #1860
  • $generichide modifier prevents URL blocking rules from working correctly #1857
  • Element hiding rules don't apply to some websites #1865
  • Added $urltransform modifier support #1364
  • Added $xmlprune modifier support #473
  • ECDSA certificates can now be generated for HTTPS filtering #360
  • Added handling of fenced frames #1853
  • Added support for uBO's /regex/(cosmetic rule) format #1844
 Upgraded ContentScript to v2.0.6​ DnsLibs (DNS filtering engine)​ DnsLibs updated to v2.5.33 #5128​ Fixes​
  • AdGuard suggests incorrect rules in Filtering Log #210
  • Clicking anywhere on the horizontal scrollbar in DNS filter editor does not scroll #4715
 Scriptlets (JavaScript enhancement for filtering rules)​ Scriptlets updated to v1.10.25​ Fixes​
  • set-constant doesn’t work correctly for some values #403
  • Cookie name is getting encoded in set-cookie #408
  • set-local-storage-item conversion doesn’t work correctly #404
  • Added new no-protected-audience scriptlet #395
  • Added possibility to allowlist scriptlets #377
  • Added cors response type to prevent-fetch #394
  • Added domain parameter to set-cookie #389
  • Added new href-sanitizer scriptlet #327
  • Added new json-prune-fetch-response scriptlet #361
  • Added new json-prune-xhr-response scriptlet #360
  • Added new trusted-suppress-native-method scriptlet #383
  • Increased possible numeric value for set-cookie #388
  • Added support for finding selectors in shadowRoot in trusted-click-element #323
  • Some redirects resources can now be used as scriptlets as well #300

Versions history | AdGuard

Release 7.18 · AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows
Quote:AdGuard for Windows 7.18.1​

Release date: July 9, 2024

Our linguistic diversity is not to be trifled with! We listened to feedback and fixed localization in this sizzling update. Also, we improved the app’s performance for good measure.

Release 7.18.1 · AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows

Versions history | AdGuard
Quote:AdGuard Browser Extension 4.3.64​

Sometimes the problem is not us. And this is one of those times: AdGuard menu didn’t open in the Firefox browser, and it falls on us to find a solution while waiting for a bugfix from Mozilla. Well, this hotfix is the solution.

Changelog​ Fixes​
  • AdGuard menu doesn’t open in Firefox Nightly #2817
 How to install stable:​  Release 4.3.64 · AdguardTeam/AdguardBrowserExten

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