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Adguard for Windows, Android, iOS
Quote:AdGuard for Mac 2.14​

The AdGuard v2.14 for Mac features the usual bug-fixes-for-better-performance changes, but not only that! This time, the star of the show is the CoreLibs update, which brings improvements to the app overall, with two notable features in particular.

First up, we’ve fine-tuned the Encrypted ClientHello support. Yes, it’s still in the experimental phase, but our team has identified several issues that were holding back the seamless activation of ECH by default. With this release, we’ve addressed them and paved the way for enhanced performance.

Additionally, the updated CoreLibs now provide the ability to filter DNS-over-HTTPS requests on the fly. This means that AdGuard by default won’t redirect DoH queries to another DNS server, and instead queries will still be sent to the server chosen in the browser. The old behavior may be restored by turning off in the advanced settings.

This update also includes other minor changes. If you’d like to, feel free to dig into each one of them by reading our extensive changelog below.


  • Buttons do not respond on the Proxy Configuration screen in some cases #1327
 CoreLibs (Filtering engine) updated to v1.14.51​ Improvements​
  • Indicate that outbound proxy is used in the request processed event #1385
  • Support for passing host to outbound proxy #1386
  • User rules editor improved #1402
  • Apply $permissions only to document #1856
  • Cannot parse QUIC ClientHello split into two packets #1861
  • Cookie rules with [ and ] in the name considered as invalid #1843
  • Cosmetic rules are not applied in some cases when AdGuard works alongside AdGuard VPN browser extension #1791
  • VOT (Voice over translation) script does not work in Google chrome #1665
  • $all modifier does not work correctly #1842
  • content script is not injected #1834
  • Added Firefox 121.0+ to the list of user agents, which support :has() natively #1840
  • Added an option to use | as a separator in $permissions #1850
  • Blocking regex rule that has escaped slash in a character class does not work #1831
  • Content script is not injected if there is a tag (with embed attribute) before doctype declaration #1825
  • Get ECH parameters from intercepted DNS HTTPS queries #1794
  • Improved HTML filtering performance #1855
  • On-the-fly filtering of DoH connections #198
  • Support anti-DPI feature for Korea Telecom #1789
  • $path modifier does not work with query params #1817
  • $removeparam on url with port redirects to url without port #1818
  • AdGuard breaks the website #1800
  • Cannot connect to securely #1821
 DnsLibs (DNS filtering engine) updated to v2.5.18​ Improvements​
  • Allow specifying tcp-only and udp-only DNS upstreams #208
  • Support passing hostname to outbound proxy instead of bootstrapping #197
  • Improved handling of HTTPS rrtype #215
  • Happy Eyeballs used for IPv4/IPv6 in DoH #217
 UserscriptsWrapper updated to v1.2.23​ Scriptlets (JavaScript enhancement for filtering rules) updated to v1.10.25​ Improvements​
  • Added compatibility with uBO’s set-cookie scriptlet #332
  • Added new scriptlet — call-nothrow.js #333
  • Added new scriptlet — spoof-css #317
  • Added new scriptlet — trusted-create-element #278
  • set-cookie — added more supported values #379
  • google-analytics — added ga.q property #355
  • google-ima3 — added OmidVerificationVendor property #353
  • Added new scriptlet — href-sanitizer #327
  • Added new scriptlet — json-prune-fetch-response #361
  • Added new scriptlet — json-prune-xhr-response #360
  • Added new scriptlet — trusted-suppress-native-method #383
  • set-cookie — increase a possible numeric value #388
  • trusted-click-element — add support for finding selectors in shadowRoot #323
  • Use some redirects resources as scriptlets as well #300
  • Added GM.xmlhttpRequest as alias of GM_xmlhttpRequest #1785
  • New scriptlet — trusted-set-attr #281
  • New scriptlet — no-protected-audience #395
  • Added possibility to allowlist scriptlets #377
  • Improved prevent-fetch — add cors responseType #394
  • Improved set-cookie — add 'domain' parameter #389
  • set-constant — setProxyTrap() #403
  • set-cookie — do not encode a cookie name #408
  • set-local-storage-item conversion — '$remove$' param #404
How to install AdGuard for MAC​ Download
Quote:AdGuard for Windows 7.17.1

In this patch, we’ve focused on addressing two critical issues. First, we have fixed a major bug that occurred in the filtering engine, CoreLibs. Second, after installing AdGuard v7.17 for Windows, the application would crash if you put the word in quotation marks in the Exclude app from filtering by entering the full path option. We’ve fixed it and also updated DnsLibs, along the way.


  • Quotation marks in Exclude app from filtering option prevent AdGuard from working
CoreLibs (Filtering engine)
  • CoreLibs updated to v1.14.53
DnsLibs (DNS filtering engine)
  • DnsLibs updated to v2.5.19
Quote:AdGuard VPN for Mac 2.3.1​

This is a technical update aimed to increase the app stability and fix minor bugs.

AdGuard VPN for macOS direct download link:
Quote:AdGuard VPN for Windows 2.3​:

No questions about it, we are ready to release again! After flirting with betas and RCs, updating WFP and TDI drivers along with the VPN client, after hours of testing and practically illegal amounts of coffee, we are happy to present AdGuard VPN v2.3 for Windows. What do we have here?

Fast and secure​In this update, we have enhanced the app’s security and performance by adding support for DNS-over-HTTP/3. You can now include h3:// addresses for custom DNS servers, which will function over the HTTP/3 protocol. Quite handy, especially for unstable Wi-Fi networks.

If your app could talk​Troubleshooting just got easier with our new Diagnostic info section. This section provides valuable debugging details that you can share with our support team. To access it, head over to SettingsApp settingsAdvanced settingsDiagnostic info.

Beauty in ordinary things​What’s ordinary and natural for one, is not always easy to get for another: like a useful app in a native language. We are happy to have a community that helps us make AdGuard VPN even more accessible. Our app is now available in Swedish, Slovenian, Indonesian, Polish, and Ukrainian — how cool is that? We’ll be adding even more languages in future versions. If AdGuard VPN hasn’t been localized into your native language yet, come join the party — you’ll get some nifty gifties and a sense of achievement. And you can’t put a price on that.

Changelog​ Enhancements​
  • Added support for DNS-over-HTTP/3 #654
  • Added new languages (sv, slv, pl, id, uk) to the app #650
  • Added ChatGPT to the list of known services #644
  • Dark theme added to the app installer #488
  • Old directories are not deleted from the AppData directory #581
  • The Stats tab is visually different from other tabs #573
  • Locations are not alphabetically arranged #630
  • The password and email fields clear automatically when logging in #481
  • Internet connection slows down randomly while VPN is on selectively #509
  • The Wintun driver fails #623
  • Resolved conflict with AdGuard VPN v2.2 and cForSpeed running simultaneously #595
  • With backend not accessible, Diagnostic data couldn’t be opened #652
  • After opening, the app stayed in perpetual checking mode #639
 VPN client (AdGuard VPN protocol implementation)​
  • Updated VPN client to v0.12.172 #653
AdGuard VPN for Windows direct download link:
Quote:AdGuard VPN for Windows 2.3.1​

“Dear developers, can we get a bugfix pronto?” Of course you can! Right after the release, we serve you a hotfix with a resolved problem and fine-tuned operation.
Quote:AdGuard for Mac 2.14.1

​Release date: May 15, 2024

If you were one of the few users who experienced high CPU usage by AdGuard, we are happy to inform you that we have fixed it in this patch, as well as updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs.


Fixes​  CoreLibs (Filtering engine)​
  • Updated CoreLibs to v1.14.57 #1423
 DnsLibs (DNS filtering engine)​
  • Updated DnsLibs to v2.5.25 #1421

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