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Panda Dome Complete MakeUSLaugh Mother's Day 2019 Giveaway - https://www.geeks.fyi/showthread.php?tid=6837

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Advanced SystemCare 12 Professional Mother's Day 2019 Giveaway - https://www.geeks.fyi/showthread.php?tid=6776

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GFYI Panda Dome Complete MakeUSLaugh Mother's Day 2019 Giveaway
We at Geeks for Your Information are looking for the funniest, wittiest Mother's Day image/photo
[Image: DKA3bBA.png]
Panda Dome Complete
[Image: cJ605oG.png]
We would like to thank Panda Security for donating the license for this giveaway


Panda Dome Complete 2019 (formerly Panda Global Protection) is the next-gen antivirus protection to secure your digital life! Panda Dome Complete is designed to ensure you can enjoy your online life with complete peace of mind providing maximum antivirus and online fraud protection for all your devices. The antivirus/antispyware module is the core component of Panda Dome Complete with its collective intelligence and more improved anti-exploit technology. The personal firewall module has its own auto-create rules for your applications to make it easy for you --the user, but also lets you set advanced rules if you require it. The improved Wi-Fi protection monitors all devices on your network and has the ability to block "unknown devices" trying to access your computer. Safe Browsing checks the reputation of websites -- fraudulent, phishing and malware ridden sites and warns you/keeps you safe before you actually connect to them. 
[Image: kbeOG9N.jpg]

Panda Dome Complete 2019 comes with a ton of extra useful features like Password Manager, File Shredder/Encryptor, PC Cleanup/system optimizer and Anti-Theft protection to make it a well rounded security suite for any user! 

Features at a glance:

Advanced protection for all your devices
  • Real -time protection with our next-gen antivirus 
  • Real-time location 
  • Lock and wipe them remotely whenever you want 
  • Anti-theft alarm and get a photo of the thief after failed attempts to unlock the device. 
  • Improve performance and extend your device’s battery 
  • Trigger an alarm and take photos from your Android Wear smartwatch

Protection for your family
  • Monitor your child’s Internet use 
  • Block access to inappropriate and harmful content 
  • PIN-protect access to specific apps 
  • Block unwanted calls  
  • Keep track of your loved ones’ location at any time 
  • Protect your Wi-Fi from hackers and piggybacking neighbors 
  • Keep your memories, photos and confidential data safe against ransomware

Protection for your privacy
  • Virtual vault to protect your money and confidential data  
  • Secure and manage all your passwords with a single click 
  • Access your most important information regardless of time or place 
  • Wipe your device data remotely in case of theft or loss

FREE VPN (150 MB / day) 
Panda Dome Advanced Android protection includes a "free VPN" to protect all users from prying eyes and allows access to websites. The free Panda VPN feature is a private, secure and virtual data tunnel for the user's protection. Standard support through email, chat, telephone and forum

[Image: AyZ6PbD.gif]
[Image: qKIsQIb.gif]
[Image: Zd3trAy.gif]
[Image: jdTiNYR.gif]

Panda Dome Complete 2019 latest version is Panda Dome Complete 18.07.00

1. Giveaway is open to all members. 

2. Please post a funny Mother / Mommy image or photo. Image/photo must reflect something related to portraying a motherly endeavor, trait or circumstance. 

Image of course must be "funny", one that will make us laugh (or at the very least will make us smile!)

Post your entry below alongside your social media share.  

Please see sample entry below. 

[Image: om6EK6a.png]


3. To show support to the sponsor/developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account.
Geeks For Your Information Forum Panda Dome Complete MakeUSLaugh Mother's Day 2019 Giveaway

3. One entry per IP address ONLY. WE WILL BE CHECKING!

Only one entry per member is allowed. Dual entries will both be deleted and user will be banned from giveaway so please be careful.

If there are any questions / concerns pertaining to the giveaway/contest please get in touch with me through PM. Do not post it in this thread. Doing so will merit a warning and ultimately be banned from entering further giveaway/contests.

One (1) year license of Panda Dome Complete 2019 (1 year x 3 devices)

Winners will be selected by GFYI Admin/Staff/Moderators and once posted all winner will only have 5 days to send a PM to CLAIM his prize.

Please include your Name/Email in your win claim



Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe. 

Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".

The Giveaways will run from 
May 5, 2019 to June 5, 2019

Good-luck to all!!!

[Image: 5qudUY3.gif]
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  • angustaver, browneylad, dhruv2193, dinosaur07, grr, hamed1368, harlan4096, ismail, JM Safe, silversurfer
[-] The following 8 users Like jasonX's post:
  • angustaver, browneylad, dinosaur07, grr, hamed1368, harlan4096, JM Safe, silversurfer
[Image: OO3ZxZ2.png]

Thanks for contest!

My tweet!
Whatever the specie, one truth remains as it is and is the best gift for all mothers!!

Child: Why is a computer so smart?
Mom:  Because It listens to its motherboard.
[Image: A1ijxiq.jpg]
[Image: Azp6Fuq.jpg]
................................[Image: e9c3L8I.jpg].........................................
"For my mommy's special day, my surprise gift is I finally found a use for my black crayons while she was asleep." Heart

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