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10 Tips to Keep Your Data Private Online
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From network settings to apps and data backup, everything you need to know

Data privacy and security is a common concern and point of debate across online communities and users around the world. Increasing cyber threats and recent events of data breaches by major giants have made users worried about their data security.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to keep your data private online as a layman.

While cybercriminals and curious onlookers have already posed a significant threat to users, nefarious acts by major tech giants have also made the online communities worried.

Unlike early days of the Internet, today users are more aware of their online privacy, but still, in the event of a data breach, they are not protected completely. Every now and then we hear about these threats and leaks where data security has been compromised and users had to pay for the losses.

Now when we know the threat of data breaches is very common and emerging, it’s more important than ever to follow certain preventive measures to keep your data private online.

The 10 Best Tips to Keep Your Data Private Online

#1. Create Strong Passwords:

The first security measure includes setting up strong passwords. While most online accounts require you to just set a password, it’s very important to create strong passwords to keep your accounts safe. Here, you should prefer passwords with at least 8 characters long with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

You can even get help from some of the best password management tools to create strong passwords for your different accounts. These password manager tools also offer a secure vault to keep your important passwords safe from various threats.

Whatever you do, don’t go for a funny or interesting password easy to remember, because that means it’s also easy to guess by hackers. You can see a list of such funny passwords here; browse and have a laugh but never use these.

#2. Keep A Tab On the Permissions Acquired By Different Apps On Your Device:

All apps require certain permissions on your device to run smoothly and offer you the best services. While this is a basic requirement by most apps and software installed on your device, still you need to be careful while allowing these permissions.

For example, if the calculator app on your device asks for permission to access your call records, then that’s a clear sign that something is not right. Thus, you should read the permissions asked by different apps and software before you allow them.

If you find something suspicious, then avoid installing those vulnerable apps to keep your data private online while using them. There are alternatives to almost any app out there, so surely you can find better options.
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