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GoodSync v.10
[Image: iyMJ5Yy.png]

GoodSync will automatically backup and synchronize all your important files so you never need to worry about losing your emails, precious family photos, contacts, MP3s, and financial documents. GoodSync works locally - between desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives, but it is also capable of backing up and syncing files to and from remote servers using FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and many major cloud services like Google Drive, SkyDrive and Amazon S3.
GoodSync's powerful technology is years ahead of the pack. Excellent reviews by industry experts and customers alike solidify GoodSync as a leader in file backup and synchronization market.
File Synchronization Benefits:
  • Never Lose Your Emails, Photos, MP3s, etc...
    GoodSync file synchronization and backup software combines bulletproof reliability with an extremely easy to use interface to analyze, synchronize, and backup your emails, contacts, photos, iTunes, MP3s, and other important files.

  • Automatically Sync or Back Up to Multiple Devices
    Automatically synchronize and back up your important files between desktops, laptops, external drives, windows mobile devices, or to remote servers using FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and more. Using an innovative synchronization algorithm—GoodSync file sync software is years ahead of the pack when it comes to file synchronization.

  • Keeps you Organized
    GoodSync will help you prevent information clutter by backing up important files and syncing files from multiple locations. All this can be set on a schedule and the program will do this automatically at the times you specify.

  • Easy and Automated
    Keep your files backed up and up to date with one click, and most importantly begin enjoying your peace of mind, knowing that your financial documents, work files, emails, contacts, photos, iTunes, MP3s, and other data is automatically synchronized and backed up.

[Image: LjcfMfl.png]





Download  (Windows/Mac/Linux/NAS/iOS/Android)


It's great program to backup and synchronization any data, I've been using it for a few years.
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Version 10.9.24 Feb 15, 2019 
* GS-runner integration with GUI: Change it from Shared Memory to socket-based protocol. 
* Unattended Jobs: show percent of completion, not just general status. 
* Unattended Jobs: show rolling log, as sync progresses, not the final log at the end of sync. 
* MS graph (OneDrive, Office): Fixed downloads running over 1 hour produce Auth error. 
* GSTP: improve speed of reconnect on Receiver Server, if connection is lost on Client side. 
* RDC tunnel: make it work again, use correct connection type on remote end. 
* CC Runner: Fixed first AutoUpdate of CC Runner was picking up regular GoodSync. 
* CC Runner: Fixed user profile was incorrect on initial setup, so log cleanup was too broad. 
* No Mediator option: show it only for Windows Server and File Server installers. 
* License Check: do it for GoodSync Account too, wait 60 sec after wakeup from sleep. 
* Permissions: correct translation of ReadOnly flag from Windows to Linux. 
* Storage Beta: now allow 100 Gb storage trials.

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Version 10.9.25 Feb 25, 2019 
* gs-server + Mediator: Fixed registration was happening too often, if no UPNP is present. 
* Forwarder/GsServer: give client more time to close connection or send EOF. 
* gs-runner: Use dynamic ports, if default port 33555 is taken. 
* gs-server: Use dynamic port, if default port 33333 is taken. 
* GSTP with no UDP: make it work faster by using Pipe Forwarder. 
* GSTP file close: increase allotted time, so that it can complete. 
* GSTP client: improved switching from Direct to Forwarder and back. 
* GSTP receiver: fixed several issues, to speed up session pickup. 
* Gs and Runner Installer: improved some sequences.

Version News:
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Version 10.9.26 Mar 06, 2019
* GsRunner Service: Fixed GsRunner did not come back after Sleep and Wakeup.
* GS Account Setup: Computer page: Check that proposed Computer name does not already exist.
* Mediator does not allow connecting to Computer if two devices registered under this one name.
* Mediator does not allow GSTP-2 protocol, so all GSTP computers must be updated to latest ver 10 or 9.
* Forwarders: improved and speed up reconnect sequences.
* Activation: if user enters License Key (Batch Code) into OrderID, advise him to do it in GS Account online.
* Browse dialog: fixed crash on non-recognized URL.
* MEGA FS: Added support for 2-factor authorization.
 Version 10.9.28 Mar 26, 2019
* GsRunner + UnAttended jobs: Drop log lines if GUI did not pick them up, fixes memory leak.
* Gs2Go: Allow portable volumes to have Disk Letters A: and B: as diskettes are long gone.
* MS Graph: Added support for reading paged responses to /groups query.
* GoodSync Account Setup: No Mediator mode: Do not check for dup users or computers on Mediator.
* GoodSync Account Setup: No Mediator mode: Allow to keep existing user, after warning.
* GSTP Client: if Server got no external port, do not try Direct connection, it is waste of time.
* GSTP client: rewrite direct/forwarder decision, to switch faster and more accurately.
* GSTP Server: When switching from Forwarder mode to Direct mode, stop Receiver and wait for it.
* GSTP Server: Direct mode: finer per Session locking, not per User.
* GSTP Server: Fixed Sessions that were Disconnected with Error were not released (memory leak).
* GSTP Server: Make sockets of properly closed sessions linger for 10 sec, for client to receive.
* GSTP Server: Pickup Receiver: made it work better when we have lost connections.
* GSTP Server: Web UI: improved Settings presentation.
* GSTP Server: UDP receiver: Fixed could cycle on multiple UDP receive errors.
* GSTP Forwarder: reject inactive sessions on server side sooner, do not let them linger.
* GSTP Forwarder: increased speed and stability by more holistic locking mechanism.
* GSTP Forwarder: Allow User Forwarders, if user sets 'UserForwarder = Yes' in settings.tix.
* License on Linux: fixed Licensing by finding working PNEs, not just eth0/1.

Version 10.9.29 Mar 29, 2019
* GSTP server: Fixed Server may get no Assigned Forwarder, show error 'Update your Server to latest version'.
* GSTP Server: Fixed re-asking for results of a long-running transaction.
* GSTP Forwarder: more fixes for faster reconnects.
* MS Graph FS (Office 365, SharePoint): List additional root sites under /sites.
* Backblaze B2: Upload of short files,: Do not reuse URL of 'b2_get_upload_url', always get a new URL.
* Fixed NTLM auth, used in IIS and Windows Server.
* Localization: Fixed localization of GoodSync Account setup was not working.

Version 10.9.30 Apr 04, 2019
* S3: Fixed errors in header names that resulted in Bad Signature error.
* GSTP client: reduced timeouts, for faster reconnects.
* GSTP client: Fixed connection history management, to better try Direct connection when needed.
* GSTP server: Direct Server: Fixed Sessions were not cleaned up.
* GSTP server: Deprecate Basic Auth use only Digest Auth.
* GSTP receiver: Improved reconnect latency, make it faster.
* Logging: Fixed HTTP transactions were logged at Details level.

Version News:
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Version 10.9.31 Apr 19, 2019
* GUI Progress: Fixed File Counters were reset during Sync, not allowing them to decrease.
* GUI Filter Pane: Fixed too slow to refresh, causing GUI delays when many filters are present.
* FS MEGA: Fixed processing of deleted files.
* FS Backblaze: Migrated to API V2, Added support for per-application keys.
* Redo submission of Tickets and Crashes to GSSS, to automate it some more.
* Installer of GS: Allow user to proceed after warning, in case of Signature error in Installer.
* Installer of CC Runner: Fixed sometimes Gs Runner was not starting when Windows Starts.
* GSTP Storage: use port 443 and proper server name, so that SSL cert can be verified.
* GSTP Client and Server: Discontinue using of Pickup Forwarder, always use Pipe Forwarder.
* GSTP Server Direct: review, improve and speed up reconnect sequences.
* GSTP Server Receiver: review, improve and speed up reconnect sequences.
* GSTP Client: If we detected Deemed Disconnect on Timeout, do not try to reconnect.

Version News:
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Version 10.9.32 Apr 24, 2019 
* Added GoodSync RealDisk Online storage file system, to simplify provisioning of RealDisk storage. 
* Filters Pane: fixed some crashes and bugs. 
* GoodSync Account Setup: Fixed old GoodSync UserID may get stuck when changed. 
* gs-server: Fixed 'Empty CompId' error, if Client is using numeric IP addressing. 
* Receiver: Fixed PickupSessAck was not sent when we started new Receiver thread (no UDP). 
* Receiver: Never retry /PipeServer, always let Client initiate reconnect.

Version News:
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Version 10.9.33 May 16, 2019 
* GSTP Client: perform testing of direct connection in separate thread, not to slow down user. 
* gs-server Receiver: Fixed several issues traht affect reconnects via Forwarder. 
* Box, MS drives, Google drive: store changed RefreshToken in Account Manager, not just in cache. 
* Azure Files: New account: Fixed error 'The account being accessed does not support http'. 
* synclib: Add exclusion of files/folders with Disregard attribute, always. 
* sib-file: Add Disregarded and Temporary attribute to files and fodlers, determined by OS. 
* Browse Dialog: Disregard case of folder names, as Windows is not case-sensitive. 
* GsRunner Service: Add handling of Service_Control_Preshutdown Message, as Windows waits for us. 
* Filters pane: fixed bugs and crashes.

Version News
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Version 11.0.35 Beta June 17, 2019 
Get it here: GoodSync-v11-Setup-pvt.exe
* New Browse Dialog that shows both Left and Right sides at the same time. 
* New Browse Dialog: show Server Accounts and Folders on the same tree, get rid of tabs. 
* Sync Server Accounts and User Bookmarks between Computers/Devices via GoodSync Account. 
* Sync Jobs, Groups, Program Options between Computers/Devices via GoodSync Account. 
* Ask new/updating User whether to start Syncing the above, if GS Account is present.

Version 10.9.34 June 17, 2019 
* GSTP client: fixed possible '401 Unauthorized' error when reconnecting. 
* GSTP client: fixed connection recovery on reconnects, esp when conveyor is present. 
* GSTP client: try for direct connection more often after recovery, to get it sooner. 
* GSTP client: memorize auth context, to speed up recovery on reconnect. 
* GSTP server: Fixed rare file corruption on recovery when conveyor is running. 
* GSTP server: UPNP: speedup discovery, store more in UPNP cache. 
* GSTP server: UPNP: register before UPNP discovery, as it can take long. 
* Profile: Move GS Profile Folder from C:\Users\user-name\AppData\Roaming\GoodSync 
   to C:\Users\user-name\AppData\Local\GoodSync. 
* Reading Jobs: If we cannot find Unnamed Bookmark in Server Account then just recreate it. 
* sib-tic: Add skipping of maps, they start with '('. Old GS versions cannot skip new maps. 
* TIC cleanup: leave only last 10 versions of the Server Accounts and Jobs backup timestamped TIC files. 
* Job List: always order Jobs by alphabet, remove option to manually order Jobs. 
* Added Program Option 'Trust System Root Certification Authorities', 
   to allow user-approved programs (such as Anti-Virus) to listen in on GoodSync TLS. 
* Browse/Explorer: Sort disks in alphabetic order, their names starts with Disk Letter. 
* Switching jobs while filters panel is active: Save jobs only if there are real changes in filters. 
* Workers, Jobs and Progress: fixed Stop command was not always getting to the running Job. 
* URL parser: fixed handling of default plain and secure ports, or else Account Manager could lose Accounts. 
* MS Graph: Site search queries can be paginated too, so parse multi-page responses. 
* sib-service, gs-server, gs-runner: rewrite services to one API to better react to Sleep and Wakeup events.

Version 10.9.35 June 21, 2019 
* Job Filters + Browse Dlg: Fixed Show Files flag is not saved. 
* GSTP Client: UploadFileBlock: Fixed Server Pipe Receiver cannot find stored transaction. 
* Job List and Options: Restore User-mandated Job order, whereby User can Drag-and-Drop Jobs. 
* Azure Blobs and Files: Add Azure Govt Cloud to Azure Blob and Files file system. 
* Browse Dialog: Changes can get stuck if user changes UserID of the existing server account. 
* ConnectFS: Re-allow :443 suffix for File Systems such as Google Drive, for legacy reasons. 
* Moving .tic from Roaming to Local: Fixed did not work if user still had jobs.tic only. 
* Moving .tic from Roaming to Local: Move _mirrors_ folder too, it may have state files. 
* Command line: Fixed crash in 'gsync sync /all'.

Version News:
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[Image: hcGElK6.png]

[Image: AhyExjV.png]

Version 10.9.36 June 28, 2019 
* GoodSync Storage and Connect Initial Setup: Improve usability. 
* gs-server: Fixed crashes on stopping service. 
* gs-server: Fixed crash on Disconnect of long-running transaction. 
* gs-server: Merge Manage API server into gs-server. 
* Tools Menu: do not show Upload to CC menu items to non-business user. 
* Job Rename and Close: fixed rare crashes. 
* Ver 11: Reset trial time for Ver 11 beta. 
* Ver 11: Improved initial setup, especially for GoodSync Connect and Storage.

Version 11.0.0 Beta June 29, 2019 
* New Browse Dialog that shows both Left and Right sides at the same time. 
* New Browse Dialog: show Server Accounts and Folders on the same tree, get rid of tabs. 
* Sync Server Accounts and User Bookmarks between Computers/Devices via GoodSync Account. 
* Sync Jobs, Groups, Program Options between Computers/Devices via GoodSync Account. 
* Ask new/updating User whether to start Syncing the above, if GS Account is present.

Version 10.10.0 July 05, 2019 
* Current Job and Group: Store them in registry as they change, do not wait for GoodSync exit. 
* Job List: Fixed rare crashes and mis-assigned GUI parts on Job Rename and Clone. 
* GSTP Client: Do not reset waiting period of m_backoff on reconnect, respect Seconds To Reconnect option. 
* S3: Fixed protocol errors on non-Amazon S3 hosts. 
* Server Account Manager: improved cleanup and repairs of Accounts when GoodSync starts.

Version 11.0.3 Beta July 15, 2019 
* Added normalization after loading of new Accounts and Jobs. 
* Fixed Job Import, it was not displaying newly imported jobs.

Version 10.10.1 July 15, 2019 
* Server Account Normalization: Do not delete SMB accounts with credentials. 
* Server Account Normalization: Convert gstp:// to gstps:// for all Jobs. 
* Server Account Normalization: Fix gstore:// accounts, they need no Server in the key. 
* Server Accounts: Get rid of old-style /file:// /smb:// mid-URL prefixes in GSTP URLs. 
* Runner Service Setup: Use profile from assigned Windows User, do not pass it via command line. 
* Runner Service Setup: Fixed updating GoodSync could change profile used by Runner Service. 
* GsServer Service Setup: allow Limited Windows users to do it properly. 
* Browse dialog: Fixed list of bookmarks in Account tab of GSTP browse dialog. 
* GSTP Server: Fixed reporting of Impersonation errors, send them back to GS Client. 
* S3: Wasabi: Better handling of location of Wasabi regions. 
* Job List tab: Fixed adding a job was not placing it in correct order. 
* Job Tree tab: fixed problems in Group and Job renaming.

Version News:
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Version 10.10.2 Aug 05, 2019 
* DropBox: Added DropBox for Business folders. 
* Amazon S3: several fixes related to switch of regional servers. 
* S3 on made it work on single region S3 services such as Sirv. 
* MEGA FS: fixed crashes on server-based file copy and file move. 
* Browse Dialog: do not clear Auto settings, if only Filter changed. 
* Browse Dialog: make Advanced Connection options be saved again on Connect. 
* Licenses: per-User Licenses are activated from GoodSync Account (new way), they are per OS user. 
* Licenses: per-Computer Licenses are activated from OrderId/Name (old way), hey are per Computer. 
* Licenses: old per-Computer way of licensing remains until user activates from GoodSync account. 
* gs-server: do not use any files from ProgramData\GoodSync\Server\Bookmarks folder anymore. 
* DeviceId: properly sync it between GS Client and GS Server, it is now per OS user. 
* ComputerId: it is now allocated strictly per OS/GS user on the machine. 
* GoodSync Users: one OS user can have only one GS user on it, and one GS user maps to only one OS user. 
* gs-server: Forwarder: report all licensing issues back to client. 
* GS client: store Gs Account designation in file AppData/Local/GoodSync/GsAcct.tic. 
* GS client: stop using file AppData/Local/GoodSync/Bookmarks/GsOnline.gsb, because it moved. 
* GoodSync2Go Setup: ask user for PortableDrive name, it will appear in Computer Name in Devices. 
* GoodSync Account Setup: request Computer together with User Id, so that they submit together.

Version 10.10.5 Aug 09, 2019 
* License: When writing license after Activation from Gs Account, reset ActivationId of PUMS. 
* License Activation: Stop GsRunner and GsServer services before Activation, not after. 
* License: Fixed activated per-User license was nullified. 
* License: Store per-User license in AppData\Local\GoodSync\GsAcct.tic. 
* Activate License: Gs Account: If Email is not known, then show GsAccount UserId. 
* Save email of GoodSync User retrieved from Mediator, if user used UserId.

Version 10.10.6 Aug 16, 2019 
* Auto Jobs + Options/Browse dialog: Fixed Folder Monitoring could start before final commit. 
* WebDAV: add non-standard port to Destination of MOVE, as IIS 10 and other require it now. 
* S3: main host does not always allow to list buckets, so remove request to do it from initial connect. 
* S3: use V4 auth for implementation of S3. 
* GSTP client: Fixed not every transaction was sending fields such as fr-os-comp-name. 
* gs-server Impersonation: try Network login, then Batch login; not Batch, then Interactive login. 
* GoodSync Account Setup: Start/Stop GsRunner correctly (if present), to avoid conflicts with changes. 
* License + GoodSync Account: check for License online when GsAccount is changed by user. 
* gs-server License: Fixed Per-User license was killed when periodic license check returned changed license. 
* Mediator Web UI: Add CAPTCHA to login page, show it only when necessary. 
* gs-server Web UI: Account page: moved Changed Account and Change Computer to separate pages. 
* gs-server Web UI on Linux: User can claim higher platform (MidServe, FileServer) to activate server licenses.

Version 10.10.7 Aug 23, 2019 
* Amazon Cloud Drive: GoodSync integration discontinued by Amazon, add notice. 
* S3: Implement Oracle Cloud S3 storage: Use AWS4 for signatures, no ?location. 
* SMB on Gs-Server + Impersonation: make drive letter work again, use only Batch login. 
* Server License: allow MidServer and FileServer to be run/licenses on non-Server OSes. 
* Gs-Server: Add sending os-comp-name in /disco and /server-check-auth requests. 
* GUI: Fixed per-group job list not tracking/persisting job progress for non-grouped jobs. 
* Job Options: Disable 'Test Encryption' and 'Empty Sync Folder' while Empty Sync Folder is running. 
* Mediator: fixed some users could get rare error 'SQL Error: server is too busy'. 
* Mediator: ask for One Time Password again, after Device was removed from Gs Account. 
* Mediator UI: Better showing of Devices: split off OS, OS Computer name, GS version. 
* Mediator UI: Do not ask for CAPTCHA, if Device was already authorized by OTP.

Version 10.10.8 Sept 15, 2019 
* Import: Fixed import of old format jobs.tic file. 
* Import: Fixed normalization of gstp:// account to gstps:// account. 
* GSTP: Allow gstp:// prefix if it is IP name/addr without .goodsync in it. 
* Backblaze B2: When doing multi-part uploading, request new URL for chunk to upload on each retry. 
* Browse Dlg + Storage: Improved Storage provisioning in Browse dialog. 
* OAuth2 + Browser: Run OAuth2 request from main thread, in Browser, not from worker thread. 
* OAuth2 + Browser: improved unwinding on various OAuth2 stopping/canceling scenarios. 
* Licenses: Implement Offline (Via Browser) Activation using GoodSync Account, for server licenses. 
* GSTP: Fixed One Time Password (OTP) can be sent more than one time. 
* gsync /version or /license: Print better data, same as in Help -> About of GUI version.

Version 10.10.9 Sept 30, 2019 
* Job Stop: fixed deadlock possible on forced job stop. 
* BackBlaze B2: Reduce number of threads per large file from 12 to 6, to save memory. 
* Conflicts: Fixed Conflicts and Errors were not reported in post-Sync emails and scripts. 
* Licenses: Allow ViaBrowser (offline) activation for Business Client. 
* GoodSync Account Setup: generate server certificate by calling Mediator. 
* TLS: change list of ciphers, to drop weak ciphers.

Version 10.10.10 Oct 21, 2019 
* Proxies and Certs: by default Trust Certificates from System Storage, to accommodate AV programs. 
* DropBox: fixed encoding of non-latin paths. 
* Logs: Fixed _mirrors_ logs file were always cleaned up after 1 day of sitting in _mirrors_. 
* Gs-Server: Fixed init sequence that determines DeviceID, when Proxy is present. 
* Windows Server OS license: moved it from HKLM registry to AllUsers License.dat file. 
* Server License: fixed problems in license computation and activation, especially on NAS. 
* RealDisk Storage: fixed usage and bandwidth stats computation.

Version 10.10.11 Oct 31, 2019 
* MS Graph: Fixed large file upload was failing due to change in Graph API. 
* MS Graph: Fixed 409 Conflict on SetFileModTime. 
* S3: If location request fails for S3 bucket, try it with default location, to accommodate older buckets. 
* S3, Azure + Plain Text: Use only TLS version of protocols, convert s3:// to s3s:// and azure:// to azures:// 
* GoodSync Account Setup: Fixed No Mediator option was not shown for Enterprise versions. 
* Reading Server Options: fixed proxy options changes were not becoming effective without GS restart. 
* Proxy Options: remove per-Job proxy option from global online storage file systems (S3, MS, Google, Boxes). 
* RFS: Remove strings that are no longer in default.rfs (do not need translation). 
* gs-server Web UI: If any of gs-server users needs OTP show big notifications at the top of Web UI.

Version 10.10.12 Nov 11, 2019 
* New Job Dialog: Set initial job direction to undefined, user has to select it explicitly. 
* Server Account Normalization: misc fixes to make it work better. 
* Browse Dlg: Do not show prefix in Virt Account Name derived from Account Key. 
* Browse Dlg: If Account Names are the same but Account Keys differs, then add + to Account Name. 
* Server Account Rename: Allow empty new account names, in this case Account Key comes out. 
* MEGA FS: Fixed propagation of 2-factor authenticated session to runner. 
* Mediator Web UI: Request Storage: misc fixes. 
* Mediator Web UI: Removed Google CAPTCHA checks on login. 
* Mediator Web UI: Instead of CAPTCHA require users to have verified Email.

Version 10.10.16 Dec 12, 2019 
* Server Accounts: allow changing of server URL and options not to change Account Key. 
* Server Accounts: Added User Email, User Full Name to accounts. 
* Browse Dialog: when user changes Server Account, ask her whether to update Account or create a new one. 
* Browse Dialog: Make %VAR% parametric sync folder paths work properly in Browse dialog. 
* Browse Dialog: Disable OK button, if User clicks on Server or Server Account. 
* Browse Dialog: Make GSTP Direct Addressing work correctly with Server Accounts. 
* Do not check SSL certs: On for gstore://, Off for gstps://, On for single-server file systems. 
* New Job: Fixed New Job from Templates, it was not working. 
* GoodSync + CC: Show Upload Accounts and Upload Jobs commands in regular GoodSync. 
* gsync: Added commands to manage Server Accounts: /sa-create /sa-update /sa-rename /sa-delete /sa-list 
* gsync: Added /dN=/server/folder to specify Server/Folder or Folder inside Server Account.

Version 10.10.17 Dec 22, 2019 
* Browse: Fixed URL breaks when we offer user to change from file://z/dir to smb://zont/dir. 
* Icons: improved system icon processing in GS and Explorer. 
* Browse Dlg: Allow to select Folder at the top of Server, it makes sense for FTP servers. 
* Update Italian localization.

Version News:
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