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GFYI [Official] PowerISO New Year 2019 Giveaway
[Image: GZlp7yG.png]

We at Geeks For Your Information are very pleased to announce our 
PowerISO New Year 2019 Giveaway!

[Image: rlpnUMk.gif]

We would like to thank PowerISO 
for sponsoring us the giveaway prizes

[Image: tVHYJSl.jpg]


PowerISO is a powerful CD/DVD image file processing tool, which allows you to open, extract, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files, and mount these files with internal virtual drive. It can process almost all CD-ROM image files including ISO and BIN. PowerISO runs on Windows98/Me, Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or above. PowerISO's Virual Drive runs on Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or above.

[Image: J3Esody.gif]

[Image: iwa0l2X.gif]

[Image: 8umMqD5.gif]

Main Features:
  • Support almost all CD/DVD-ROM image file formats(ISO, BIN, NRG, CDI, DAA and so on).
  • Open and extract ISO File. 
  • Create ISO file from hard disk files or CD/DVD-ROM.  
  • Edit an existing ISO file directly. 
  • Convert image files between ISO/BIN and other formats. You can convert almost all image file formats to a standard ISO format file. 
  • Make bootable ISO file, get boot information from bootable ISO file. 
  • Make floppy disk image file. 
  • Optimize files to save disk space while saving ISO file. 
  • Mount ISO file with internal virtual drive. You don't need install any other virtual drive software. 
  • Can be used easily. 
  • PowerISO support shell integration, context menu, drag and drop, clipboard copy paste etc. 

PowerISO User interface include three parts:

1. Main Window
Support all PowerISO function, which is extremely easy to use. Functions are segregated for easy access and viewing. See image below. 

[Image: ZiooP1z.png]

2. PowerISO Virtual Drive Manager
A system tray program, allows you use virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive more conveniently. PowerISo Virtual Drive Manager can be set via "Opions > Configuration > Virtual Drive.  

[Image: 6omQnqk.png]

[Image: aExfuFu.gif]

3. Shell Integration
PowerISO supports tight integration with My Computer and Windows Explorer allowing easy access/usage as required. 

[Image: aHN3lqS.png]

Difference between the unregistered version and the registered version: 

The unregistered version will display a dialog prompts you to register, and you can not create or edit image files greater than 
300MB with the unregistered version. Except these, all other functions or features are the same. 

Working with PowerISO

Usage of PowerISO is pretty “extremely” easy and self-explanatory because the commands are all within reach either via the “Main Menu”, Toolbar or the right-click function. Some examples are shown below.  

Create Image File
There are various ways to create an image file (ISO, BIN / CUE, DAA) but the easiest way is to select "New" in the toolbar or click the drop-down arrow to select more options. The user can also access "New" function via the menu bar by clicking "File > New" and choose "Data CD / DVD Image". Files can also be dragged directly to the PowerISO wndow. You can select the type of storage medium depending on the size of your data also. To create a “New Folder” within the new file the user can go to “(Main Menu >) Action > New Folder”. To change the label of that folder (rename) user can do it via right-click function and choosing “Rename” or via Action > Change Label”. To save the image file, click “File > Save”,  via the “Toolbar > Save” or via the right-click function. 

See image below. 

[Image: U1wyOEa.gif]

Extract Image File / contents
Open the image file in PowerISO via “File > Open”, click “Open” in the Toolbar or via the right-click. As the image file is open in PowerISO, select “Extract” in the Toolbar or either Main Menu > Action Extract, or via the right-click function. The “Extract Image Dialogue box” will appear. Make sure that you have selected “All files”. Enter the destination where you want the files extracted and click “OK”. 

To select specific files or folders inside the opened image file (in PowerISO) you just have to select it and click “Extract”. The “Extract Image Dialogue box” will appear and you have to enter the destination where you want the specific files/folders extracted. Click “OK” to execute.

See image below. 

[Image: ByLZTPO.gif]

[Image: gUlfnod.gif]

Edit an existing ISO File (and Other Disc Image File)
User must first open the target ISO / image file for editing in PowerISO. 

To add files/folders to an existing ISO / image file, you can either use the Add > Add files and folders in the Toolbar, or Action > Add files and folders in the Main Menu, or via the right-click function. Click to save the new edited image file. (“Saves As” if you want to save it with a different file name).

See image below. 

[Image: p0qtPkw.gif]

To “delete” files/contents inside the existing ISO / image file, the same rationality (as mentioned this is ‘extremely” easy -- even your kid will know what to do!), select the file or whatever content you want deleted and select “Delete” via the Toolbar, “Main Menu > Action” or right-click function. 

See image below. 

[Image: iIDPYu1.gif]

To add a folder in an existing ISO / image file, go to “Main Menu > Action > New Folder” or via the “right-click function > New Folder”. To rename that folder go to either “Main Menu > Action > Change Label” or “right-click function > Rename”. (Note that the F2 function can also be accessed after you select the target folder to be renamed). Click to save the new edited image file. (“Saves As” if you want to save it with a different file name).

See image below. 

[Image: ySBhude.gif]

[Image: rLweedE.gif]

Convert Image File Format
To convert an image file, the user must go to “Main Menu > Tools > Convert”.
Select the “source file” (#1) which is the target file to be converted and select the destination of the converted file(#2). For the Output imgae format (#4) Let it be noted that currently the destination format can only be ISO, BIN/CUE or DAA. The “Covert Image Dialogue box” will also show (#3) for password protection and “More Settings” (marked #5) where additional inputs/comments can be added. 

See image below. 

[Image: SMUiX4H.gif]

Open WIM File
WIM (Windows Imaging Format) files are very similar to other disk image formats and is now always present in the subsequent Windows OS builds. A WIM file may includes several images. PowerISO, can open an WIM file, and extract files from the WIM file.

The user has to select the WIM file to be opened and from there click “Extract”. Select the destination drive (for the extracted file) and click “OK”. In this example the ISO file from which the WIM file came from is a Windows 10 1607 RS1 ISO file. The selected WIM file is the “install.wim” located in the “sources” folder. 

See images below. 

[Image: 1Z93k6Z.gif]

WIM to ESD / ESD to WIM Converter (new)
New in PowerISO version 7. 3 is the capability to convert ESD-to-WIM and vice versa. One thing to remember is that when using the "WIM to ESD Converter" (Tools > WIM to ESD Converter) PowerISO should be run as Administrator. See images below. 

[Image: wMp1Lhg.gif]

[Image: xnWvmQd.gif]

Create ZIP and 7z Files (new)
PowerISO version 7. 3 now included creation of 7zip and ZIP archive file creation. All the user has to do is to select the file/folder and choose "Save As" > select either 7z or ZIP in the "Save as type" drop-down box. 

[Image: 3t2KOUu.gif]

[Image: yB3n65I.gif]

Latest Build is PowerISO v7.3 (Nov 26, 2018)

What's New:
  • Can create zip and 7z files.
  • Can convert esd-to-wim and vice versa.
  • Some minor bug fixes and enhancement
See full version history HERE

PowerISO licenses for this New Year 2019 giveaway/contest

PowerISO has provided Geeks For Your Information Forum ten (10) lifetime licenses of PowerISO as giveaway/contest prize


To boost forum participation/contribution, all who wish to participate MUST have created a minimum of 3 threads and 5 posts (giveaway/contests are not included). WE WILL BE CHECKING!

1. Please answer the question below.  

"WHAT feature/s do you like best in the new version of PowerISO?"

Post your reply as contest entry WITH your social media share.  Please see sample entry below.

[Image: YlQLOcP.png]


2. REQUIRED: Please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account.  

(Share is NOT limited to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.)

GFYI [Official] PowerISO New Year 2019 Giveaway

3. One entry per IP address ONLY. WE WILL BE CHECKING!

Only one entry per member is allowed. Dual entries will both be deleted and user will be banned from giveaway so please be careful.

If there are any questions / concerns pertaining to the giveaway/contest please get in touch with me through PM. Do not post it in this thread. Doing so will merit a warning and ultimately be banned from entering further giveaway/contests.


Ten (10) winners will each receive one (1) lifetime license of PowerISO

Winners will be selected by random.org and once posted,
winners will only have 5 days to send a PM to claim their prize. 

Please include your details (Name / Email) in your PM claim.


Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.

Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".

The Giveaway will run from 
January 20, 2019 to February 20, 2019

Good luck to all!!!

[Image: zqAKBA7.png]
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Thumbs Up 
Thanks for the giveaway.

My favorite features in the new version include

PowerISO 7.3
+) You can create Zip and 7z files.
+) Can convert Esd to wim and vice versa.

7.3 is my favorite 

PowerISO 7.1
+) Support Ogg files.
+) Audio file format conversion support.

PowerISO 7.0
Support rar file.
Nrg improves file support.
Supports Audio CD creation from M4a files.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sinan.oguz.5458...1904901573
Twitter : https://twitter.com/sinanogz/status/1088433901155074048
Google+: https://plus.google.com/1135103530695336...cKwg?hl=tr
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Thanks for the opportunity to win in this giveaway.

"WHAT features do you like best in the new version of PowerISO?"

I've been using PowerISO version 6.4 for burning optical medias and as virtual CD/DVD drive/s, mainly for mounting ISOs and other supported images. Hopefully I can upgrade to version 7.3 lifetime license. New version fully support ZIP and 7z file archive creation, which is great. No need for me to go to other softwares for archiving purposes, as I can now do it inside the PowerISO window. Also, it is also capable of converting ESD to WIM and vice-versa. This is useful when I re-install an OS with an ESD or WIM file format. Truly a versatile application for my media needs. Count me in please! Thanks in advance  Smile

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First I would like to thank jasonX for the great effort and time to prepare this wonderful review. Also I would like to thank Poweriso team for sponsoring this giveaway

POWERISO is one of my favorite software. It was originally complete solution to manage all image file formats so that you can create, edit, burn, delete image files and create Bootable media which is of great help to all users. Additionally the software is light and doesn't cause slowing down of the PC and easy to use.

With  the new version, the software is a complete archiving software that can do everything you need as extract, edit, create and delete archives. You have one software with many features and no need to purchase another applications

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My favorite feature in the new version of the program is the creation of ZIP and 7z files. I often deal with ZIP and 7z files, so this new feature in the program is very helpful.

"WHAT feature/s do you like best in the new version of PowerISO?"

Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

the program supports the following formats: ISO, BIN, NRG, CDI, DAA, MDF, BWI, B5I, LCD, CIF, P01, PDI, NCD, PXI, GI, FCD, VCD, C2D. The program integrates with the operating system. The program's interface is very simple and transparent in the same way as the whole application, which is characterized by lightness and speed of operation. The application supports drag and drop. It is worth mentioning that we can mount more than 20 virtual drives.

Thanks for the Giveaway!
PowerISO is a powerful CD/DVD image file processing tool which can open, extract, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files and mount ISO files with internal virtual drive. You can do everything with your ISO files and disc image files.
1. What features do you like best in the new version of PowerISO?
The features I like most are the ability to create zip and 7z files and can convert esd to wim and vice versa. These provide me with more flexibility and ease using the tool and no need to apply extra tools or softwares to complete the tasks like before with v7.2 or lower versions.

2. Facebook sharing link :
Twitter sharing link :
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WHAT feature/s do you like best in the new version of PowerISO?"
I like that it now supports creation of zip and 7z files which adds another useful feature to the already powerful, light and reliable ISO managing, creating etc. software.
"WHAT feature/s do you like best in the new version of PowerISO?"

In PowerISO I like the support of working with all major image formats. convert ISO to BIN and Vice versa, open, extract and edit the disk image file, burn the disk image to any optical media and USB flash drive.
Thanks for this contest! Thank you PowerlSO!

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