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Brave Browser Updates
Quote:Release Notes v1.58.127 (Sep 16, 2023)​
Quote:Release Channel 1.58.129​

Full Release Notes​

  • Added brave://flags#brave-global-privacy-control-enabled to opt out of GPC. (#32231 6)
  • Updated SKU credential matching logic for Brave VPN. (#32924 1)
  • Reverted hidden vertical tab bar when in full screen mode. (#33106 2)
Quote:Release Channel 1.58.131

​Full Release Notes​
Quote:Release Channel 1.58.135​

Full Release Notes​
Quote:Release Channel 1.58.137​

Brave Desktop:​ Linux​ Full Release Notes​
Quote:Release Channel 1.59.117​

Brave Desktop:​

Full Release Notes​

  • Added Neon EVM preloaded chains. (#31760)
  • Added method to return “Swap” protocol fees. (#32464)
  • Added a runtime flag to use staging Ratios service. (#32043)
  • Enabled Brave Wallet panel V2 by default. (#32352)
  • Implemented NFT management V2. (#33095)
  • Updated “Buy” and “Swap” from panel to open in full page view. (#33353)
  • Updated “Learn more” link in IPFS infobar to open in a new tab. (#32178)
  • Updated Coinbase On-ramp description. (#32147)
  • Removed Fantom from preloaded chains. (#32085)
  • Fixed “Deposit” screen text wrapping in Brave Wallet panel. (#33425)
  • Fixed NFT images not being shown on the “Deposit” screen. (#32446)
  • Fixed POAPs not loading successfully. (#31763)
  • Fixed inability to interact with tooltip text. (#32015)
  • Fixed alignment of “Asset Group” description on the panel. (#32504)
  • Fixed the “Portfolio” page to use the correct fiat values for test network assets. (#31819)
  • Updated “Estimated earnings” to display “Earnings so far”. (#32653 1)
  • Fixed “Earnings from Ads” on the monthly statement to display a link to the user’s custodian dashboard when “Logged Out”. (#31791 1)
  • Added icons and streamlined the hamburger menu. (#32089 1)
  • Added rounded corners to all panels from the navigation bar. (#32150 2)
  • Added “Use WireGuard protocol in Brave VPN” setting under brave://settings/system. (#32002 1)
  • Added “Make auto-fill available in private windows” setting under brave://settings/autofill. (#9795)
  • Added Widevine support for Arm64 on Windows. (#28318)
  • [Security] Updated which origins and URLs trigger debouncing and request-OTR protections as reported on HackerOne by nishimunea. (#32230)
  • [Security] Block “.onion” domain subresource requests in non-Tor contexts as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl. (#32108)
  • [Security] Fixed crash when loading brave://optimization-guide-internals as reported on HackerOne by jaguilera. (#31648)
  • Improved password storage backend detection logic on Linux. (#32314)
  • Updated Brave VPN hamburger menu entries. (#33027)
  • Updated the Wayback Machine infobar to display a “Don’t show again” checkbox. (#32404)
  • Removed disabled features from DevTools. (#32187)
  • Fixed crash when adding scriptlet injection filters with too many arguments. (#32916)
  • Fixed broken flag for “Enable extension network blocking” under brave://flags. (#32569)
  • Fixed New Tab Page background image(s) being skipped after startup in certain cases. (#32577 1)
  • Fixed missing toggle for Brave VPN on the hamburger menu. (#32703)
  • Fixed incorrect state being displayed for Brave VPN toolbar button in certain cases. (#32542)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 118.0.5993.70. (#33556) (C
Quote:Release Channel 1.59.120​

Brave Desktop:​  Release Notes​

  • Fixed not being able to authorize hardware wallet connection to complete transactions. (#33613)
  • Fixed crash when certain theme extensions are installed while vertical tabs are enabled. (#33598)
  • Fixed crash when accessing “brave://settings” while “brave://flags/#brave-vpn” has been disabled. (#33581 1)
  • Fixed crash when accessing “brave://settings” on Guest profiles. (#32825)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 118.0.5993.88. (#33694) (Changelog for 118.0.5993.88 1)
Quote:Release Channel 1.61.100​

Brave Desktop:​ Full Release Notes

  • Added Brave Rewards custodial balance line item into Brave Wallet. (#31713)
  • Updated Brave Wallet panel navigation to be persistent on open/close of panel. (#33677)
  • Updated NFT name to wrap on “Send” panel screen when necessary. (#33442)
  • Removed horizontal scroll bar on “Edit gas” screen. (#33373)
  • Fixed incorrect error message when trying to import accounts from a locked Ledger device. (#21016 1)
  • Fixed persistent “Sign Transaction” panel even after transaction is cancelled. (#34668)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet menu display on small screens. (#33877)
  • Implemented new design for account provider selection screen. (#33258)
  • Added search, sort, and editing features to the Bookmarks side panel. (#34021 1)
  • Added a command line switch to disable vertical tabs. (#33711)
  • Added universal online installer for Windows. (#32598)
  • Added system default theme mode on Linux. (#14685)
  • Updated margins for sidebar buttons. (#34249)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 120.0.6099.62. (#34723) (Changelog for 120.0.6099.62 4)
Quote:Release Channel 1.61.101

Brave Desktop:​ Full Release Notes​
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Quote:Release Channel 1.61.104

Brave Desktop:​
Full Release Notes

  • Fixed “Signature verification error” being incorrectly displayed in Brave Wallet with the signTransaction method. (#34842)

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