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Brave Browser Updates
Quote:Release Notes (Windows Only) v1.48.167 (Feb 16, 2023)​
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  • Mike
Quote:Release Notes v1.48.171 (Feb 23, 2023)​
  • [Security] Perform download safety check even when user is prompted for save location as reported on HackerOne by ameenbasha. (#28079)
  • Implemented amount reset when user changes “Swap from” asset in Brave Wallet. (#27816)
  • Fixed incorrect token symbol being displayed in Brave Wallet when sending MATIC over Mumbai Testnet. (#28548)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet “Review order” button being incorrectly disabled when changing Swap tokens. (#28248)
  • Fixed continuous fetch of Swap quote when an order is in review in Brave Wallet. (#28063)
  • Fixed USDC/USDT not being shown as swappable tokens in Brave Wallet. (#28032)
  • Fixed Brave fees for WETH, ETH, and BTC swaps on Solana in Brave Wallet. (#27447)
  • Fixed preview images of pictures and web links not loading properly on Discord. (#28428)
  • Fixed left margin padding for the top site tiles on the New Tab Page. (#28071)
  • Fixed long wait times when starting a sync chain with multiple devices with a large amount of bookmarks. (#27931)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 110.0.5481.177. (#28690) (Changelog for 110.0.5481.177)
Quote:Desktop​ Release Notes v1.49.128 (Mar 22, 2023)

  • Fixed inability to connect Brave Wallet to Snapshot. (#28896)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet to use selected account as “From” when adding Solana DApp transactions. (#28955)
  • Added clickable centered area on New Tab Page Sponsored Images. (#28736)
  • Added the ability to disable keyboard shortcut for “Copy clean link” under brave://flags/#brave-copy-clean-link-by-default. (#29177)
  • Fixed issue where keyboard shortcut incorrectly copied URL instead of selected text in certain cases on macOS. (#28694)
  • Fixed “Copy clean link” context menu option not displaying the associated keyboard shortcut on Linux. (#28891)
  • Fixed issue where Brave News subscription modal showed incorrect blog name for (#28064)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 111.0.5563.110. (#29219) (Changelog for 111.0.5563.110)
Quote:Desktop​ Release Notes v1.49.132 (Mar 28, 2023):

  • Fixed issue with multiple onboarding tabs opening up for Magic Eden. (#28546)
Quote:Release Notes v1.50.114 (Apr 5, 2023)​

  • Added Filecoin EVM to preloaded networks. (#28954)
  • Added selected state to the side navigation bar. (#28786)
  • Added additional currencies supported by Transak to the buy flow. (#28412)
  • Added localized text for Filecoin transactions. (#26136)
  • Added loading indicators on Brave Wallet panel when fetching transaction values. (#23663)
  • Implemented NFT pinning. (#26828)
  • Implemented filtering options for “eth_subscribe” with “logs”. (#27842)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to use BalanceScanner contracts for ETH asset discovery. (#28203)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to hide accounts with zero balance in asset details view. (#28761)
  • Updated error message when there is no FIL token linked to a domain address. (#28041)
  • Updated “Portfolio” page to retain the selected network view between page refreshes. (#27364)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to use Solana backend decoder instruction. (#25681)
  • Removed Transak assets that are not supported in the US. (#29334)
  • Disabled account selection drop down until a token is selected. (#28777)
  • Fixed inability to deploy a contract using Brave Wallet. (#29252)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet not showing lock screen when browser is reopened. (#28402)
  • Fixed issue where the same token on different chains showed fiat value of zero. (#28753)
  • Fixed asset discovery for cUSDT. (#28752)
  • Fixed display of NFT icon when an NFT has a long name. (#28276)
  • Fixed display of long NFT names on the “Visible assets” modal. (#28275)
Quote:Release Notes v1.50.118 (Apr 13, 2023) (Windows Only)​
Quote:Release Notes v1.50.119 (Apr 15, 2023)​
Quote:Release Notes v1.50.121 (Apr 19, 2023)

Brave Rewards​:
  • Fixed issue where user Rewards balance incorrectly displays 0.00 BAT in certain cases. (#29627)
Quote:Release Notes v1.51.110 (May 3, 2023)

  • Added the ability to set Brave Wallet permission duration when connecting to DApps. (#28841)
  • [Security] Prevent blind cross chain signing as reported on HackerOne by julianor. (#29798)
  • Enabled NFT pinning. (#29017)
  • Improved fetching of token balances in Swap. (#28634)
  • Updated supported token list on Sardine. (#29503)
  • Updated IPFS pinning banner text. (#29613)
  • Updated Avalanche RPC to use Infura proxied through Brave. (#29109)
  • Updated default wallet provider behavior of “Extensions (Brave Wallet fallback)”. (#29853)
  • Updated Offramp flow to use token amount instead of fiat amount. (#28960)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to use token’s chainID when fetching Solana NFT metadata. (#29066)
  • Updated “Edit NFT” to “Import NFT”. (#28882)
  • Removed Wyre as Onramp provider on “Buy” screen. (#28918)
  • Removed Celo from preloaded networks. (#29162)
  • Removed network icon in NFT details screen. (#30057)
  • Removed Transak assets which are not supported in the US. (#28866)
  • Fixed browser crash when visiting brave://wallet in a Guest window. (#29925)
  • Fixed NFT discovery from adding NFTs in visible list. (#29575)
  • Fixed “Use ENS domain” button being disabled until an input value is entered. (#29214)
  • Fixed account icon size on the “Portfolio” page when an account name is long. (#29129)
  • Fixed native asset icons for Aurora and Optimism to show ETH icon instead of EVM network icon. (#29225)
  • Fixed partially displayed network icons on the “Send” page. (#29267)
  • Fixed balance and token list alignment on the Brave Wallet panel. (#29038)
  • Fixed selected fiat currency not updating in certain cases on the “Buy” screen. (#28845)
  • Fixed invalid asset being selected on “Buy” and “Deposit” screens. (#28829)
  • Fixed display of “Unlimited” in Brave Wallet panel and “Activity” tab. (#23666)
Brave Rewards​
  • Fixed creator counter not being displayed in unconnected state. (#29269)
  • Fixed inline tip buttons not being displayed when a new profile is created. (#28702)
  • Added “Google Sign-In” permission prompt. (#29504)
  • Added Naver and Daum to the default search provider list for South Korea. (#18855)
  • Added support for scriptlet arguments with quotes or backslashes. (#29099)
  • Added the ability to “Copy clean link” from context menu on webpage when URL text is highlighted. (#28881)
  • Added a “time to read” estimate for Speedreader articles. (#28827)
  • Added media notifications for player controls on Linux. (#16187)
  • Added a “What’s New” page for major version updates. (#28947)
  • Enabled captive portal detection. (#20181)
  • Implemented the ability to allow or block individual scripts in Brave Shields. (#28510)
  • Implemented WebUSB farbling. (#28146)
  • Updated “HTTPS by Default” to work with “HttpsFirstModeV2" which fixes some capability problems, such as determining the correct referrer policy for a navigation. (#28935 & #28809)
  • Updated “HTTPS by Default” to fallback to HTTP when encountering an HTTP error code in response to an HTTPS upgrade. (#28013)
  • Updated Brave VPN to fetch region listing more often. (#29728)
  • Updated column width to improve readability for Speedreader articles. (#28828)
  • Updated introductory graphic for the “Reading List” in sidebar. (#24927)
  • Updated macOS icon to adhere to Apple’s guidelines. (#14801)
  • Removed redundant browser name from profile import on brave://welcome page. (#29046)
  • Removed the “Share” menu from the URL bar on internal pages. (#27484)
  • Disabled brave://welcome in Guest windows. (#29012)
  • Fixed passwords saved with Google account not being imported. (#29051)
  • Fixed password manager executing unsuccessful requests to (#29872)
  • Fixed broken states in Brave VPN which could incorrectly cause “Edit payment method” or loading. (#29846)
  • Fixed missing critical client hints causing some sites to get into infinite loop redirects. (#29875)
  • Fixed issue where multiple profiles could unexpectedly be imported into a single profile. (#29476)
  • Fixed issue where navigating back to the New Tab Page returns the user to the previous location in Brave News feed. (#28351)
  • Fixed issue where element block picker did not work with Dark Reader extension. (#29185)
  • Fixed missing translation for brave://welcome page title. (#29091)
  • Fixed missing tooltip for Brave VPN settings icon. (#22636)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 113.0.5672.77. (#30096) (Changelog for 113.0.5672.77)
Quote:Release Notes v1.51.114 (May 9, 2023)​

  • [Security] Fixed Brave Wallet binding issue as reported on HackerOne by nick0ve. (#30204)

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