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Your time is precious. C-Time helps you to see how much time you spend in certain places.

Would you like to know how much time you spend at work, at your school or in your gym?
Define their locations and C-Time will automatically track when and how much time you spend in these locations. Whenever you arrive at or leave one of your locations, C-Time will automatically start or stop counting.

• Automatically register (by GeoFence) when and how much time you spend in their locations
• Notifications: Informs you on arrival and departure, about the most important data
• Start and stop timing
• modify / edit recorded data
• Exporting your time data
• Publishing times in social media: facebook / twitter / sina weibo

With the C-Time app, you can easily and automatically record how much time you spend in your office, gym, or "wherever".

C-Time requires the GeoFence system for automatic recording of arrival / departure and works on the following devices:
• iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and newer.

□ Automatic registration works best if you have wifi turned on.
□ C-Time uses the same functionality (geofence) as Apple uses in its "Reminders" app.

What customers say about C-Time:
△ Ingenious. Great thing. Works flawlessly. Intuitive operation and runs without further intervention in the background.

△ Long searched finally found really very logical and consistently implemented.

△ Keep IT simple. Just as much as I need so I can record my working hours without a time clock. Amazing how much time I toiled for free

△ Very helpful. Works perfectly. I work in a company without a time clock, but should document my working hours ... Have some apps tried this way and found this the best! Simple, captures very accurately and reliably, all functions, what I need. And intuitive to use. A huge help for me!

△ Super App. , Much easier is recommended !! Have others tried, too, no comparison to c Time ..

△ Works perfectly. Have tried in the past similar apps and unfortunately was always disappointed. So far, I have nothing to complain about at C-Time, on the contrary, the possibilities offered can inspire one. In particular, the possibility of manual definition of the places I like very well.

△ Very useful app. Works wonderfully. Since man can not go wrong.

△ Smart App. Great idea and solid programming. Interesting app to determine the daily routine!

△ Very good app for recording working hours in different places. Has proven itself so far, I can only recommend!

△ Self-control made easy. An app. If you only need a cell phone and you have the end of the month a simple evaluation of how long you actually worked or lazy.

△ Cool app. This app works well and fully automatically. Compliment.

△ I instantly installed the app. Ingenious tutorial guide on the 1st use!

△ A big compliment to the programmer who also supports the active menu navigation. Just great and fully user friendly. That's how I imagine SW!


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