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DirectSR (Super Resolution) now available: single API enabling FSR, XeSS and DLSS
Quote:“Super Resolution” now part of Agility SDK, easier upscaling across all GPU vendors

DirectSR has been integrated into Agility Software Development Kit 1.714.0-preview, allowing developers to start preparing their games for this new feature. 

[Image: DIRECTSR-HERO-1-1200x624.jpg]

Microsoft DirectSR simplifies the integration of various upscaling algorithms by providing a straightforward API. Instead of separately implementing technologies like FSR, DLSS, or XeSS, developers can now use DirectSR, which handles the implementation.

DirectSR carries essential data such as depth, colors, and motion vectors, leaving it to the GPU driver to supply the optimal implementations. Depending on the GPU architecture, the DirectSR API seamlessly supports various upscaling technologies. For example, AMD GPUs can use FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.2 (which is embedded within DirectSR) or the APU can hook up to the driver to support XeSS or DLSS if other GPUs are used. In other words, DirectSR is not a new upscaling technology, but a simplified path to utilize existing technologies based on current implementations.
Quote:Native support for DirectSR is provided in GPU drivers, where vendors tune their SR implementation for optimal hardware performance. Additionally, DirectSR includes built-in support for GPU-agnostic variants which are available at the application level, making them accessible across hardware configurations. Today, DirectSR is shipping with built-in support for AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) 2.2, along with driver level support for both Intel XeSS and NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution. This flexibility ensures DirectSR supports a diverse set of hardware environments, while still providing the optionality and quality that gamers enjoy today.
— Joshua Tucker, Microsoft

According to an AMD blog, DirectSR supports all super resolution technologies, and developers can enumerate these technologies within their applications.

However, it’s the developers’ and GPU vendors responsibility to ensure these technologies are available to users. Developers now need to focus on supporting DirectSR rather than individual upscaling technologies, there are no more excuses to support just one technology.
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