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Add End Task to Windows 11's Taskbar to one-up Close Window
Quote:Microsoft's Windows operating system comes with several options to close programs. Common options include using window controls and the Task Manager.

Previous versions of Windows, including Windows 10, also included an End Task option when right-clicking on open programs in the Windows taskbar.

Microsoft removed the taskbar option from its operating system when it launched Windows 11.  The option is available again, but not enabled. This guide walks you through the steps of enabling End Task on Windows 11's taskbar. It also explains the difference to "close window", which may look similar on first glance, and is enabled by default.

End Task vs. Close Window

[Image: windows-11-end-task.png]

The core difference between End Task and Close window is that the former terminates the entire process on the system. This means, that it will close any open program window and associated process.

Close window on the other hand is limited. While it does close program windows, that does not necessarily mean that the entire process is terminated. In other words, the program may still run in the background.

Another difference is that close window is not suited for dealing with stuck or hung programs. It may work sometimes, but most of the time, it may be necessary to close the process in the Task Manager, or, if enabled, the taskbar.

End Task offers the same functionality as the Task Manager option of the same name. The taskbar entry acts as a faster way to eliminate programs on the system.
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Thanks! I will try this. To end task I now use 'Kill Process' from Comodo Killswitch. This is good thanks!
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