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Google is killing Gmail's Basic HTML View in early 2024
Quote:Gmail users who use the service's legacy HTML Basic View mode won't be able to do so anymore starting January 2024. The classic version of Gmail's web interface offers a simpler experience, one that many of its users find less convoluted than the current promoted version of Google Mail on the web.

Up until recently, Gmail users could access basic HTML view mode and make it the default view mode on the site. New Gmail users may not have come into contact with the mode, as the standard view on Gmail does not appear to include switching links anymore.

[Image: gmail-html-basic-view.png]

Users may still access it using a direct link, but doing so does not provide the option to set the mode as the default anymore. Any reload of the Gmail website, for instance after closing and reopening the browser, will load the standard view. Gmail users who prefer the Basic HTML view on the site may bookmark the URL to open it manually each time.

The option to do so will be removed in January 2024. Google confirms the deprecation of the Basic HTML view mode on a support page. The company is not displaying information about the planned change to Gmail users who use the mode, at least not currently.

Google writes: "You can display Gmail on your browser in Basic HTML view until January 2024. After this date, Gmail automatically changes to Standard view".
Basic HTML view mode URLs that open the classic mode currently will be redirected to the Standard view interface automatically once the change lands. Google goes on to explain that Gmail will be opened in Standard view automatically, if the browser is supported.

Unsupported browsers may not load the Gmail website anymore once Standard view becomes the only available display mode on the site. Google offers some recommendations to Gmail users who can't get Standard view to load in the browser they are using. The tips include switching to a supported browser, checking the Internet connection or using a different device.

Additionally, Gmail users may use the Gmail apps on their mobile devices or a dedicated email client to access the service.

Gmail's Basic HTML view lacks support for several of the features that Google introduced in recent time. This includes, among others, the ability to add or import contacts, rich formatting, spell checking, chat or custom "from" addresses.

Now You: do you use Gmail and its Basic View mode?
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