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Tor Browser 12.0 is out with native Apple Silicon support
Quote:Tor Browser 12.0 is available for all supported desktop and mobile operating systems. The new version of the Firefox ESR-based browser makes the jump to a new ESR-base version, adds native support for Apple Silicon devices, and introduces multi-locale support on desktop.

[Image: tor-browser-12.png]

Existing users may select Menu > Help > About Tor to run a check for updates. The current version of Tor Browser is displayed on the page and an update check is performed. New versions are downloaded automatically at this point. New users may download the latest binary files from the official Tor Project website.

Tor Browser 12.0Tor Browser uses Firefox ESR as its base, and the new release jumps from the previously used Firefox 91.x ESR to Firefox 102.5 ESR. The upgrade includes the majority of changes that Mozilla introduced in Firefox between the release of Firefox 91 and Firefox 102.

The developers analyzed the changelog carefully to make sure that every change is compatible with Tor Browser and does not conflict with the browser's "strict privacy and security principles".

Tor Browser 12.0 is the first multi-locale release, making it easier to switch between interface languages. New Tor Browser installations will match the system language by default. Existing Tor Browser installations will retain the selected display language during the upgrade from Tor 11.x to 12.0.

Apple users who run devices with Apple Silicon hardware find native implementations of Tor Browser for their platforms now. The team followed Mozilla's approach and released universal binaries, which run on Intel and Apple Silicon devices. The correct version is selected automatically on run.

Tor Browser for Android has seen several improvements in the release. HTTPS-Only is turned on, making it the default mode on Android. The new security feature requires HTTPS connections on Android and protects users of Tor on Android "against SSL stripping attacks".

Another new feature is the ability to prioritize .onion sites in the Android browser. The feature needs to be turned on in the privacy and security settings of the browser. Once turned on, Tor Browser for Android will redirect users to the .onion site if the regular site is accessed; this works only if the site in question has Onion-Location configured.

Interested users may check out the full changelog of Tor Browser 12.0 on the official blog.

Now You: do you use Tor Browser?
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