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What is the Best Free Download Manager?
 I am looking for the Best Free Download Manager.

Can anyone suggest a free download manager that you have used and are therefore familiar with?
I download a lot of big files and also music files from sites such as and am tired of the download speed on many sites.

I found a list of eight "free download managers" but don't want to have to install and uninstall all of them to know if any of them are user-friendly and fast.


"I know how to upload. ... I just need to know how to download some things FAST."
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(aka Elijah Gale) "Always looking for kind people and the best software in all the right places, like on forum." Heart
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In my opinion XDM(Xtreme Download Manager) is the best free download manager.
Ant Download Manager has free version, I have used its pro version in the past from giveaway and it was great. I never used the free version but I think its free version will have value since pro version was good quality.
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Internet download manager
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(05 April 22, 14:02)Nicholas Wrote: Internet download manager

IDM is paid software. FDM -- Free Download Manager is okay. Sometimes much faster than Ant Download Manager Pro. If it's for Android then FDM has an app for it. I use it but seldom. 
In my opinion XDM(Xtreme Download Manager) is the best free download manager.

Have used it and it much lighter than FDM.
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File centipede is also good but the only drawback is that it does not display the video formats to be downloaded in the best possible way and user has to devote more time to select.
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HTTP Downloader by Eric Kutcher is pretty good. You can also download their optional browser extension to help with grabbing URLs.

However, divinenews mentions downloading from YouTube. If downloading from YouTube, I'd recommend yt-dlp instead. It's a command-line program, but there are some wrapper GUI apps for yt-dlp if you need to use a GUI.
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