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Impact of disabling visibility of URLs for non-logged-in users
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A week ago, we decided to disable URLs from being displayed for non-logged-in users. This decision was made after the Staff held a discussion, and we decided to wait for 2 weeks before disabling the URLs.

The impact has been very positive for the forum. In the past 7 days, as many as 93 members have signed up for Geeks.FYI. Big Grin

[Image: vYsGqCTl.jpg]

Sure some of them maybe (1 or 2 were) spammers and non-activated users. But we have seen frequent visitors logging in, and some people actually left comments on threads, or clicked "Like" for 1 or 2 posts. Wink

This is exactly why we made the decision. To attract more members, and to also encourage members to contribute to the forums.

Thank you Heart
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  • browneylad, Dino101, grr, jayc137, Mohammad
And as at the 20th December 2017 we have 357 registered members!
Well I guess "the proof is in the pudding" that this decision has had a positive impact.
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  • ashwin, browneylad, grr, Mohammad
Indeed. Smile
[-] The following 4 users Like ashwin's post:
  • browneylad, Dino101, grr, Mohammad

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