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Chip.de Advent Calendar 2017 Giveaways
Giveaway Wise Care 365 Pro: full version for free today

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  • ashwin, browneylad, Dino101, grr
Main page: http://www.chip.de/s_specials/Download-A...17484.html

Today's giveaway is WiseCare365 Pro


Warning: Chip's website auto plays music
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  • browneylad, grr
Moved a post about the Chip giveaway to this thread.

Thanks Alex.
(01 December 17, 13:11)ashwin Wrote: Moved a post about the Chip giveaway to this thread.

Thanks Alex.
The warning about Chip's website auto playing music is for this link in my post - > http://www.chip.de/s_specials/Download-A...17484.html

This is the main giveaway page.
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  • browneylad, grr, Mohammad
Office Templates 2017


Sprache: Deutsch. That means it is German only.
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  • grr, Mohammad
World of Subways 1 http://www.chip.de/downloads/World-of-Su...tskalender
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  • grr, Mohammad

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Random Steam Keys: we give out 40,000 games!

Dear CHIP users who

we learned from last year: because our door to the "Random Steam Keys" opened at midnight - and all the games were gone until dawn. Result: Long faces among our users - and stunned editors in CHIP. That's why we decided this year to open a sale at 9:30 in the morning. Smile        "I laughed heartily"

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  • Dino101, grr
[Image: emsisoft-promo-chip.png]

Emisoft Anti-Malware

The software is clearly designed and divided into the following four main points: "protection", "scan", "Quarantine" and "protocols". With the malware scanning example, you can determine within minutes whether your computer is attacked by pests. To avoid false alerts, the program is similar to data from the "Malware Network". This cloud service provides information on millions of programs. 

The software also protects you while surfing in real time against ransomware and stores past actions detailed protocols. So you can see exactly what malware objects have been detected on your PC so far and removed.
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