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GFYI [Official] My Dad forever! My WinRAR forever! Father's Day 2019 Giveaway
The memory of my father that l never forget is a scientific calculator. When I got admission in college. I was studying Pre Medical, and I said my father for a 
scientific calculator. He buys the latest scientific calculator for me.No one in my class seen this before because everyone had the older model without
cover, and my calculator had a slide cover as like today some smartphones.

[Image: 13133bc8-ff43-4c1d-979b-747b8b010f70.jpg]

WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?"
1)WinRAR is a powerful compression tool 

2)WinRAR supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip)

3)Multi-volume archives

My share : https://twitter.com/MehmetButun15/status...2642994176
Thanks for this great giveaway.

"Share a fond memory of your Dad/Father (that you’ll never forget)
My father and I had a good time in years of childhood and Adolescence
Although I soon lost her
My father was a carpenter, I was always engaged in making toys in my father's workshop
And my dad helped me too. And I still have some of them in the box .

WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?"
I have been using Winrar since 2007. But I have never license for it.
Winrar is the best archive software ever.

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Great thanks for this event. I would like to enter if allowed.
For this topic my beloved memory is recent and happened when i got married in the sense that my father's shout of yes said before the priest was louder than mine and the priest said: who's the bride here? All the people began laughing and was such a nice atmosphere that i will not forget my whole life.

I want WinRar because i need the best archiver nowadays to pack my files at greater speeds, encrypt them and upload to hosting sites.

I like their fb page and followed on twitter.

Best of luck at all!
Thanks to JasonX for this excellent exclusive giveaway!

"Share a fond memory of your Dad/Father (that you’ll never forget) and WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?"My greatest memory of my Dad is when I was a child, Every Saturday he would put me on his shoulders take me to the local corner shop tea room, as it was called those days, down the street and buy me a Lucky Packet that was filled with sweets and toys. It was any kids delight to have that as like the ultimate gift. Thanks to my dad I have many more great memories like learning to ride bikes & driving, the family trips to his favourite seaside, but that's the one which will always be the fondest memory.

Why do I want to win a WinRAR license? 
It will be great to have another fond memory of winning something that is as ever lasting as our fondest memories in life & WinRAR is something I regularly use. It is a slightly older version 5.40 that I use now. So I would like to be a winner.
Followed WinRAR page on social media.
Share link: https://www.facebook.com/debnat.son.1/po...5243323356
Thanks for the Giveaway!
1. "Share a fond memory of your Dad/Father (that you’ll never forget) and WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?"
My father and I fled to Hong Kong from Canton because of Japanese Invasion. We both had a really hard life to struggle for our living. We worked hard in the morning and study in the evening. After more than 15 years, we started to have a steady life. During every weekends and sundays, we went out together for picniking or camping. We are not just Father & Son but also as Brothers. We talked about everything to share our views and opinions. He always reminds me "Do not afraid of Failures, you will learn your mistakes from it and you will grow stronger. Plan for your Future, set a Target and go for it. Once you accomplish it, set another higher target. This is Your Life. It will never End!" Even when he was very ill, suffering from colorectal cancer in the hospital, he still kept reminding me of those wordings without caring his own health. Even he passed away later, I still remembered what he said to me, just like yesterday.

Followings are my message to you :
In Loving Memory Dad on Father's Day :
Time Passes Memories Stay
Love Remembered Everyday
Within my heart there
You will always remain

[Image: xGTDCdF.jpg]

I want to win a WinRAR lifetime license because I don't have to worry about upgrading it all the times whenever there is new version released. In addition it is the best archive manager and it becomes a must-to-have software for all PC users
W -  Windows Compression & Archiving program
I -  Interface of Shell & Command line
N -  Non RAR archives management
R -  Repair damaged/corrupted Archives
A -  Add files to already existing archive
R -  Recovery of archives missing parts 
World's No.1 Compression & Archiving program

https://www.facebook.com/winrar/liked and followed.
https://twitter.com/winrar_rarlab?lang=en liked and followed.

2. Facebook sharing link :
   Twitter sharing link :
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1. Share a fond memory of your Dad/Father (that you’ll never forget)
It was over 30 years ago. I went fishing with my dad. I caught a perch fishing from the river bank. The fish jerked on the hook, which finally stuck in my finger. I jumped up from the pain and slid off the shore, destroying the wasp nest along the way. You know what happened next. ;-) The trip was great!
2. WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?
It is an archiver with the best support for packed files on the market.

Facebook share:


Thank You! Heart
"Share a fond memory of your Dad/Father (that you’ll never forget) and WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?"

I remember my father as endlessly devoted to his work and a good family man. He worked as a veterinary doctor and boundless love animals and sometimes I think he loves animals more than people. When he began to occupy a senior position, he continued to provide practical assistance in the treatment of animals, and free of charge. He never forced me to do anything, but when he asked, it was impossible to refuse. In his free time he liked to take his family to nature. He's gone. 
The bright memory of him and the rest.

I want to win a WinRAR lifetime license because it is the bottom of the best programs to create and manage. The program is able to handle almost any archive formats, have a small size, support a significant number of formats for decompression, has a high speed and a good degree of compression.

Thankyou WinRAR!

Liked/ followed on WinRAR

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Thank you jasonX, and WinRAR for this EXCLUSIVE giveaway and an opportunity to win a lifetime upgrades license of the Excellent and my Favorite archiver utility - WinRAR!

Share a fond memory of your Dad/Father (that you’ll never forget)
I will share something that my Father told me that shaped my life and made me a better person. He told me, "You do not have 'Patience'; you are not an 'Educated' person."

WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?
WinRAR - Yes, I want to win it Smile
WinRAR has become Synonymous with Archiver software. I am a long-time user of WinRAR. I like the clean interface, archiving/compression capabilities, tools to protect/repair, and fast speed.
I want to win the Lifetime Upgrades license of WinRAR to use this Excellent and Favorite Archiver utility Forever.

Liked/Followed WinRAR's social networking site.

Shared the giveaway
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to win in this rare, very special giveaway, @jasonX and WinRAR Marketing team Smile

"Share a fond memory of your Dad/Father (that you’ll never forget) and WHY do you want to win a WinRAR lifetime license?"

One of the fondest memories I've had with my father was during my college break, returned home to spend Christmas holidays with my family. I saved some money from my scholarship allowance, in order to give a special present for my father. I still vividly remember that it was cool, rainy afternoon and asked him to accompany me to a mobile phone shop to check some newly stocked phones. I surprisingly asked him which one would he choose. Though astonished, he chose a Nokia 5210 GSM mobile phone (cellular phone as they called it back then). I can't forget that smile on his face, full of joy and excitement as it's his first time to own a mobile phone. He really can't believe that he'll receive a Christmas present from his son and I only saw happiness in his eyes. We hurriedly went home and eager to check out the accessories along with it, and test the phone's functionality. We only have a landline phone in those days and for him having a mobile phone at that time was a necessity, as his job assignment was outside the province where we live in. He took special care with it, treated that mobile phone as his precious possession. It lasted during his lifetime as he passed away many several years later due to severe illness. He may no longer be with us but his love and fond memories stay forever. 

I'd like to win a WinRAR lifetime license because it is the best archiving software, in my humble honest opinion. No software came close to its great features and functionality, in particular, the simple, clean customizable interface, fast compression rates and able to handle almost any archiving formats. I'm continually using it since the first time I installed it in my PC many years ago. I can't work efficiently and effectively without it. Having a perpetual license plus lifetime upgrades is too enticing for me. Please count me in in Smile

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WinRAR Representative has been notified. Please be patient as to the winners announcement. 
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