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GFYI [Official] ExpressVPN Valentines 2019 Giveaway
[Image: RVeZnBd.png]

We at Geeks For Your Information are very pleased to announce our 
ExpressVPN Valentines 2019 Giveaway!

[Image: gltrf18.gif]

We would like to thank ExpressVPN 
for sponsoring us the giveaway prizes


ExpressVPN is one of the world's largest providers of VPN services! The #1 trusted leader in VPN! ExpressVPN gives all theirs users worldwide the privacy and security protection that they with just a few clicks! The company's award-winning apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Andriod, Linux, routers, and browsers secure information and identities with the best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption and leak proofing. 

With 2000+ servers across 94 countries and new servers added each week, ExpressVPN provides a fast connection wherever the user is and offers uncensored access to sites and services across the globe. ExpresVPN has been operating since 2009 (based in the British Virgin Islands) is a vocal advocate for internet freedom and privacy and is also a proud financial supporter of non-profit organizations fighting to protect everyone digital rights, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (makers of HTTPS Everywhere browser extension, the Internet Defense League, OpenMedia, Acess Now and others!


ExpressVPN also has a scholarship program dubbed as "The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship". This is an annual program created to raise awareness around Internet privacy and security. Students can weigh in on importance of internet security and earn up to  $2,500 through the scholarship program. 

The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship

WHY ExpressVPN?

Blazing-fast VPN speeds
Huge network of 2000+ global VPN servers optimized for fast connection with unlimited bandwidth and zero throttling. 

Easy-to-use VPN service for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and routers
Setup in just minutes! Just download, install and connect to ExpressVPN with just a push of the button!

No restrictions
Stream or download anything, from any of ExpressVPN servers, anywhere on Earth, with your IP address hidden from prying eyes. 

Offshore privacy protection
ExpressVPN is based in the the British Virgin Islands, a tropical oasis without data retention laws thus no activity logs and no connection logs are kept!

Serious security
Protect yourself from hacking and surveillance with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, kill switch and split tunneling. 

30-day money back guarantee
ExpressVPN offers anyone to test drive their services! All plans refundable with no questions asked! 

148 VPN Locations worldwide and counting!
ExpressVPN offers 148 cities in 94 countries boasting unlimited speeds and unlimited server switches for a fast/safe connection anywhere!
[Image: bVpns3Z.png]

[Image: XJBZJCa.gif]

[Image: 4sOxhQO.gif]

[Image: l1CVacC.gif]

EpressVPN YouTube Videos
ExpressVPN_What is DNS

ExpressVPN_WebRTC leak

How to install ExpressVPN on Windows

How to install ExpressVPN on Android

How to install ExpressVPN for iOS

ExpressVPN Licenses for this giveaway contest
ExpressVPN has provided Geeks For Your Information Forum
Five (5) 1-year licenses of ExpressVPN service as Valentines 2019 giveaway/contest prize


To boost forum participation/contribution, all who wish to participate MUST have created a minimum of 3 threads and 5 posts (giveaway/contests are not included). WE WILL BE CHECKING!

1. Please answer the question below.  

"WHAT feature/s do you like best in ExpressVPN?"

Post your reply as contest entry WITH your social media share.  Please see sample entry below.

[Image: v8P6tPn.png]


2. REQUIRED: Sponsor requires ALL PARTICIPANTS to share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account. 

We and ExpressVPN Representative will be checking.

(Share is NOT limited to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.)

GFYI [Official] ExpressVPN Valentines 2019 Giveaway

REQUIRED: Sponsor requires ALL PARTICIPANTS to like/follow ExpressVPN's social networking sites. Either one (Twitter or Facebook) or both (Twitter and Facebook). 

We and ExpressVPN Representative will be checking.


3. One entry per IP address ONLY. WE WILL BE CHECKING!

Only one entry per member is allowed. Dual entries will both be deleted and user will be banned from giveaway so please be careful.

If there are any questions / concerns pertaining to the giveaway/contest please get in touch with me through PM. Do not post it in this thread. Doing so will merit a warning and ultimately be banned from entering further giveaway/contests.

Five (5) winners will each receive one (1) year license of ExpressVPN service

Winners will be selected by ExpressVPN Representative and once posted,
winners will only have 3 days to send a PM to claim their prize. 
Please include your details (Name / Email) in your PM claim.

Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.
Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".

The Giveaway will run 
from February 20, 2019 to
March 25, 2019

Good luck to all!!!

[Image: K77sZ7D.gif]

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ExpressVPN is a universal service that will satisfy both those who want to protect their privacy on the network and those who need VPN mainly to bypass censorship and regional blockades.
The wide range of applications ExpressVPN offers the largest selection of ready applications and extensions that allow to establish a connection with the VPN. I like it the most.
Thank you.
"WHAT feature / s do you like best in ExpressVPN?"
I like the privacy policy of this company
without records, this is very important.
has many servers around the world
and without download restrictions
You can not ask for more
that's why it's the best there is in the market.
thanks for the giveaway


"WHAT feature/s do you like best in ExpressVPN?"

It is the locations! So many there at 148+ and counting! Also the privacy because its in British Virgin Islands and I saw a documentary there that location is very nuts on secrecy and offers business and companies to protect their interests with legal ways. If that location is like tha then the same is with ExpressVPN -- privacy and secrecy is needed!

Thanks for contest! Thanks ExpressVPN!

Thanks for the Giveaway!
ExpressVPN is a well-respected virtual private network (VPN) software package. Most users will download this bundle so that they can have the ability to browse the Internet anonymously.
"WHAT feature/s do you like best in ExpressVPN?"
Followings are the features I like best in ExpressVPN :
- ExpressVPN uses a number of proxy servers located in different parts of the world and more than 87 countries can be accessed.
- The user can switch between proxies an unlimited number of times which can help to reduce interruptions and adapt for slower connection speeds.
- This application can work with iPhone as well as the iPad and it supports standard wireless Internet alongside 3G and 4G connection speeds.

2. Facebook sharing link :
Twitter sharing link :

Additional requirement :
https://www.facebook.com/ExpressVPN/ liked and followed.
https://twitter.com/expressvpn liked and followed.
Thank you for this giveaway.
I like 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries around the world, applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and routers, Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys.

Liked and followed:
I like that Express VPN has more than enough servers in various countries in the world, and the vpn connection stays on even after a long time. I also like that a user can check the currently used IP by clicking on a website link within the app only. Lastly, it uses AES-256 which is the best encryption standard and does not store any logs.
I have followed on both social media fb and twitter.
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WHAT feature/s do you like best in ExpressVPN?

First thanks a lot for the great effort. ExpressVPN is the best VPN solution I have tried. It is fast with quick connection, many servers available around the world, maintain good security and privacy and no DNS Leak. The smart location make the process easy and fast. In addition, it has a very important feature that it can easily bypass the block on VPN software that is present in many areas of the world. The program has a friendly interface, easy to use and supports Network lock feature. It is compatible with all platforms and support all browsers. I can browse the internet anonymously

Here is my share link: 

Twitter Share
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Great Thanks for Exclusive Event

"WHAT feature/s do you like best in ExpressVPN?"

1-Bypass internet censorship in highly restricted countries like China & Egypt .
2-High Speed VPN
3-ExpressVPN Verification code to sign in 

Twitter Share
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