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Brave Browser Updates
Quote:Release Channel 1.37.114​

Full Release Notes
  • Improved general performance by fixing cosmetic filters. (#22030)
  • Fixed unreadable tab names when using certain accent colors on Windows. (#22027)
  • Fixed tab hover card incorrectly replacing “Chrome” with “Brave” in certain cases. (#22069)
  • Fixed brave://rewards loading blank due to local storage issues in certain cases. (#22113 1)
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Quote:Release Channel 1.37.116

Full Release Notes
Quote:Release Channel 1.38.109

Full Release Notes
  • Added the ability to redirect an AMP page to its canonical non-AMP version. (#20458)
  • Added “Select network” field in the Brave Wallet “Add custom asset” modal. (#21656)
  • Added isBraveWallet property to window.ethereum. (#21949)
  • Added the ability to copy Brave Wallet transaction hash from “Transactions” on the “Portfolio” page. (#19886)
  • Added confirmation screen after transaction is approved for Brave Wallet. (#21733)
  • Added bottom padding to the Brave Wallet swap container. (#21340)
  • Added loading skeletons for various areas within Brave Wallet. (#21339)
  • Implemented balance updater interval for Brave Wallet. (#21304)
  • Updated design for Brave Shields. (#18630)
  • Updated IPFS node to go-ipfs v0.12.0. (#21219)
  • Updated adblocking to execute all cosmetic scriptlets even if one fails. (#21932)
  • Updated wording on Brave Wallet backup reminder banner. (#21312)
  • Updated Brave Wallet swap capability to prevent unnecessarily encountering “Too many decimal places” error. (#21527)
  • Updated URL for Brave Wallet Ropsten Test Faucet network. (#21240)
  • Updated Brave Wallet password field to be cleared when an incorrect password is entered. (#21010)
  • Updated “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet to return all EVM network tokens. (#20854)
  • Updated UI to increase spacing between “Assets” and “Transactions” on “Accounts” subview page of Brave Wallet. (#21532)
  • Updated link text color to blue for Brave Wallet onboarding screen. (#20302)
  • Updated alignment of options available from the Brave Wallet “More” menu. (#19680)
  • Renamed “Monthly Contributions” to “Monthly Tips” for Brave Rewards. (#20564)
  • Removed redirect after adding an account to Brave Wallet from the portfolio asset details screen. (#19138)
  • Removed referral code from P3A reports. (#21460)
  • Fixed unexpected storage cleanup on site close when “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” is enabled under brave://settings/cookies. (#22493)
  • Fixed unblocked cookie consent dialogs on some websites when the brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cookie-list-default is enabled. (#22032)
  • Fixed inability to solve Brave Rewards CAPTCHA in certain cases. (#22180 1)
  • Fixed inability to import MetaMask wallet to Brave Wallet. (#22492)
  • Fixed failed second sign request (eth_signTypedData_v4) for L2 activation when using Brave Wallet. (#22070)
  • Fixed data on “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet not being properly displayed due to parsing error. (#21941)
  • Fixed broken placeholder icons for ERC721 tokens on Brave Wallet “Account” page. (#21549)
  • Fixed “JSON data is not expected” when trying to import a crypto wallet into Brave Wallet in certain cases. (#19526)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet network selector list being partially blurred on page load. (#21423)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet “Add Custom Asset” modal incorrectly being populated with previously added custom token details. (#21337)
  • Fixed EIP-1559 gas oracle incorrectly firing on non-EIP-1559 networks for Brave Wallet. (#21107)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet percentage selector remaining selected when input value was updated. (#20315)
  • Fixed Speedreader icon incorrectly disappearing in certain cases. (#18243)
  • Fixed inability to exit reader mode when Speedreader is disabled. (#18242)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.41. (#22431 1) (Changelog for 101.0.4951.41 1)
Quote:Release Channel 1.38.111​

Full Release Notes
Quote:Release Channel 1.38.115​

Full Release Notes​
Quote:Release Channel 1.38.117 for Windows​

Full Release Notes
Quote:Release Channel 1.38.119

Full Release Notes
  • Reimplemented the ability to override page elements with “!important” styles using cosmetic filtering. (#22264)
  • Refactored gas fee estimations to help increase successful transactions for Brave Wallet. (#22640 1)
  • Fixed missing “Hardware wallet requires confirmation on device” modal for Brave Wallet. (#22652)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet disambiguation between Thor on Avalanche vs Thorswap on Ethereum. (#22651)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet panel not dismissing on click after completing a transaction with hardware wallet on Windows and Linux. (#22780)
  • Fixed users not seeing Brave Ads after upgrade in certain cases. (#22540 3)
  • Fixed inability to click on the audio icon of an inactive tab to mute the tab. (#22081)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.67 on macOS and Linux. (#22896) (Changelog for 101.0.4951.67 1)
Quote:Release Channel 1.39.111

Full Release Notes
  • Added Solana support for account creation, sending SOL and sending SPL tokens with Brave Wallet. (#22348 2)
  • Added the ability to buy with Ramp using Brave Wallet. (#21639)
  • Added JSONSanitizer to API helper requests for Brave Wallet. (#21831)
  • Added Dapp UI for requesting a public key and for decrypting ciphers using Brave Wallet. (#21177)
  • Added web3_clientVersion support for Brave Wallet. (#19278)
  • Added the ability to allow users to search sites for RSS feeds for Brave News. (#21768 1)
  • Added support for blob partitioning. (#21746)
  • Added minimum macOS version for Sparkle update process. (#22918)
  • [Security] Blocked “window.ethereum” completely in third party iframes. (#22686)
  • [Security] Updated Brave Wallet panel to prominently display eTLD+1 as reported on HackerOne by renekroka. (#21787)
  • [Security] Fixed incorrect origin being displayed in Brave Wallet when a spend approval is pending. (#19557)
  • Implemented eth_getEncryptionPublicKey for Brave Wallet. (#19276)
  • Implemented account discovery when restoring Brave Wallet. (#18104)
  • Updated Omaha installer version for Windows to v1.3.36.113. (#22060)
  • Updated default IPFS configuration values. (#22068)
  • Updated Gas Limit validation and error messaging for unapproved transactions with Brave Wallet. (#21714)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to automatically add swap taker asset to the visible asset list. (#21428)
  • Updated Brave Wallet portfolio network filter for multichain support. (#20780)
  • Reduced adblock filter memory usage by optimizing unused regex rules. (#21970)
  • Removed known Dialog Insight user tracking parameters from URLs. (#22082)
  • Removed ability to swap ERC721 tokens with Brave Wallet. (#21550)
  • Fixed crash which occurred when opening Brave Shields while using Google Meet. (#22814)
  • Fixed inability to rename Solana account in Brave Wallet after it has been created. (#22958)
  • Fixed incorrectly computed insufficient funds errors in Brave Wallet. (#22877)
  • Fixed ERC20 and ERC721 transfers being incorrectly displayed as ETH transfers in the Brave Wallet transactions panel. (#22044)
  • Fixed text alignment issues under the Brave Wallet “Recent transactions” panel when using long account names. (#21216)
  • Fixed breakage in webpack build caused by OpenSSL 3.0. (#22305)
  • Fixed two windows being opened on launch when the browser was installed without administrator privileges on Windows. (#22179)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 102.0.5005.61. (#22923) (Changelog for 102.0.5005.61 1)

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