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Opera Browser Updates
Quote:78.0.4093.184 – 2021-08-25 blog post
  • CHR-8533 Update chromium on desktop-stable-92-4093 to 92.0.4515.159
  • DNA-93472 Reattaching to other browsers
  • DNA-93741 Multiple hint slots
  • DNA-93742 Allow displaying unobtrusive external hints
  • DNA-93744 Add slots in toolbar action view
  • DNA-94230 Improve text contrast for Speed Dials
  • DNA-94724 [Mac] Add macOS dark theme wallpaper with easy setup
  • DNA-94786 Crash at base::SupportsUserData::SetUserData(void const*, std::__1::unique_ptr)
  • DNA-94807 Allow scripts access opera version and product info
  • DNA-94862 Continue on shopping Amazon doesn’t work correct
  • DNA-94870 Add an addonsPrivate function to install with permissions dialog first
  • DNA-95064 Revert DNA-93714 on stable
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  • harlan4096
Quote:79.0.4143.22 – 2021-09-14 blog post
  • CHR-8550 Update chromium on desktop-stable-93-4143 to 93.0.4577.58
  • CHR-8557 Update chromium on desktop-stable-93-4143 to 93.0.4577.63
  • DNA-94641 [Linux] Proprietary media codecs not working in snap builds
  • DNA-95076 [Linux] Page crash with media content
  • DNA-95084 [Mac] Cannot quit through menu with snapshot editor open
  • DNA-95138 Add setting to synchronize Pinboards
  • DNA-95157 Crash at -[OperaCrApplication sendEvent:]
  • DNA-95204 Opera 79 translations
  • DNA-95240 The pinboard thumbnail cannot be generated anymore
  • DNA-95278 Existing Pinboards might be missing
  • DNA-95292 Enable #bookmarks-trash-cleaner on all streams
  • DNA-95293 Enable #easy-files-downloads-folder on all streams
  • DNA-95383 Promote O79 to stable
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  • harlan4096
Quote:Opera 79.0.4143.50 – 2021-09-21 blog post
  • CHR-8571 Update chromium on desktop-stable-93-4143 to 93.0.4577.82
  • DNA-94104 ContinueShoppingOnEbayBrowserTest.ShouldDisplayOffersTilesStartingWithMostActiveOnes fails
  • DNA-94894 [Rich Hint] Agent API permissions
  • DNA-94989 Wrong color and appearance of subpages in the settings
  • DNA-95241 “Switch to tab” button is visible only on hover
  • DNA-95286 Add unit tests to pinboard sync related logic in browser
  • DNA-95372 [Mac retina screen] Snapshot doesnt capture cropped area
  • DNA-95526 Some webstore extensions are not verified properly
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  • harlan4096

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Opera Browser Updates
Opera 79.0.4143.50...silversurfer — 14:04

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