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GFYI [Official] ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Giveaway
[Image: 0-Express-VPN-Horizontal-Logo-Red-top-logo.jpg]

We at Geeks For Your Information are very pleased to announce our 
ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Giveaway!

[Image: 1-INTROGIF.gif]
We would like to thank ExpressVPN for sponsoring us the giveaway prizes
[Image: 2-logo-gif.gif]

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service offered by the British Virgin Islands-registered company Express VPN International Ltd. ExpressVPN has emerged way ahead of the virtual private network (VPN) apps in 2020, offering outstanding speeds and a reputation for reliability and security. The #1 trusted leader in VPN! ExpressVPN interface has an easy-to-navigate interface makes it an app of choice for newcomers just learning about VPNs, and its multiplatform compatibility expands its value to a wide base of consumers. 

ExpressVPN uses dynamic encryption keys for "Perfect Forward Secrecy" thus every time you connect to ExpressVPN servers; the security certificate's authenticity is verified. Once authenticated, a unique encryption key is negotiated through a key exchange. ExpressVPN uses Perfect Forward Secrecy by default.

Indeed, ExpressVPN has come a long way since launching in 2009. The customer's digital needs have changed over the past decade, and ExpressVPN strives to meet the digital needs of the consumer every step of the way with industry-leading features like TrustedServer, Network Lock kill switch, the “new” Lightway VPN protocol, and much more

A new era for ExpressVPN

A fresh look, inspired by forward motion
Speed has always been at the heart of ExpressVPN. From near-instant connection times, to blazing-fast download speeds, to the lightning-quick responsiveness of their 24/7 Support Team, ExpressVPN knows a need for speed drives the consumer's digital exploration.
Quote:Our new logo embodies that forward movement and energy—think of it as a digital tailwind to help you on your online journey, wherever it is you choose to go.

How we all engage and interact with the internet and our devices is constantly evolving; our expanded color palette and expressive illustration style represent that richer online experience. You’ll see it in our bold-colored buttons, in the welcoming peaches and purples on the app home screen, in the vivid imagery of our website, and in the vibrant blues of our enhanced icons and illustrations.

Among our exciting developments:

ExpressVPN’s Lightway technology, developed from the ground up by our engineers to provide a faster, more secure, and more reliable experience, particularly on the mobile devices that so many of us rely upon. Lightway offers seamless connectivity (no more drops when you get the elevator!) and longer battery life thanks to its elegant, lightweight codebase.

Protection Summary, currently available on Android, offers a convenient, personalized snapshot of just how ExpressVPN is keeping you safe and secure online. Watch for wider availability later this year. Security Assistant, another app feature just launched in beta testing on Android, is a growing suite of capabilities aimed at helping you understand and take better control of your privacy and security, with actionable checklists tailored to your device.

The Digital Security Lab, a first-of-its-kind initiative that informs our mission of building a safe, private, and open internet for all. Through in-depth research in collaboration with thought leaders and digital activists around the world, we hope to educate consumers about cybersecurity issues and empower them with the tools and resources they need to build a better digital future.
[Image: 3-install.gif]

[Image: 4-interface-windows.gif]

Why use a VPN

[Image: 5-best-anonymous-vpn.jpg]

Anonymous Browsing.

ExpressVPN takes every user's privacy seriously! ExpressVPN believes everyone has a right to privacy. That’s why they never keep logs of the user’s online browsing activity. Stay private, stay secure, and enjoy a higher degree of anonymity. ExpressVPN has been a vocal advocate for internet privacy since 2009. They proudly support nonprofit organizations fighting to protect the right to online privacy, online security, and free speech. Today ExpressVPN is one of the world’s leading providers of premium VPN services.

  • Browse with privacy

    ExpressVPN never logs the user’s internet traffic or VPN connections. Therefore, nothing can match the user with an IP address or timestamp. Shared IP addresses cannot be traced back to you.

  • Pay anonymously

    When user’s pay with Bitcoin via BitPay, the only information needed to be provided is an email address, so no need to reveal the user’s identity. 

  • Stay safe from monitoring

    ExpressVPN does not share the user’s information with anyone. Because ExpressVPN don’t keep logs, there’s simply no information to share or any possibility of leaking your activity to third parties.

  • The best anonymous VPN protection

    ExpressVPN’s core mission is to enable customers to use the internet privately and securely with the help of a VPN. They are not only committed to safeguarding the user’s privacy, but also are transparent about the information they do and don’t collect. And ExpressVPN invite’s independent auditors and testers to review their privacy policy and technology.

ExpressVPN takes your privacy seriously.
Other VPN providers claim “no logs” on their privacy policies without going into much detail. Do they know if customers manage to use their apps successfully? Can they enforce a limit on simultaneous usage from more than five devices?

If a provider claims to “know nothing” but won’t answer simple questions about what they specifically do or don’t know, then it would be reasonable to question their claims of “no logs.” Unfortunately, most providers lack transparency when it comes to what matters most to VPN users: “his privacy”.


[Image: 6-vpn-split-tunneling.jpg]

VPN split tunneling

"Split Tunneling" is the standout feature of ExpressVPN letting the user encrypt just part of his traffic through certain browsers, but leave everything else untouched. The user can browse locally AND through his VPN at the same time. The user just needs to decide which apps will use the VPN. Adding and removing apps is also easy. 

VPN split tunneling lets the user route some of his device or app traffic through the encrypted VPN tunnel while other devices or apps access the internet directly without losing access to local network devices. 

With a split-tunneling VPN, the user can:
  • Stream foreign movies while using web services from local IP addresses
  • Download safely without slowing down other web activity
  • Access network printer while surfing the internet securely

ExpressVPN split tunneling works two ways:
  • Split Tunneling: Protect all connected devices or applications except for those specifically excluded.

  • Inverse Split Tunneling: Protect only selected devices or applications. Everything else flows outside the VPN.

[Image: 7-trusted-server-security.png]

TrustedServer security: Only with ExpressVPN

The most advanced VPN server technology, independently audited to confirm essential privacy protections. This is ExpressVPN TrustedServer.

With TrustedServer:
  • All data are wiped with every reboot, as VPN servers run on RAM only
  • Servers never write to the hard drive, further minimizing data risk
  • The entire software stack is reinstalled on every server at startup
  • We (ExpressVPN) know what’s running on every server, with no inconsistencies

Servers are typically run on hard drives which retains all data written to them until they are erased or overwritten. The risk is that those servers may contain sensitive data / information. That "data / information" may be at risk if a 3rd-party were to hack or seize the server. Hackers who overcome the server’s defenses might be able to install a backdoor that remains indefinitely. ExpressVPN has solved that "risk" by letting ExpressVPN servers run on "volatile memory", or RAM. Since RAM requires power to store data, all information on a server is wiped every time it is powered off and on again—stopping both data and potential intruders from persisting on the machine.

TrustedServer increases consistency, and security
Traditionally, server administrators install the operating system (OS) and software when the server is first set up, then add updates over time. Every change applied is an opportunity for differences to arise among servers, decreasing confidence that each one is using the exact same code. A server set up years ago might be running in a way that’s dangerously different from what the administrators are auditing today. TrustedServer ensures that every one of ExpressVPN’s 3,000+ VPN servers runs the most up-to-date software. Each time a server starts up, it loads the latest read-only image containing the entire software stack, OS and all. That means ExpressVPN knows exactly what’s running on each and every server—minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities or misconfiguration and dramatically improving VPN security.

ExpressVPN TrustedServer: Raising the bar

[Image: 8-private-dns.gif]

Private DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) is a directory of all websites and services. If the user has a URL, he can use DNS to look up its corresponding IP address. Anyone can take part in the Domain Name System by running a server, but most people use a free DNS service. These services are usually run by internet service providers, content delivery networks, advertising networks, or, occasionally, volunteers.
What is DNS?

ExpressVPN protects internet traffic and the user’s DNS queries by running its own encrypted DNS on every VPN server.
  • No activity logs and no connection logs
  • No DNS blocking, filtering, or hijacking
  • Faster DNS queries
  • 256-bit encryption

[Image: 9-strong-vpn-encryption.jpg]

Strong VPN encryption

ExpressVPN uses the highest standard of encryption. ExpressVPN uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys—also known as "AES-256". It’s the same encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government and used by security experts worldwide to protect classified information. 

What does this mean? 
AES 256-bit encryption is symmetric, meaning the same key used to encrypt your data must be used to decrypt it. This makes it near-impossible to break. Even the world’s most powerful computer would take billions of years to decrypt just 0.1% of the data it holds.

The SHA-512 HMAC authentication ExpressVPN uses is highly secure for data transfers, such as P2P file sharing. Using a shared secret key, both the sender and receiver of the download have a way of verifying the authenticity of the file.

How secure is ExpressVPN encryption?
Besides hiding the IP address and mixing the user’s traffic with that of other users, ExpressVPN also encrypts traffic between secure VPN servers and the user’s computer, so that it can’t be read by third parties in between, such as the user’s internet service provider or the user’s local Wi-Fi operator.

ExpressVPN's AES (same encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government and used by security experts worldwide to protect classified information) 256-bit keys means 2^256 or 1.1 x 10^77 possible combinations. That’s 115,?792,?089,?237,?316,?195,?423,?570,?985,?008,?687,?907,?853,?269,?984,?665,?640,?560,?000,?000,?000,?000,?000,?000,?000,?000 combinations! A brute-force attack on a 256-bit keyspace is simply infeasible, even if all the world’s most powerful supercomputers ran for as long as the universe has existed so far, billions and billions of times over.

VPN protocols
ExpressVPN offers a variety of VPN protocols to implement strong encryption between the user’s computer and the VPN server location he connects to. When he (the user) uses the ExpressVPN app, he can easily switch between the protocols, although it’s recommended that the user choose the automatic setting, which will select the protocol optimal for his speed and security.

Speech bubbles with different VPN protocols.
In addition to offering a standard set of protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2, ExpressVPN built “Lightway” to outdo them all in speed, reliability, and security. 
How VPNs use tunneling and encryption

Lightway VPN Protocol

A VPN protocol forms the foundation of a VPN service, shaping every aspect of your experience. Most providers use the same off-the-shelf protocols, but now ExpressVPN has engineered its own: Lightway.

Lightway is ExpressVPN’s pioneering "new" VPN protocol, built for an always-on world. It makes the user’s VPN experience speedier, more secure, and more reliable than ever. Designed to be light on its feet, Lightway runs faster, uses less battery, and is easier to audit and maintain.
Lightway: A next-generation VPN Protocol

The fastest is getting faster
ExpressVPN has already been ranked the fastest VPN by TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, and others. Lightway will make any user’s VPN connection even faster.

With Lightway, the user will also be able to get connected to ExpressVPN more quickly—often in just a fraction of a second. Nine out of ten beta users reported that Lightway got them connected to the VPN faster than before.

Secure and transparent
Lightway uses wolfSSL, whose well-established cryptography library has been extensively vetted by third parties, including against the FIPS 140-2 standard. Soon, the core library of Lightway will be open-sourced, ensuring that it can be more transparently and widely assessed for security.

Always-on protection
If user’s are switching between networks or the user’s signal drops out, Lightway doesn’t skip a beat. That’s because the VPN connection becomes idle, not terminated. Whether the user is switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data or stepping in and out of an elevator, Lightway will maintain the same connection, to the same ExpressVPN server.

This means the VPN connection picks up the moment the user’s device gets back online, ensuring no interruptions to your browsing or security. In many common situations, such as waking a device from sleep more or deactivating airplane mode, the time it takes for the ExpressVPN connection to become active again is virtually imperceptible.


[Image: 10-network-lock.jpg]

What is Network Lock? (ExpressVPN kill switch)

What is Network Lock?
Network Lock is the ExpressVPN kill switch. With Network Lock, the ironclad privacy and security defenses of ExpressVPN are always in the user’s corner, even when the power flickers, a change Wi-Fi networks, or the computer goes to sleep. It’s standard on the ExpressVPN apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers.

Network Lock is pre-activated by default. The user’s internet traffic will automatically be blocked if the VPN drops or network connection is disrupted. When the VPN connection is back up, the user will be unblocked and back in action in just moments. By halting all online activity, Network Lock keeps your personal information from being exposed to your internet service provider (ISP) or other prying eyes.

When is Network Lock activated?
Network Lock is activated by default so whenever you connect to the VPN, Network Lock becomes active, and it stays active until the user chooses to disconnect. It keeps the connection secure when:
  • User switches between Wi-Fi networks or the user’s signal flickers
  • User closes his laptop or puts his computer to sleep
  • User toggles his internet connection on or off
  • The user’s ISP has a momentary outage
How to use ExpressVPN Network Lock for Windows

[Image: 11-all-devs.gif]

ExpressVPN Apps

Use ExpressVPN on every device! ExpressVPN offers the user flexibility for every major platform and solutions for all his favorite devices. ExpressVPN is not only a VPN for computers! A single subscription can be used simultaneously on five supported devices. The account holder can install the app on as many devices as he wants. If he needs to connect to more than five devices at the same time, he should try the ExpressVPN app for routers.

[Image: 12-vpn-apps.gif]

What do you get with ExpressVPN software?
  • Best-in-class 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 5-star customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
[Image: 13-android-app.gif]

[Image: 14-i-OS-iphone-ipad-app.gif]

ExpressVPN Server Locations

ExpressVPN's has 3000+ VPN server locations in 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries all over the world! The number of servers offered means the user can specifically select a server nearer to him within a certain country, thus better speeds, lower latency, and more reliability are always assured.

When a user connects to one of ExpressVPN’s servers, the server and IP address are usually in the same country. However, ExpressVPN also offers virtual server locations where the user's IP address is within his target country, but the physical server is elsewhere. This means ExpressVPN provides a more reliable connection with better speeds. The user will still have an IP address in your target country, regardless of the virtual location of the server.

[Image: 15-server-1-americas.gif]

[Image: 16-server-2-asia-pacific.gif]

[Image: 17-server-3-europe.gif]

The Digital Security Lab

ExpressVPN's goal is to help build a safe, private, and open internet that empowers people around the globe. By doing high-quality research ExpressVPN successfully approaches any problem or threat, based on in-depth research tools of ExpressVPN's Digital Security Lab.

ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab, focuses on real-world problems with a broad impact in the areas of:
  • Digital privacy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Access to knowledge
  • Information flows
Introducing ExpressVPN’s Digital Security Lab

The ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab aims to empower consumers with useful information about their privacy, security, and rights online. ExpressVPN does that by:
  • Advancing public understanding of the online landscape.

    Investigating privacy harms, producing actionable reports about security issues, and providing the guidance consumers need to better safeguard their digital lives. Expanding the reach of research and breaking down complex technical problems into results that are accessible to everyone.

  • ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tools

    Rigorous, regular testing is key to ensuring a VPN service protects against leaks. As part of ExpressVPN’s investment into user privacy and security, ExpressVPN has developed an extensible suite of leak testing tools designed for both manual and automated regression testing.

These tools currently test for a number of different types of leaks, including:
  • IP address leaks
  • IP traffic leaks
  • DNS leaks
  • WebRTC leaks
  • BitTorrent leaks
  • Leaks resulting from unstable network connections
  • Leaks resulting from VPN servers being unreachable

[Image: 18-Express-VPN-Last-Pass.jpg]

ExpressVPN and LastPass partnership

A “new partnership” emerged between ExpressVPN and LastPass. The partnership (started January 18, 2021) helps all new and existing LastPass Premium and Families subscribers be offered a 30-day free trial of ExpressVPN. With this new offer, LastPass Premium or Families subscribers can also experience the security-enhancing benefits of a VPN at no extra cost. LastPass Premium or Families subscribers can access their ExpressVPN free trial through the Security Dashboard in their LastPass account.

[Image: 19-pricing-plans.jpg]

What's new in the latest ExpressVPN build?

ExpressVPN for Windows ExpressVPN 10.0.9 for Windows (Jan 18, 2021)
  • Fixed a rare issue that could show “Unexpected Error” after the Location Picker is clicked.

ExpressVPN for Mac version 10.0.0 (Jan 18, 2021)
  • Introducing ExpressVPN’s new app design.

ExpressVPN for Android version 10.0.0 (Jan 18, 2021)
  • Introducing ExpressVPN’s new app design.

ExpressVPN for iOS version 10.0.0 (Jan 18, 2021)
  • Introducing ExpressVPN’s new app design.

ExpressVPN for Router version 2.6.6 (Jan 18, 2021)
  • Introducing ExpressVPN’s new logo.

ExpressVPN for Linux version 3.4.2 (Jan 18, 2021)
  • Updated notification icon with ExpressVPN’s new logo.

ExpressVPN for Chrome, Firefox and Edge (Jan 18, 2021)
  • Introducing ExpressVPN’s new app design.


ExpressVPN for Windows - App setup tutorial
ExpressVPN for Mac - App setup tutorial
ExpressVPN for Android - App setup tutorial
ExpressVPN for iOS - App setup tutorial
Linux ExpressVPN app setup tutorial
Android APK ExpressVPN app setup tutorial

ExpressVPN licenses for this giveaway/contest
ExpressVPN has provided Geeks For Your Information Forum seven (7 x 1-year) accounts of ExpressVPN as Valentines 2021 contest prizes!


To boost forum participation/contribution, all who wish to participate MUST have posted in the Introduction thread AND created a minimum of one (1) authored-threads and five (5) posts (threads in sections: (i) Giveaways / Contests (ii) Deals and (iii) Geeks FYI > Feedback (iv) Introduction are NOT COUNTED as created authored-threads). Entries not meeting the requirement will be deleted. 

Members with on-going "warnings" will NOT be allowed to join any giveaways until such "warnings" have been lifted. WE WILL BE CHECKING!

1. Please answer the question below.

"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"

2. Share in Facebook AND Twitter

A new era for ExpressVPN

3. Share the “ExpressVPN Referral LINK” below in either Facebook OR Twitter

Referral LINK

Post your reply as contest entry WITH your social media share.  Please see sample entry below.
[Image: Express-VPN-sample-entry-01272021.png]

REQUIRED: ALL PARTICIPANTS are required to share this giveaway by pasting the quoted text below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account. 

(Share is NOT limited to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.)

Quote:Geeks For Your Information Forum [Official] ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Giveaway

REQUIRED: Sponsor requires ALL PARTICIPANTS to like/follow ExpressVPN’s social networking sites (Twitter or Facebook). We and ExpressVPN Representative will be checking.

3. One entry per IP address ONLY. WE WILL BE CHECKING!

Only one entry per member is allowed. Dual entries will both be deleted and user will be banned from giveaway so please be careful.

If there are any questions / concerns pertaining to the giveaway/contest please get in touch with me through PM. Do not post it in this thread. Doing so will merit a warning and ultimately be banned from entering further giveaway/contests.

Each of the seven (7) winners will get one (1-year) ExpressVPN accounts
Winners will be selected via random.org and once posted,
winners will only have 5 days to send a PM to claim their prize. 
All winners will be receiving a "Winners Reminder and Requirements PM". Please read / understand what is stated there.
Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.
Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".

The Giveaway will run 
from February 11, 2021 to March 10, 2021

Good luck to all!!!
[Image: on5lIdy.gif]
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AT LAST! I thought we lost this sponsor!!!!!

"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"

Among the features of ExpressVPN that I believe will protect me during this pandemic is their military grade encryption in tandem with the new Lightway protocol using wolfSSL (where security has been vetted by 3rd party auditors), KillSwitch (Network Lock) and the TrustedServer! That thing that they did with instead of hard disks they use RAM and everytime a reboot is done all data are wiped clean. That is privacy at its best because all information on their servers are wiped every time it is powered off. I have not yet tried "Split Tunneling" but as the info says I can download safely without slowing down the other web activity that I do like post in forums! It's been a great experience using ExpressVPN. 

My Tweet for Contest

My Facebook Share for Contest

Facebook Share_ExpressVPN Referral Link

Facebook Share_A new era for ExpressVPN

Tweet_A new era for ExpressVPN

Tweet_ExpressVPN Referral Link

(Sorry for incomplete shared links before)
Great thanks for the giveaway!
"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"

First of all is the annonymity of all my online traces. 
Then is the quality of the server i choose to browse the internet or download media from and
Finally is the reliability and the connection speed that ExpressVPN provides us with.
And last but not least the Internet protocol used to connect and ExpressVPN has one of the best and exclusive for this purpose.

Thank you.
My shares are below:

ExpressVPN refer a friend

A new era for ExpressVPN

Facebook share
A new era for ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN giveaway share

"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"

During the pandemic, the activity of Internet scammers increased and there was a need for effective protection of Internet privacy, especially when working from home and doing corporate work.
I tried some free VPN services, but often there were connection breaks, greatly reduced connection and data transfer speeds, there was a limited choice of localizations, and the security criteria provided were not entirely clear.
ExpressVPN is devoid of these disadvantages. ExpressVPN is a time-tested VPN service.
ExpressVPN has always been known for its speed and ability to bypass geoblocks,
ExpressVPN does not store user data in logs and is registered in a country with friendly laws for online users.
ExpressVPN uses the highest standards of data encryption. Users are protected by 256-bit AES encryption, and also uses the technology of perfect forward secrecy.
Based on these characteristics, we can conclude that using the ExpressVPN service will be the best solution to protect your privacy and convenience.

Thanks for this to win ExpressVPN account! Thanks to ExpresVPN and Happy Valentines 2021!

Twitter Share of GFYI ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Promotion
Facebook Share of GFYI ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Promotion
Twitter Share of "A new era for ExpressVPN"
Facebook Share of "A new era for ExpressVPN"
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"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"

During COVID-19 pandemic I strongly use internet services. The privacy protection offered by ExpressVPN is really important to me given the massive use of profiling techniques that almost all common web portals constantly do.

Twitter Share of GFYI ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Promotion

Twitter Share of "A new era for ExpressVPN"

Facebook Share of "A new era for ExpressVPN"

Twitter share of ExpressVPN Referral LINK

Facebook share of ExpressVPN Referral LINK
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What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?
During COVID-19 pandemic, the time spent on the internet has been rapidly increased. In this case, to protect myself on the internet, a trustworthy VPN is needed. ExpressVPN protects me online by offerring military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and running only on RAM so that on every reboot the private data is wiped out.

Thanks a lot Jason and ExpressVPN for arranging this giveaway!

Twitter Share of GFYI ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Promotion
Facebook share of "A new era of ExpressVPN"
Twitter share of "A new era of ExpressVPN"
Facebook share of Referral Link
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"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"

I consider Express to be the best VPN provider for network security. During a pandemic, and not only, when a large number of users are forced to work remotely, the provider offers excellent protection measures. Express provides 4 different protocols. While other providers are adopting WireGuard, Express has developed their Lightway protocol, which is lightweight and fast, which indicates that the company is evolving and is constantly adding new developments to improve security.

ExpressVPN will not only encrypt your data, but also forward it through its secure DNS servers. RAMDisk servers ensure that all information on the server is erased every time it is turned off and on again.

ExpressVPN has proven its policy of no user registration with the incident with the Russian ambassador. At the request of the Turkish authorities, to provide the IP address that was used, Express VPN stated that it is not subject to US and EU laws, and does not keep activity logs.

So using this VPN, you don't have to worry about network security.

Shared on twitter

A new era for ExpressVPN

Referral LINK

ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Giveaway

Shared on facebook

Referral LINK

A new era for ExpressVPN

Geeks For Your Information Forum [Official] ExpressVPN Valentines 2021 Giveaway

Thanks to Express and GEEKS for the cool giveaway
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"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"

During a pandemic such as COVID-19 many more people are working from home and are quarantined at home in order to be safe from infection. This means more people than ever are online than anytime in history as I am since I and my wife are in the high risk category of people who could die if infected as we are both over 70 years of age with multiple chronic illnesses such as diabetes and respiratory weaknesses. This means that we do a lot of online shopping and banking which requires using private data such as our credit card numbers and banking passwords. Therefore encryption of such private data becomes paramount to us at this time. This means we need to use all the computer and online tools available to us to be safe financially. I have been using ExpressVPN for years now and have never had any problem found or reported to me by our banks or companies we shop with online. Therefore ExpressVPN is "TIME PROVEN" to me by personal experience of using it extensively. Heart

Features I like about ExpressVPN that keep me and my private data safe during the COVID-19 pandemic:
  1. Strong AES-256 (military grade) encryption.
  2. Network Lock = ExpressVPN kill switch.  
  3. ExpressVPN's famous "no logging" policy has always been a must have feature for me.
  4. "Trusted Server Security" means all my data is wiped with every reboot, as VPN servers run on RAM only & never written to disk..

---->>   My Twitter.com media share link for this contest.

--->>  My Facebook.com media share link for this contest.

I have "Liked" the ExpressVPN page on Facebook.com under the name: Elijah Gale
I have "followed" the ExpressVPN page on Twitter.com under the name:

*Many thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this contest on this forum ... and to our forum Administrator jasonX for putting this contest for this great VPN together for all of us. Big Grin
(aka Elijah Gale) "Always looking for kind people and the best software in all the right places, like on Geeks.fyi forum." Heart
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"What are the features of ExpressVPN that you believe will keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?"
 In covid-19 pandemic, cybercriminals have upped their game and are creating more and more sophisticated threats. So using VPN like the reliable Expressvpn  for hiding IP will further the security of a user and help people hide their IP from hackers. I think follwoing features will keep me safe during this pandemic:-
1. Encryption of the strongest kind(Military grade encryption) 
2. Avaialbility of apps for all popular devices like PC's, Mobiles etc.
3. Kill switch for ensuring that no data is transferred through the default unsecured IP.
https://twitter.com/dhruvmercury/status/...0607720448  Twitter giveaway share link
https://twitter.com/dhruvmercury/status/...3550939136   Twitter share link for refer a friend
https://twitter.com/dhruvmercury/status/...7937815553   twitter share link for New Era for Express Vpn
https://www.facebook.com/dhruv.gupta.71/...7194357365 fb share link for New Era for Express Vpn
Already following expressvpn on twitter and fb!
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