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About Baidu Search Update in Firefox
[Image: baidu-search-update-firefox.png]

Some Firefox users spotted a new feature listing in the browser recently called Baidu Search Update. You can verify if the feature is installed in your version of Firefox by loading about : support and checking the "Firefox Features" section.

If you see Baidu Search Update listed, it is installed. Features are being pushed by Mozilla, usually in form of native extensions.

What makes the Baidu Search Update listing puzzling is that its ID lists mozillaonline.com and not mozilla.org.

* Name: Baidu Search Update
* Version: 2.66
* ID: baidu-code-update@mozillaonline.com

The feature is installed even if you don't use Baidu as a search engine in Firefox, even if Baidu is not even installed as a search engine.

Some users suspected that it could be malicious based on the information (different domain and Baidu not being installed in Firefox); that is not the case.

Mozilla dropped Yahoo as the main search provider in 2017 for a number of reasons. The organization changed its search strategy from a global one to one that would seek out local partners in some regions, and Baidu happens to be one of the partners.

Firefox users may install other search engines and even custom ones in the browser.

Firefox sends information with each request to partner search engines, and it appears that this code needed to be updated. 
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About Baidu Search Update in Firefox - by harlan4096 - 08 May 19, 15:56

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