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Malware Campaign Hides Ransomware in Super Mario Wrapper - Toligo - 09 February 19

Quote:A newly discovered malware campaign uses steganography to hide GandCrab in a seemingly innocent Mario image.
In the Mario Brothers universe, Mario is a hero, but that "good guy" status doesn't extend to the real world — at least not for victims of a malware campaign that wraps the GandCrab ransomware in a Mario graphic package.
Matthew Rowan, a researcher at Bromium, discovered the campaign in a malware sample he was analyzing. In his blog post detailing the discovery, he shows how threat actors hide their true intentions, why it's a very bad idea to disable software protection mechanisms, and why old encryption techniques like steganography are still useful in the modern era.
The steganography comes into play with heavily obfuscated Microsoft PowerShell commands hidden within the color channels of a picture of Mario in a particularly cool pose. Rowan notes that hiding commands in the image makes it very difficult for a firewall to pick up the threat and apply a standard filter against the malware.
The new campaign is a threat to computer users in Italy, though, like most such campaigns, it could easily be modified by a different criminal to target users in any (or every) geography. 

GandCrab Ransomware Discovered To Be Embedded in Super Mario Image - Toligo - 10 February 19

Quote:Researchers spotted the ransomware GandCrab embedded into a downloadable Mario image from Super Mario Bros.

Matthew Rowan, a researcher at Bromium discovered the malware and identified the trends and patterns to be of an older method, steganography. This form of malware tends to use obfuscated Microsoft PowerShell commands. Similarly, the hacker uses a PowerShell command in this campaign. The targeted emails are sent to individuals in Italy, with an excel document attached. Labelled, “F.DOC.2019 A 259 SPA.xls” it also contains a Macro. The document prompts users to click ‘enable content,’ effectively deploying the malware. The malware firstly checks the region, usually, relying on the administrative language of the operating system. Here the coding used to determine this consisted of using IF statement with country 39, which was Italy. If the device is not based in Italy, then it will not deploy.

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