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Full Version: Is Defraggler really any better than Windows 10 built in defragger?
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Is Defraggler really any better than Windows 10 built in defragger, or just another program cluttering up the computer that I became used to using in XP days?
The Windows 10 defragger seems to do a good job and I think it maybe time to rethink some of the 3rd party software [Defraggler, Advanced System Care, Driver Booster], that I started using long ago and may just be wasting space and slowing things down now the built in software has improved.
(With Driver Booster I just use it to check it’s suggestions in the device manager)
Probably W10 build defragger is very stable and does well the job, but 3rd party applications hare more features and customizations...

Also currently I don't use any 3rd party, 2 of my 3 current drives are SSD...

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Hello, in my opinion Windows 10 defragmentation built-in tool is good, as Harlan said the other 3rd party defragmentation tools could have more customization possibilities but in terms of efficiency also Windows 10 defragmentation built-in tool is enough. Defragmentation is very important aspect for our PC performance, otherwise it could be slow.
I agree with JM Safe and harlan4096 the built-in W10 defrag tool is efficient enough to suffice for any user's needs. Its the 3rd party "extra" tools that make the "other" software different. Almost all 3rd party tool bundles their defrag tool with additional features and tools to catch the eye of the user. Thus to some extent there is a redundancy of bundled tools everywhere. Do you have Smart Defrag tool  in ASC? You can opt out of it...Cheers!
Well i can recommend IObit Smart Defrag. It's free and do the job.

[Image: g_-_420x350_-_-_x60f70a90-a18a-494a-962f...38177c.png]

But i think it is usefull only on HDD drives. It's not recomended to defrag SSDs.