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Full Version: Mumsnet Data Leak Baffled Parents As Cloud Migration Exposed Users’ Personal Data
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Quote:Another day, another breach. This time, the incident has troubled thousands of parents as it affected parenting forum Mumsnet. Reportedly, a cloud migration activity accidentally resulted in Mumsnet data leak, leaving the personal details of the users exposed.

Mumsnet Data Leak Exposed Private Information
This Thursday, the British parenting website Mumsnet disclosed in their official notice of a glitch that bewildered many users. Reporting about the Mumsnet data leak, they confirmed that a site glitch left personal details of the users exposed online.

“There was a problem affecting Mumsnet user logins between 2pm of Tuesday 5 February and 9am on Thursday 7 February. During this time, it appears that a user logging into their account at the same time as another user logged in, could have had their account info switched.”

As explained the problem arose as they moved their services to the cloud. Consequently, due to the software change, users could view the details of others after signing-in. The exposed details precisely include email addresses, account details, personal messages and posting history.

Soon after a Mumsnet user alerted them about the problem, they reversed the change. They now confirm that they received no further reports in this regard after the change.