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Full Version: Opera Browser Updates
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Opera 55.0.2994.56

  • DNA-70969 Crash at opera::SessionManagerImpl::BrowserBoundsChanged(Browser*)
  • DNA-71212 Move ExecuteCommand for Browser functionality to BrowserCommandController
  • DNA-71286 Improvements of sliding toolbar “Install Chrome Extensions” on Chrome Web Store
  • DNA-71292 Add animation into start page
  • DNA-71293 Only play animation when new tab is opened through “+” button
  • DNA-71524 mouse gesture sets different startpage URL
  • DNA-71555 [Settings] Improve styling
  • DNA-71635 Tab history cleared on clicking SD button
  • DNA-71654 Make animation less annoying
  • DNA-71830 Add metrics for automatic retries of proxied requests
  • DNA-71843 New design – Part 1
  • DNA-71972 [Settings] Don’t change strings on settings/content when options are disabled
  • DNA-72070 [Linux] Starting with full screen crashes Opera

x32 (offline)

x64 (offline)
Opera 55.0.2994.59

  • DNA-70512 Option to select search engine in Ukraine

  • DNA-70832 Random build failures due to missing dependencies v8 bindings test target.

  • DNA-71761 [Engine] No focus on address field when opening new tab

  • DNA-72359 Search box is missing on startpage

x32 (offline)

x64 (offline)
Opera 56.0.3051.31

  • DNA-71588 [Win10] Black borders in video popout​

  • DNA-71629 [Mac] Implement double click protection on buttons in permission dialogs

  • DNA-71878 One click install extensions getting errors 10% of time

  • DNA-72397 [Mac] Yellow rectangle on autofill suggestions

  • DNA-72701 Promote O56 to stable channel


I was an opera Fan, before they switched to Chromium
Opera 56.0.3051.52

  • DNA-72827 [Dark mode] Suggestions in Search bar not visible

  • DNA-72866 Crash at -[ZoomButton isDefaultZoom]

  • DNA-72935 Too much spacing between favicons on the bookmark bar


Opera 56.0.3051.104

Quote:56.0.3051.104 – 2018-11-14 blog post
  • DNA-69051 [Mac] Crash at opera::hints::HintManager::RemoveObserver(opera::hints::HintId, opera::hints::Hint::Observer*)
  • DNA-73192 Amazon promotion banner update
56.0.3051.99 – 2018-11-06 blog post
  • DNA-72644 extension desktop capture does not work properly
  • DNA-73176 Cannot see full license text on opera://about/credits
  • DNA-73285 [Linux] No tab separator
  • DNA-73335 Crash at -[ZoomButton setAddressBarModel:]
  • DNA-73492 Coupon toolbar

Download 32-bit:

Download 64-bit:
Opera 57.0.3098.76

  • DNA-73673 Crash at extensions::Extension::location()
  • DNA-73823 Deliver translations for notifications
  • DNA-73835 Installer doesn’t start
  • DNA-73852 Get rid of unescaped ‘#’ in body
  • DNA-73875 Don’t change the option after upgrade
  • DNA-73931 [Netflix] ‘Watch trailer’ should be always displayed in separate line.
  • DNA-74013 Improve layout of user consent popup
  • DNA-74014 Show Netflix notification as soon as possible
  • DNA-74018 Set integer, not boolean pref in session startup pref
  • DNA-74025 Crash loop on startup with a clean profile
  • DNA-74042 Error message in Console after disabling and then enabling again the News toggle button
  • DNA-74063 Promote O57 to stable stream

Opera 57.0.3098.76 (32-bit)

Opera 57.0.3098.76 (64-bit)
Opera Stable 57.0.3098.102

Quote:57.0.3098.102 – 2018-12-13 blog post
  • DNA-74033 Crash at BrowserProcessImpl::Unpin()
  • DNA-74077 Crash at base::Value::Value(base::flat_map const&)
  • DNA-74180 [Mac] Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarItemViewViews::UpdateTooltip()
  • DNA-74245 [O57] web3.js downloaded with flag disabled
  • DNA-74346 Fix performance problems with extensions blocking feature
  • DNA-74390 Disable official PiP (picture-in-picture) or implement a UI for it

57.0.3098.91 – 2018-12-06 blog post
  • DNA-73054 Crash on exit when add to bookmarks popup opened and window closed
  • DNA-73126 WP1 – Start page elements state (enabled/disabled)
  • DNA-73295 Crash at extensions::`anonymous namespace”::ExternalWindowHelper::FindAndCloseWindow
  • DNA-73562 Omnibox closes after middle-click on a suggestion
  • DNA-73639 [Mac] Pinned tab can be closed by Cmd+W
  • DNA-73684 [Mac] Cmd + w closes window
  • DNA-73740 Crash when cancelling dragging tab
  • DNA-73975 custom_partner_content.json is not created
  • DNA-73990 Bloated opera_autoupdate on macOS
  • DNA-74068 Switching news off and back on does not render content
  • DNA-74161 Prepare Campaign isyf for regular releases
  • DNA-74190 Crash at opera::content_filter::`anonymous namespace”::CaretMatches
  • DNA-74209 Improve Netflix tile hover animation
  • DNA-74230 Control Netflix notifications visibility by a pref
  • DNA-74257 Handle invalid sources format for scrollable section
  • DNA-74259 Allow to override the News version served from CDN

Download 32-bit:

Download 64-bit:
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