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Full Version: [IOS][App]FileCalendar
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Prepare your professional and private appointments. Save files, notes and contacts to the calendar! Over 20 common file formats are supported.

All files are stored locally on the respective iPhone or iPad. Selected or tagged files can be easily renamed and transferred to other apps or cloud storage (such as iCloud Drive or Dropbox). Posting photos to popular social networks is also possible.
The FileCalendar is equipped with a camera that is in the appointments.

The app accesses the dates of the standard calendar to save the files. Appointment adjustments are automatically synchronized with the calendar.

The app is suitable for all who work with files on the go.

Test the FileCalendar for free. Download the FileCalendar Lite in the App Store.

• Prepare for important meeting dates with FileCalendar. Save files to the agenda. Create notes. Add contacts such as meeting participants or contacts from the phone app.

• As a Field Sales Representative, FileCalendar allows you to save important files and contact information for upcoming appointments.

• As claims adjuster or appraiser, you can create photos or small films with FileCalendar during the visit. The recordings are saved in the appointment.

• Have the internal service schedule information such as quotations, pricing and negotiation options in a zip file and send it by e-mail. Zip files can be transferred to the FileCalendar with a few clicks and unpacked in the desired date.

• Save files to the calendar
• Import files from cloud storage apps
• Transfer files to Cloud Apps (eg iCloud Drive).
• Transfer files to other iOS devices using AirDrop
• Transfer files to the FileCalendar using iTunes (PC)
• Rename files (including photos)
• Files are stored device-based
• Use photos with iCloud photo sharing on other devices
• Integrated file manager
• Integrated camera
• Save mail attachments to the calendar
• Write notes
• Search function for files and appointments
• Add or change appointments
• Synchronize appointments with the default calendar
• Create and unzip zip files
• Supported file formats (among others): docx, pptx, xlsx, key, numbers, pages, pfd, jpg, png, mp4, txt, zip.