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Full Version: Google AI: Goodbye Bard: Gemini Advanced and Google One AI launches
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Quote:Today, Google launched a series of updates for its AI products. Google Bard, the company's main consumer AI product, is no more. Google changed the name of its core consumer AI product to Gemini.

The name change comes with a flurry of announcements and changes. More users may use Gemini's image generation capabilities now. There is also wider access to Gemini Pro as it becomes available " "in any language, country, and territory Bard currently supports".

To make things even more confusing, Google launched Gemini Advanced. This feature is part of the Google One AI Premium plan. The plan gives subscribers access to Gemini Ultra, the most capable version of Gemini AI. Subscribers also get Google One benefits, including 2 TB of storage. Google promises that subscribers will soon also be able to use Gemini in Google Docs, Gmail and other company products.

Interested users may start a free trial. Google set the trial period to 2 months. Google One AI Premium is available for €21.99 (about $22) per month afterwards.

As a comparison, Microsoft's Copilot Pro plan is available for $20 per month and user. It does require a Microsoft 365 subscription "to draft documents, summarize emails, create presentations" and more, according to Microsoft.

[Image: google-gemini.png]

Interested Google users may visit the official Gemini website to get started. A Google account is required to interact with the AI.

Gemini lists a few suggestions on the startpage that showcase its capabilities. You may type prompts, interact with Gemini using voice, and upload images.
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