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Full Version: ASUS teases ROG X670E motherboard support for 192GB DDR5 memory
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Quote:ASUS motherboards soon to support up to 192GB DDR5 memory

As expected, AMD and ASUS are confirmed working on supporting non-binary memory on 600-series platform.

[Image: ASUS-MOBO-HERO-BANNER-1200x377.jpg]

As we know, some Intel 600 and 700 motherboard series already support non-binary memory. This type of memory includes non-standard capacities such as 24GB, 48GB or 96GB. Interestingly, over at ROG forums one can find a screenshot from Raja working for ASUS Tech Marketing, clearly showing that the support for non-binary memory is coming to the X670E platform as well.

The screenshot confirms that ASUS ROG STRIX X670-E would support four 48GB memory in four slots, this is a non-binary memory with capacity higher than 32GB but lower than 64GB. The system was equipped with four 48GB memory modules, each dated at 2600 MHz (5200 MT/s). Combined they offer 192GB of capacity, which is confirmed by the information displayed by the operating system. This also confirms that this system boots into Windows successfully.

[Image: ASUS-X670-192GB-MEMORY-1200x663.png]
It was earlier reported that AMD motherboards cannot fully boot with such memory installed on the system. Later, rumors started to surface that AMD is working on an AGESA (firmware) update that would bring support for this type of memory. It looks like this is indeed the case.
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