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Full Version: Member Personal Giveaways are welcome etc
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We here at GFYI welcome anyone who wants to share blessings via hosting a PERSONAL GIVEAWAY for the community. 

I see this "as helping the community" and I personally am very thankful for anything initiated. 

I know how hard it is to get sponsors for giveaway / campaigns. Sometimes you end up with nothing at all.

We here  at GFYI, are asking that you send a PM about it to me (jasonX) or jayc137. We will accommodate you. 

The note at the PERSONAL GIVEAWAYS section is there to remind prospecting hosts and participants. (See,

Please bear in mind (and do bear with us on this) that "exposure" for GFYI is needed and we as Admins can edit your posts as we see it. All posts are for moderation. 

I personally require that any PERSONAL GIVEAWAYS be shared via social media because it will help the community even if it is ONLY a small way. 

Surely this isn't something hard or so difficult to do. 

This is meant for more exposure for GFYI even as mentioned it is ONLY a small way. This also can/may help the "product" being given away. A product being given away, whether it be with the blessing (and approval) of it's developer or without, needs exposure too. You are giving it away not only to help the community here but also help the product be known (surely it is not for personal glory and satisfaction of the member).  

As mentioned, we welcome any contribution like these. Send us (or me) a PM and we will accommodate you. 

If you guys have any suggestions do reply here. 

Your jasonX