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Full Version: AMD A620 motherboards lack PCIe Gen5 support but can overclock RAM
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Quote:AMD A620 motherboard specs

Initial specs for AMD’s budget AM5 motherboard series have been leaked.

[Image: AMD-RYZEN-7000-HERO-BANNER-1200x287.jpg]

Hardware leaker “chi11eddog” who had shared confidential AMD/MSI information before, claims to have specs of the A620 chipset. This is an entry-level chipset with AMD AM5 socket for the latest Ryzen 7000 CPU series.

According to the specs, the B620 will not support PCI Express Gen5. This is a downgrade compared to B650 series, which offers optional Gen5 in their Extreme variant and Gen4 support by default. Similarly to B650, 28 CPU PCIe lanes will be available, but only Gen4 support is guaranteed. Furthermore, the Chipset PCIe lanes will be reduced from Gen4 to Gen3 compatibility.

[Image: AMD-B620-1200x93.png]
Unsurprisingly, the A620 motherboards will not allow CPU overclocking; however, they will support memory OC. This either means manual overclocking support or support for AMD EXPO profiles. It is worth noting that some A520 motherboards with AM4 socket did support overclocking through BCLK adjustment, however these entry-level AMD series were never meant to do that.

[Image: AMD-600-chipset-768x411.jpg] [Image: AMD-AM5-motherboards.jpg]
AMD had announced that AM5 motherboards should eventually cost as low as $125, however at the time of writing none of the available B650 motherboards were this cheap. The introduction of A620 chipset could finally change that.
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