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Full Version: Ashampoo Snap 12: A ‘limited-comparative review/test’
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Ashampoo Snap 12: A ‘limited-comparative review/test’

Years ago ('greater' than a couple that is!) almost everybody was using that little keyboard button “PrtScn” in our day to day computing. Way back it got the job done because it was all we had really. Now in this millennia we are all beyond “PrtScn”. ‘Capturing’ what you see in your pc screen has been crucial as it is a means of keeping a record and further documenting data. Even ‘capturing’ has evolved to ‘recording’ to give us a more precise and specific means to obtain that needed image (or video data). Windows has developed its own “Snipping Tool” for the gazillions of users around the globe. Other office applications developers also have developed their own brew to compete with “Snipping Tool”. Today almost often people ditch these ‘built-in’ tool for something more precise or, as simple put, what satisfies their needs. There are a lot of screen capture / recording applications out there (and all even the freeware version) compete for supremacy. Ashampoo has developed their own ‘paid’ screen-recording app in the likes of Ashampoo Snap (started out as ‘Ashampoo Magical Snap’ sometime way back 2013 or 2014).  The latest of the ‘Snap’ variant is Ashampoo Snap 12 (see latest version build below). Ashampoo Snap has gone way beyond the basics and offers more for the user. 

[Image: 1-intro.gif]

This is "only" a ‘limited-comparative review/test’ of the new Ashampoo Snap 12. ‘Comparative' in the sense that all my reviews show comparison to existing ‘alternative’ applications. 'Limited' because I did not delve into all the features and functions of Ashampoo Snap 12. This is based on my early usage and "tinkering' of the program as I have used Snap 10 and Snap 11 before. The ‘comparative-competition’ here are the early version Ashampoo Snap 11.1.0 (2020-04-17), FastStone Capture 9.5 (2021-05-18), ShareX Portable 11.9.1 (2017-08-14) and, TechSmith’s Snagit 2020.1.5 (Build 7133). 

Let it be noted that all views/observations expressed here are my very own experience during the course of this ‘limited-comparative review/test’. Appropriate images and videos will be shown here. 

Let’s get it on!


Ashampoo Snap 12 is the latest version of Ashampoo's line of screen capture software! This great program will capture anything on your screen whether it be an images or video getting the job done quickly and easily! 

Aside from regular screenshots, the program also supports timed captures, scrolling areas, custom window sizes and multi-display environments. Multiple post processing features help you augment your screen captures with graphics, texts and effects to convey a lot of information quickly and visually. From webinar recordings to individual tutorials to illustrated explanations. Even full-screen games can be screenshotted without loss of quality. And the program stays out of your way until you need it. Comfort features, like multi-lingual text recognition, automated numbering or dedicated post-processing tools, save you time and effort. Capture content can not only be stored locally but easily uploaded to social networks or cloud services. 
[Image: 2-install.gif]

Ashampoo Snap 12 comes with a built-in video editor to make custom cuts, freely merge them or store them as individual episodes. GIF export is also included. Version 12 features a completely overhauled recording section that is powered by future-proof technology. Screenshot tools are now available through the new "magic eye", including the new multi-purpose capture tool for rectangular and scrollable areas as well as entire windows. The image editor and settings dialogs are all redesigned for better visual clarity and of course faster access.
[Image: 3-settings.gif]

[Image: 1-ASNAP-12-INTERFACE.gif]

Some highlights in a nutshell:

Improved Video capturing and fast (and) easy video cutting
Video capturing in Ashampoo Snap 12 offers the user to "only" keep the important bits of any video capture. Ashampoo Snap 12 gives the user the power to edit the captured video straight from the interface. It doesn't matter whether the user is casually pointing and capturing, creating an extensive webinar or producing a high-quality presentation. Get the finished version of what you really want nothing more!
[Image: 4-capture-video-1.gif]

Capture and share desktop contents with ease
Would you like to share your screenshots and videos with friends and family or upload them to social networks? 
With Ashampoo Snap 12, is an indispensable tool for you especially during this time of the pandemic "work-from-home"! Ashampoo Snap 12 gives the user more than enough options to directly share files across all popular online and cloud services, including Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. Not only that, Ashampoo offers a simpler way of sharing files via "Ashampoo Webspace" and from there share all you can. And yes, it's completely free!
[Image: 5-export-functions.png]

Create videos for any purpose
Creating instructional videos or documentaries is a breeze with Ashampoo Snap 12. Recordings are live-annotable with texts, drawings and voice narration. Clear things up with visualized mouse clicks and key strokes and add watermarks to protect your intellectual property. Take it to the next level and add live feeds from your webcam in a single click. Here's your ticket to create engaging tutorials, prepare instructive webinars and to point the way to the things that matter most to you–literally!
[Image: 6-capture-video-2.gif]

Save time and screen-capture information instantly
With Ashampoo Snap 12, the user can enrich images with comments, drawings and explanations to get to the point quickly! Point out details, highlight errors or mark out important areas in a snap. Save yourself tedious text-based explanations and say exactly what you mean with a single screenshot! Ashampoo Snap 12 comes with more than a dozen of annotation tools and they are easy to use!
[Image: 7-text.gif]

[Image: 8-arrow-shape.gif]

Perfect for different screen resolutions and multi-display environments
Ashampoo Snap 12 fully supports multi-display setups, even with different resolution and DPI combinations, e.g. mixed Full HD and 4K environments. The user can set each display and capture it at its individual resolution for maximum crispness. Results are instantly editable via the editor. 
[Image: 9-bcpst.gif]

Create GIFs from any video
The user does not need to go to an online site to transform their captured images to GIFs. With Ashampoo Snap 12 the user can turn any video segment into GIFs instantly. Just set the start and end positions, fire up the built-in converter, done!
[Image: 10-make-GIFs.gif]

[Image: Q4XKPfZ.gif]

More than a snipping tool: extensive comfort features
Ashampoo Snap 12 does most of the heavy lifting for the user. Automatic numbering or time-delayed captures will help you make the most of your shots. Freely annotate your captures with texts and drawings or use flood fills. Put the spotlight on individual portions, blur sensitive data and use the highlighter to direct attention in style!
[Image: 12-cbpz.gif]

Take full-quality screenshots of your video games
Ashampoo Snap 12 takes care of the gamer in you! Ashampoo Snap 12 will take perfect screenshots of your games, even in full screen mode. It will capture any epic 2D and 3D full screen adventures in resolutions up to 4K, preserve them for the user. Those greatest triumphs, highs cores and player highlights recorded forever and these can also be used as reference to make the gamer in you improve on your next strategy so the next time you play your level will be a whole new one! 

Latest version build is Ashampoo Snap is 12.0.3 (2021/03/08)

  • Multipurpose capture tool for rectangular areas, entire and scrollable websites
  • Completely revised recording area    
  • Animated, well-arranged user interface
  • Important options directly in the recording area
  • Modern newly designed editor
  • New well-laid-out settings dialog    

  • Absolute visual clarity during recording and editing

Details are HERE

Ashampoo Snap 12 - Create screenshots quickly and with great flexibility


Ashampoo Snap 12 and Ashampoo Snap 11 : Interface compared
Comparing the interface of Ashampoo Snap 11 and Ashampoo Snap 12 there seems to be little change there. the most significant interface change is the "Capture Bar" where Snap 12 touts it's new "multi-purpose capture tool" (widget) versus the old "Capture Bar" of Ashampoo Snap 11. But (there is that 'big' BUT) performance is another thing and story. See "Intermittent Capture Bar display"

[Image: 2-ASNAP11-Interface.gif]

[Image: 1-ASNAP-12-INTERFACE.gif]

[Image: 4-ASNAP11-Context-Menu.gif]

[Image: 5-ASNAP12-Context-Menu.gif]

Ashampoo Snap 11 and Snap 12 are well-laid out for the user. The new user will not take long in understanding the 'ins-and-outs' of Ashampoo Snap 12. The default-color theme is also attractive and poses a touch of dark theme but not too 'dark'. The one thing I was looking for was the "Save As". The edit mode has only "Export Tab > Save Capture" but if you will want to 'save' the captured image in a different name then you will have to go to the "Export Tab > Export Capture to Other Location/Format" or go to "Image Settings > Rename Capture". 

Why not just have "Save Capture As”...? (this is just me here...)

That is streamlining and simplification also as you can get rid of the (1) "Export Tab > Export Capture to Other Location/Format" and, (2) "Image Settings > Rename Capture". Both commands can be simply integrated in "Save Capture As" where in Windows you can normally save the file in a location of your choice and change the file type. 
[Image: 6-ASNAP11-12-No-Save-As.gif]

Comparing the "detailed features" of Ashampoo Snap 11 and Ashampoo Snap 12 there seems to be some "disconnect" in how they present a "New" feature. Ashampoo Snap 11 already lists "Capture modes > Completely revised recording area" as an existing feature. Meaning it has been present in Ashampoo Snap 10 already. See HERE. In Ashampoo Snap 12 there it is presented as a "New" feature. How can an already "existing" feature in Ashampoo Snap 10 be a "New" feature in Ashampoo Snap 12? The label should be "Improved" and not "New". 

In Ashampoo Snap 11 "Improved handling > New well-laid-out settings dialog" is an existing feature also. Why in Ashampoo Snap 12 it is listed as (again) a "New" feature? This should have been labeled as "Improved". In Ashampoo Snap 12 the settings dialogue has been "streamlined and improved". Settings have been combined to existing categories so as not to create confusion to the user. See comparison images of "settings" below. 


As mentioned above the Ashampoo Snap 12 "settings" have been streamlined. The more simplified "settings" is much appreciated especially the "Video" settings this aside from the Context menu > Capture Video settings. Ashampoo Snap 11 does not have that "Video" settings and only has the 'Context menu > Capture Video settings' for the user. 

Ashampoo Snap 12's "Screenshot" settings combines the "Output" settings of Ashampoo Snap 11 and as mentioned this is a welcome streamlining and simplification for the user.  

[Image: 8-ASNAP11-12-Settings.gif]

Basic capture features
The basic capture features of Ashampoo Snap 12 is good. See video below of the basic capture features of Ashampoo Snap 12. Basic capture features used are: (i) Capture Desktop, (ii) Capture Rectangular selection, and (iii) Capture Free selection. There is still the "delay" present in using Ashampoo Snap 12 and it will be evident when you compare it to the competition below --- Ashampoo Snap 11, FastStone Capture 9.5, ShareX Portable 11, and Snagit 2020.

ASNAP 12 Basic Captures

ASNAP 11 Basic Captures

FSCapture95_Basic Captures

ShareX_Basic Captures

Snagit2020_Basic Captures

Program is slow to start
When you launch Ashampoo Snap 12 you are expecting to see the 'Capture Bar' together with the 'context menu' icon in the tray. That is not what happens here. Five (5) seconds after Ashampoo Snap 12 program launch the 'Capture Bar' (which is set to 'Show Capture Bar') is still not seen.   Ashampoo Snap 12 'Capture Bar' only appears after 21.6 seconds after program launch. This is in contrast to Ashampoo Snap 11's 'Capture Bar" which is almost instantly seen after launching the program. You can see it visibly on top/center of the desktop (default position). It is also fully functional (clickable) after only just 6 seconds. 

Ashampoo Snap 12's 'context menu' is fully functional after 8.54 seconds while Ashampoo Snap 11's 'context menu' was only functional after 15 seconds. See video recordings below.

ASNAP11 Program Startup Time

ASNAP12 Program Startup Time

Ashampoo Snap 12 is significantly "slower" to respond as compared to Ashampoo Snap 11. The slow performance starts with the 'Capture Bar' delayed display. That 'Capture Bar' also has issues as it does not display properly -- meaning the silhouette of the 'Capture Bar' is there (the circle etc.) but you cannot see anything there. If not for the "tooltips" you do not know what you will be clicking inside the "Blank-Capture Bar". Let it be also noted that the Ashampoo Snap 12 'Capture Bar' disappears often (or display intermittently). 

'Capture Desktop' takes about 3 seconds to get to the 'Edit mode'. 'Free selection' (Capture Freestyle Region in Ashampoo Snap 11) took around 14 - 16 seconds to start. It also took around 10 seconds from making the 'Free selection' to 'Edit mode'. 

The 'Rectangular selection'   is also "odd" in the sense that when selected a pop-up asking the user to, 

"Create a rectangular selection by entering its dimensions. Your selection can be adjusted afterwards."

The user needs to input either (1) an X-Y coordinate, or (2) Select a preset (fixed region of either 640x640 (4:3), 800x600(4:3)), etc. Instead of allowing the user to automatically select the rectangular region/selection of his choice he is asked to input those two (2) first and then allows him to resize from the input he made. Now that is outright nonsense there! Why in heavens name did you do that Ashampoo? I had no choice but to 'Select a preset' and afterwards re-adjust afterwards! Now that is an me it is...Yeah? Or perhaps the devs where thinking otherwise since the new 'Capture bar" has the 'Scan screen' where a 'rectangular selection/capture' can also be performed?

In Ashampoo Snap 11 there is the 'Capture Region' where the user can select (1) Capture Free Rectangular Region, (2) Capture Freestyle Region, (3) Capture Fixed Region, and (4) Capture Custom Region (0,0[100x100]). Ashampoo Snap 11 gives you the option to choose what you want to do. If I want to make a free-rectangular region I will select #1 and a crosshair will appear instantly for me to do what I want. Fast and easy-no-fuss!

Unlike in Ashampoo Snap 12 you (the user) will have to input coordinates or select a preset and then "you can adjust / resize afterwards” ...? Ashampoo Snap 12 will not let you do  a free-rectangular region selection IF you will not enter a coordinate or select a preset size -- period!  
[Image: 16-Rectangular-selection.gif]

Ashampoo Snap 12 is a program slower than its predecessor (Ashampoo Snap 11) in terms of pure performance and ease-of-use.  See attached video recording below. (Succeeding videos of Ashampoo Snap 12 will also show that it is really slow).

ASNAP12 Slow Performance

See video recording below of Ashampoo Snap 11 performance which is better than Ashampoo Snap 12. 
ASNAP 11 faster better performance vs ASNAP12

Intermittent Capture Bar display
Ashampoo Snap 12's 'Capture Bar' is "blank". You cannot see anything there and if not for the "tooltips" you'll be lost and will not use it. In Ashampoo Snap 12_v12.0.0 the "Capture Bar" was working fine. When I upgraded to Ashampoo Snap 12_v12.0.3 there it was the "Blank-Capture Bar" appeared. No amount of uninstall and re-install would not make the "Capture Bar" display properly. Annoyed I just left it like that. While the devs must have been thinking good for the user I am not happy with this issue. Good thing I was never fond of those "floating" widgets thing so the context menu tides me by. Ashampoo Snap 11's "Capture Bar" has no issues at all. 

[Image: 19-ASNAP11-Capture-Bar.gif]

[Image: 20-ASNAP12-0-12-03-Capture-Bar-Compare.gif]

Ashampoo Snap 12's "Capture Bar" may have evolved from the one that TechSmith Snagit has. See images below.  
[Image: 21-Snagit2020-One-Click.gif]

Audio / Sound issue in 'Capture Video'
Ashampoo Snap 12 has a problem with capturing video and it is evident also in Ashampoo Snap 11. Both have the same issue when you record / capture a video the video quality is okay BUT the audio is bad. The tests I made was very similar for both Snap 11 and Snap 12. Both record the video but the sound is not captured completely. You can hear the sound fine when the video is being captured. When you end the capture and go to the "Edit mode' there it is the sounds turns itself-off or is not captured completely after only a few seconds. When the captured reaches the end part you'll hear a throbbing sound. Recording / capturing with audio is bad. I used the default audio configuration below. 
a. Record audio from this source > Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) 
b. Encoding Method > On-The-Fly Only: Encodes frames directly into the video file. 
[Image: 22-ASNAP11-12-Capture-Video-Settings80.png]

Even if you use the other options there what you will get is either (i) no sound at all, (ii) un-synch sound or (iii) play speed in slow motion. All are useless. I'd rather use Ashampoo Snap to capture video without audio. I never had any luck capturing a video with good audio using either Ashampoo Snap 11 and Ashampoo Snap 12. The videos shown below are actual recording output of Snap 11 and Snap 12 as well as how they were recorded on the desktop. 

Note: I was to upload the videos to YouTube but I got hit by "copyright infringement". Thus I uploaded it to Dropbox. The Dropbox links are below (but I will delete the videos after sometime. The soul purpose of the videos are to prove the issues that I have encountered and to show comparison when I used the alternatives.

In contrast the capture video / screen recording of the competition blasted both versions of Ashampoo Snap in terms of performance and end-result. No video / audio issues whatsoever in all of the 3 competition applications (FastStone Capture 9.5, ShareX, and Snagit 2020). The videos shown below are actual recording output of FastStone Capture 9.5, ShareX Portable 11.9.1 and Snagit 2020 as well as how they were recorded on the desktop. 


Excerpts of the video used for this test / review were from the album "93 Million Miles" > 'Love Is A Four Letter Word' by Mr. Jason Mraz. The YouTube video can be seen below. 
Jason Mraz - 93 Million Miles (Official Video) HERE

Scan screen
Ashampoo Snap 12 touts an all new 'Capture bar" where it has the 'scan screen’ feature where a couple of capture functions have been incorporated into it like the scrolling capture, rectangular capture to name two (2). This is 'reminiscent' of the one that Snagit has. I like the whole idea of this. Good. If there is any developer that can redesign their 'capture bar' functionality it is Ashampoo. I mentioned there 'Good' not 'Great'. Why? Well see for yourself the video below. Sans the "intermittent 'Capture bar' display (which is annoying as mentioned before) the 'Scan screen' functions are shown in the video. 

In making the video, I have chosen to use the 'Scan screen' with (i) Windows Explorer, (ii) PDF app – PDF Xchange Pro, and (iii) WPS Writer. All functions were okay but the rendering of the 'scrolling capture' on the left panel of the Windows explorer proved to be sooooooooo looooong I almost closed/terminated Ashampoo Snap 12. Also during the scrolling capture of "SoftMaker Office Comparison 2.doc" scrolling stopped prematurely thus the while document was not captured. (This is also seen in below in "Scan screen (scrolling capture issue)Aside from those two issues the test came out well. I will not anymore shown the competition here as the only one that has the 'Scan screen / Capture bar" is Snagit 2020 (which has "OneClick' which when I fired it up doing the same test -- no issues encountered).

Scan screen (scrolling capture issue)
As mentioned earlier, Ashampoo Snap 12 is distinctively slower to start as compared to Ashampoo Snap 11 and the competition. In this portion of the "Observations" this will become evident as the videos will show the "delay" (or shall I say "slowness of the program"). The videos below will also show what I call "intermittent capture bar -- or missing capture bar" where arrows and contents of the capture bar cannot be actually seen. 

The test below is using "Scan screen" which is the new "Capture Scrolling Window" of Ashampoo Snap 11. I have chosen a webpage I have saved and opened it in Brave browser. There are three (3) webpages which I attempted to use "Scan screen > Capture Scrolling Window (Website)". All 3 webpages were not captured properly and what was captured was only a portion of the first page. Even repeating the 'capture process' gave the same result. On ‘repeat' had Ashampoo Snap 12 scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the webpage but when the 'captured image' was processed (and opened in the 'Edit mode') it was still the same -- whole webpage not captured! 

Kindly see the video below to get an actual glimpse of 'Ashampoo Snap 12's 'Scan screen' ("Capture Scrolling Window" in Ashampoo Snap 11). You will also see the "distinctive slowness to, (a) actually start the 'Scan screen', and (b) process the captured image (rendering) and display in 'Edit mode'. 

ASNAP12 Capture Scrolling Window

In contrast, the video below will show Ashampoo Snap 11 "Capture Scrolling Window (Website) on the same three (3) webpages. All three webpages were "captured" perfectly and the process of "capturing" and "rendering" to 'Edit mode' only takes a couple of seconds to a maximum of close to 1 minute. Even the video is much "shorter" than that of Ashampoo Snap 12. Main reason is Ashampoo Snap 11 is faster than Ashampoo Snap 12. Kindly see video below. 

ASNAP11 Capture Scrolling Window

For comparison see videos below of Snagit 2020 - 'Scrolling Window Capture', ShareX - 'Scrolling capture', and FastStone Capture 9.5 - 'Capture Scrolling Window'.

Snagit 2020 Scrolling Window Capture

ShareX_Scrolling Capture

FSCapture95_Capture Scrolling Window


Ashampoo Snap 12.0.3 priced at (2021/03/08) USD 24.99 (3 pc)

Ashampoo Snap 11.1.0 (2020-04-17) USD 24.99 (3 pc)
Product Site is HERE

FastStone Capture 9.5 (2021-05-18) USD 19.95 (1pc lifetime) / USD 49.95 (5 pc lifetime)
Product Site is HERE

ShareX 13.5.0 - 2021-05-13 (freeware)
Product Site is HERE

TechSmith’s Snagit 2021.4.1 --25 May, 2021 ---  US$53.49 (up to 2 pcs)
Product Site is HERE


Ashampoo Snap 12 has been an improvement from Ashampoo Snap 11 (and of course Ashampoo Snap 10). If I remember it right it took quite some time till a new version was out (this version 12) from version 11. Using Snap 12 I thought that I will "feel" all the 'improvements' and 'new features' like a giddy child with a new toy or an over-excited millennial with a new iPhone. But sad to say I am not impressed. The videos above will undeniably show the issues I experienced when I used Snap 12. As the tests dragged-on it became evident to me that I like Ashampoo Snap 11 better than Snap 12. I was frustrated because I was expecting something great when I started installing Snap 12. 

What do I like in Snap 12? Well it's (i) the annotation -- GREAT/SUPERB tools that any user will immediately like and use often, (ii) re-designed interface -- the look and feel of a new interface is always a welcome "eye-candy", and (iii) the simplification of the features/capabilities --though not all worked-out....and I am still thinking here.... tsk... These are my observations and personal experience using/tinkering and comparing Snap 12 to the competition software that I have here. Conditions may vary on other users but "this" is what I have experienced and observed. Thus I opted to use "videos" more instead of images/gif. This is by far a review I made which had more than enough videos just to show the experience. If other users do not experience what I have "experienced" then good for them. But issues like, (i) intermittent capture bar display, (ii) slow performance of the application, and (iii) audio issue during video capture are more than enough to make me think otherwise. And I have not included the "scrolling capture" issues I encountered because even the competition has issues with "scrolling capture". Even ShareX and Snagit 2020 has issues with it (though Snagit 2020 compensates via "Panoramic" capture -- issue solved!).

The only one that did not have issues with "scrolling capture" was FastStone Capture 9.5. Hands-down the better choice for "scrolling capture"! Website, PDF's, Documents (WPS/MS Office), Explorer, or any other application. No issues with their "scrolling capture" that is "IF" you use "scrolling capture" heavily. Too bad FastStone Capture 9.5 has limited features (just two or three notches above -- I think, of "basic" features).

Personally, a software review (or test for that matter) should show "unbiased" view of what is his experience when he tested the software. To show the capabilities / features of the software, identify (and show) some (if not "all") strong-points (Pros) and issues (Cons) towards "helping" the software developer improve and iron-out any issues encountered by a user. During the course of this ‘limited-comparative review/test’ I have searched the internet for reviews/commentaries to see if there was even "one" that encountered "even one" of the issues I encountered in my review/test. I saw "nothing"! Yeah... Even the Ashampoo Snap scrolling issues (I may be wrong though for I searched just around 2-4 hours for it the day I checked out the Snap 12 'scrolling capture' --so better search also). I saw some of Snagit's "Scrolling Window" capture and it is still a "standing issue' they are working on (the reason I came to know about the 'Panoramic capture' workaround). I was surprised that there was "no content" about the issues I encountered (like the scrolling capture). If they had an Ashampoo Forum perhaps issues would have been posted there for is only Ashampoo Support for the user who has issues. 

Most of what I saw was the site documentation of Ashampoo Snap (of their scrolling capture feature and some like it) and most of the reviews (not all) that showed what was already there in the Ashampoo Snap 12 (or Snap 11 or 10) product site. A "review" where the "content" shown is "undeniably" already existing in the product website! Copied and pasted content (from the product website) to show features and capabilities for "the review" done! Huh?! Such is a "redundant misrepresentation" (in my opinion) and it is NOT helping the developer at all. 

I aim to send the issues to Ashampoo support (when I do have the time) but gauging from my experience with them when I tested Ashampoo Backup 14 I may need to update my OS (which is 20H2) and prep more. 

I remember when I sent them an issue way back of Ashampoo Backup 14 backup size/comparison to stated features they (support) first pegged it is my OS which was (back then) Win 10 Build 1905 as the culprit, told me to update to Windows 10 2004. It was as if I was the one who is trying to solve the issue on my part. Change the OS run ALL again to see if the issue still exists.... When I did updated to Windows 10 2004 there it is again the issues still persisted. It was a very tiresome experience --upgrading the OS and then running ALL again (I think that was 10 scenarios of backing up per setting). It dragged-on to weeks "unresolved". In the end support discovered a flaw that was NOT connected to the OS upgrading etc. Discovered the flaw during the second week of images I sent to them. An "overlooked data" that would have saved precious time and effort (both on our parts). I would have shown findings here way back December 2020 but opted not to because it was way too inconvenient to make and repeat instances with all the images, text summaries and quoted text from support.  The identified "flaw" is still in Ashampoo Backup 15.

So to cut things short, will I recommend Ashampoo Snap 12? The answer is no -- not at this time (based on the issues I have encountered above). I'd stick with Ashampoo Snap 11 which is faster and better in performance. If you as an Ashampoo Snap 12 user did not encounter the issues stated/shown above, then good for you. I'd have to wait for the next version which will be an interesting test. 

Cheers guys!
Thanks for this very impressive and deep comparison. I must admit I also use Ashampoo Snap 11 and Screenpresso. I also like SnagIt but I need an upgrade. Also, FastStone looks good indeed but limited.
(10 June 21, 22:52)dinosaur07 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for this very impressive and deep comparison. I must admit I also use Ashampoo Snap 11 and Screenpresso. I also like SnagIt but I need an upgrade. Also, FastStone looks good indeed but limited.

Screenpresso and PicPick was to be included in the competition but "if" I continued it would've made the review/test a bit longer. I have the preliminary data here with me but then again I decided to cut the competition tally short. Maybe next version build. I'll see about TechSmith soon need an upgrade here too.
Wow! such a great review + test (as always!) and surprising final words about the product!!
Thanks for the review.
Could you also suggest to the developer to allow selecting primary and secondary sound device as speakers and Mic also instead of having the option to select stereo mix only?
(11 June 21, 07:52)dhruv2193 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the review.
Could you also suggest to the developer to allow selecting primary and secondary sound device as speakers and Mic also instead of having the option to select stereo mix only?

Yeah sure. This review will be forwarded to the sponsor also but when I send the data to Ashampoo Support I will include your comment.
(11 June 21, 07:16)harlan4096 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow! such a great review + test (as always!) and surprising final words about the product!!

I too was surprised there. In fact "more than surprised" is the right one there. Every new version anyone check's out is followed by an "expectancy" that it will be better than the previous build. Like any new "thing" whether it be a new mobile phone or a pair of rubber shoes. That "expectancy" will always be there. After all "IT'S NEW"!

Imagine yourself using the "new version" and you already saw something different or something feels off...even for bit...then you fire up the previous build and you see the glaring difference. You test it again and again just to be sure...and in the end you get it and decide. I even used two (2) mirror partitions both having the same exact setup / content (other than the 2 Snap builds). Most commentaries/reviews will say, "its great!" (even if they did not checked the software I've mentioned I never saw any indications of "anyone" experiencing what I have underwent),  or they'd simply "recommend it", but with all the issues I experienced...why? The aim is to help the developer. And I do want to help as they are our sponsor. In the end it is how a person see's and understand it. Review, feedback or whatever, positive or negative feedback. In every product or entity -- continuous development -- striving to excel every time is what matters.