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Full Version: Mozilla will shut down Firefox Notes on November 1, 2020. The Firefox browser extensi
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[Image: umatrix-interface.png]

Raymond Hill, known online as gorhill, has set the status of the [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register] repository to archived; this means that it is read-only at the time and that no updates will become available.

The uMatrix extension is available for several browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, and most Firefox and Chromium-based browsers. It is a privacy and security extensions for advanced users that provides firewall-like capabilities when it is installed.

The browser extension displays a list of connections of the active website when activated and types of requests, e.g. CSS, media, scripts, or cookies.

Users may configure access rights for each connection individually and may also set global rules to allow or deny certain request types automatically.

Hill, who maintains uBlock Origin as well, has changed the status of the uMatrix repository to archived. The frontpage of the repository provides no information on the change but if you dig deeper, you [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register] a reply by Raymond Hill to an issue from two days ago that explains what happened.
Quote:Anyway, as it is, I've archived uMatrix's repo, I can't and won't be spending any more time on this project, and neither on all such issues.
Whoever is free to fork under a new name -- I may re-open and resume development in some future if ever I feel for it.

The reply confirms that uMatrix development has been put on hold. Hill suggests that developers could fork the extension to continue development under a new name. There is also the chance that Hill might resume development in the future but there is no guarantee that this is going to happen.

For now, uMatrix is no longer in active development. The extension is still available on extension stores, e.g. the Chrome Web Store and the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons store, and there is no indicator that it is no longer in active development.

Users of the extension retain access to the extension if it is installed, and since it is still available online, it can be installed anew or for the first time.

Development has stopped, however, and that means no more updates even if things break because of future changes made to web browsers.

A forked version under a new name would be independent from the uMatrix version, and users would have to install the fork to start using it as it won't be possible to update uMatrix to the forked version directly.

Now You: do you use uMatrix?  What is your take on the development?
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